Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Human mutate/mutant (Post-Hyborian to 1950s)

Occupation: None

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Ancient sorcerers

Enemies: Ancient sorcerers, Dr. Morgan

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: “the man”, “de man”, “de mon”

Base of Operations: Ancient Egypt, presently an unknown prison dimension

First Appearance:  Journey into Mystery I#40/1 (November, 1956)

Powers/Abilities: The ancient mutant referred to as a demon possessed an extremely enhanced lifespan and was basically immortal. He and others of his kind had the ability to grant wishes to any who summoned them. He was probably able to alter reality on a limited scale and create objects and energy forms by rearranging matter. He may have other as-yet-undefined powers and abilities such as enhanced strength, flight and invulnerability but these are unfortunately unrevealed. His race had the compulsion to grant a wish or the ancient spell that entrapped them in another dimension would cause them death if they failed to comply.



(Journey into Mystery I#40/1 (fb) - BTS) – During ancient times before the dawn of Ancient Egypt, the demon and his people lived near open pits containing uranium and the radiation emanating caused mutation which provided them with untold power. Other ancient people began referring to them as “the man” and eventually changed over time to “demon” in its present form to mean someone alien of vast evil power. Sorcerers from the past discovered that wave rhythms of their bodies could be controlled with certain sounds and these sounds could be turned into magical chants. Using these chants, the sorcerers were able to banish them to another dimension as a prison. Evil sorcerers were able to contact them and after striking a bargain of servitude (in the form of wishes), created a counter to the spell of imprisonment.

(Journey into Mystery I#40/1) – Dr. Morgan, a scientist, unintentionally summoned the “demon” from his prison while experimenting with a radiation device designed to see if objects from the past may have absorbed sounds and recorded them. Appearing before the startled Dr. Morgan, the “demon” revealed his history and origin. He also explained that the ancient sorcerers who imprisoned him were now long gone and that he was free to conquer the world with his vast powers. The “demon”--while about to destroy Dr. Morgan--was forced to grant him a wish per the ancient agreement. Unable to comply or face instant death, the “demon” was wished back to his prison dimension. As the “demon” began to disappear, he vowed that he would return.

Comments: Created by an unrevealed wirter and John Giunta (art).

If this story is part of Earth-616 continuity, is this character and his race related to the mutant Apocalypse? It was unrevealed what past era the “demon” hailed from and it is possible he existed before or during the Hyborian Age, thus making him older than Apocalypse and he would predate him by many thousands of years.

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Journey into Mystery I#40, p3, pan4 (main image)

p3, pan5 (head shot)

Journey into Mystery I#40 (November, 1956) - John Giunta (artist)

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