Real Name: Luciane D’Hiver (possibly an alias)?

Identity/Class: Human/technology user

Occupation: Criminal, former system analyser

Group Membership: I.D.I.C

Affiliations: Anton Paulve (in love with her);
Dame Peyraud (former employer), Lord Burtonwil (former business associate)-actually a traitor to them both

Enemies: Dame Peyraud, Kalougine, Shang-Chi

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Luciane D’Hiver (perhaps real name)?

Base of Operations: Mobile

Appearances: Master of Kung-Fu#102 (July; 1981)



Powers/Abilities: Diadem uses a small green stone, possible a gem, which gives her the ability to fire blasts as well as the ability to paralyze people


History: (MOKF#102) - As Luciane D’Hiver, one of the guests at Renée de Peyraud’s party in honor of Shang-Chi, she was introduced to the guest of honor. Tells him that she is working for Peyraud as a system analyser. Later, after Shang-Chi has had a meeting with Dame Peyraud, Luciane tells him that she thinks Dame Peyraud is deluded concerning the I.D.I.C business, but that she still needs his help: since she shut down her refinery, hundreds of people have lost their jobs, so Dame Peyraud still has enemies who might kill her.
Later after an attempt on Dame Peyraud’s life has failed, Shang-Chi tells Luciane that he is attracted to her. She tells him that it’s not like she don’t repay his attraction, but love will never make her leave her path.. Later, after another attempt on Dame Peyraud’s life, Luciane defends Shang-Chi from Kalougine. Later the same night, Dame Peyraud suffers a heart attack, Luciane and Dr. Lugash are the first ones to come to her side; Shang-Chi joins later. Lord Burtonwil, Peyraud’s liaison with the European Union, tells Luciane that he sees no other way but to re-open the refinery; Luciane tells him that she feels like she is betraying Dame Peynaud.
Later the same night, he learns that the one who has been behind the trouble to Dame Peyraud is none other than Luciane D’Hiver or, as she prefers to call herself, Diadem. She fights Shang-Chi, and during the fight tells him, that I.D.I.C has already won. He tries to capture him, but she paralyzes him, and leaves.

Comments: Created by Peter B. Willis & Gene Day

Profile by: The Beetle

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