Real Name: Renée de Peyraud

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: Independantly wealthy, socialite, owner of own refinery

Affiliations: Ally of Shang-Chi

Enemies: I.D.I.C

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Provence, Southern France

Appearances: Master of Kung-Fu#102 (July; 1981)

Powers: None

History: (MOKF#102-fb): Peyraud’s refinery closes
 (MOKF#102): Afraid of her life, Dame Peyraud hires Shang-Chi to protect her. She tells him that she believes the company I.D.I.C wants to kill her, since they once tried to work with her with the intention of taking over her company. She closed her refinery because of that, and now she believes the I.D.I.C wants to kill her. While Shang.-Chi tries to protect her, three attempt are made on her life. The last one gives her a heart attack. Her liaison with the European Union tells Peyraud’s system analyzer Luciane D’Hiver that he sees no other way but to re-open the refinery, D’Hiver tells him she feels like she is betraying Dame Peynaud

Comments: Created by Peter B. Willis & Gene Day

Profile by: The Beetle

Clarifications: None needed

Chances of seeing Renée de Peyraud are rather slim, since Renée de Peyraud is only introduced as a very rich woman who tries to fight off  hostile take over, but hey she could always be invited to a party at Tony Stark's or perhaps a business partner


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