I.D.I.C [International Data Integration Control]

MEMBERSHIP: Diadem, Shintaro Kuramoto (Operations Manager of the New York City Branch), Doctor Lugash, Kenjiro Tanaka (former director of Design)

PURPOSE: A cartel determined to manage the world by any means available

AFFILIATIONS: served as a front for AIM; Vaughn Security Systems (security contract)

ENEMIES: Shang-Chi, Dame Rene de Peyraud


FIRST APPEARANCE: Master of Kung-Fu#102 (July; 1981)

HISTORY: (MOKF#102): I.D.I.C. is an international company who will use any means necessary to control the world’s economy. They once tried to get control over Dame Peyraud’s refinery, but when she closed the refinery, they went to more extreme measures. They placed one of their agents, Diadem, inside Peyraud’s company as a system analyser. Diadem managed to force Peynaud’s liaison with the European Union, Lord Burtonwil, to re-open the refinery, after a couple of attempts on Dame Peyraud’s life (among others, a heart attack caused by Doctor Lugash--Dame Peynaud’s personal doctor, but also a pawn used by the I.D.I.C). After Diadem almost succeeded she had a fight with Dame Peyraud’s personal bodyguard, Shang-Chi, whom she defeated by paralyzing him. The I.D.I.C had finally gotten control over Dame Peynaud’s refinery

(Quasar#5 (fb)-BTS) - As part of an effort to place operatives within every major Corporation, SHIELD (Supreme Headquarters International Espionage Law-Division) placed Ken Tanaka within IDIC. When SHIELD folded due to the corruption of their Board of Directors by the Deltites, Ken decided to stay on at IDIC.

(Quasar#5) - Shintaro Kuramoto contacted Vaughn Security Systems and met with Wendell Vaughn. Kuramoto described IDIC as doing "many, many things. We are part of a worldwide Data Processing Network dealing in microtechnologies." Ken Tanaka (who had been a member of the SHIELD academy alongside Vaughn), gave Vaughn a tour, which had to be cut short when Vaughn, as Quasar, had to go after the Absorbing Man.

(Quasar#7) - Wendell Vaughn made his presentation to the New York IDIC Board, but had to feign illness and leave when he was called away yet again, this time to deal with Terminus.

(Quasar#9) - IDIC allowed Vaughn another chance to present his company to them. They granted him a contract to upgrade their security. Ken Tanaka then decided that there was a limit to how high he could go in IDIC, so he left the company, and went to work for Wendell at VSS.

?? - IDIC was revealed to have been a front for AIM, Advanced Idea Mechanics.

COMMENTS: Created by Peter B. Willis & Gene Day.

IDIC (International Data Integration Control) is the predecessor of International Data Integration and Control, as confirmed in the letters page to Quasar#14. The latter group was later revealed to be a front for AIM, and the former was likely to have AIM connections, as Shang-Chi investigated AIM in Captain America I#411-414. Nonethless, it is unconfirmed.

Profile by: The Beetle

No known connection to:

Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations, the Vulcan philosphy from Star Trek.


Shintaro Kuramoto


He was/is Operations Manager of the New York City Branch of IDIC. Kuramoto hired Vaughn Security Systems to upgrade their security.

--Quasar#5 (7, 9





Doctor Lugash

Dame Renée de Peynaud’s personal doctor, but also working for the I.D.I.C, although Diadem herself forbad Doctor Lugash to provoke a heart attack for Dame Peynaud, he still did it, she survived the heart attack
- MOKF#102

Kenjiro Tanaka


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