Real Name: Kelly Kooliq

Identity/Class: Human (Former mutant - see comments)

Occupation: Student

Affiliations: Benny Beckley, Captain Marvel (Genis-Vell), Hyssta race,  Moondragon, Sliver Surfer

Enemies: Ian (former boyfriend), Intelligencia, Super-Skrull, (tried to kill her)

Known Relatives: Alice (mother), Donna (sister), Ted (father) 

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Los Angeles

First Appearance: Captain Marvel V#4 (April, 2000)

Powers/Abilities: Kelly has been described as a "walking nexus (of realities that is)." Kelly can alter reality by taking bits and pieces of alternate realities or other places in this reality, and insert them wherever she wants. Through this, she can summon anyone or anything, change people from one thing to another, and basically reconstruct the world around her any way she wants. However, she cannot create matter or energy from nothing: she can only siphon what is from somewhere else. For example, she could not create a Utopia, because it didn't exist anywhere in this universe or any other.

History: (Captain Marvel V#9 (fb))- 15 years ago in the Florida Everglades a young couple are the only survivors of a plane crash. They lay down and "do it." Unbeknownst to them, the everglades were a nexus point of all realities. The result would be Kelly.

( Captain Marvel V#10) (flashback) - A young Kelly is outside playing in the snow, and makes dragons and knights come to life. She goes to tell her mom what she did, but inadvertently causes her mom to drop a plate and break it. Her mother gets angry and tells her that it is just make believe. Kelly makes the dragons and knights go away, telling them they aren't real.

(Captain Marvel V#4)- Kelly is seen in her room, about 14 or 15 years old, cutting her arm with a razor. Her sister Donna catches her and calls their parents.

(Captain Marvel V#5)- Kelly is seen in a psychiatrist's office. You see that she carved into her arm something that looks like a dragon. The doctor says her parents are worried she is going to kill herself. She says she won't, but she will destroy everything. Her parents think of checking her into a hospital, but she makes her face go starry (the way Captain Marvel's does to indicate cosmic awareness) and she walks out.

(Captain Marvel V#6)- Kelly is watching one of those family television sitcoms with model families.. Her parents come to talk to her and she transforms them into the people from the sitcom.

(Captain Marvel V#7)- Kelly walks up to a basketball game being played by teenagers. One of the boys playing is her former boyfriend, Ian. Ian tells her to give his ring back, and admits he just dated her to make this other girl jealous. Kelly turns him into a tree. Someone points a gun at Kelly, but then Ian, now a tree, is blasted to ashes by a second child.

Kelly is walking down a highway with the boy who fired the blast, who we have learned is named Benny. Cars crash into each other all around them, but they seem to hardly notice. When asked,  Kelly says she was thinking about destroying the world. Benny wants to know if he can help. She keeps walking with Benny, until Kelly picks up someone coming with her cosmic awareness, and Benny recognizes that it is Comet Man (his father). Benny attacks Comet Man, but when Moondragon and Captain Marvel intervene, Kelly teleports out, ignoring the fact Benny is calling for her to help him.

(Captain Marvel V#8)- Kelly is seen sitting on a statue. Her cosmic awareness warns her of something. She calls to Super-Skrull to stop hiding. Super-Skrull then materializes in front of her. Super-Skrull calls into Intelligencia to confer, and says he thinks he could capture Kelly. Intelligencia says he probably can't. By the time Super-Skrull is done, Kelly has already flown away. He flies after her and because of his special armor is immune to her powers. He is about to punch her, but he stops since it is not honorable. Moondragon attacks Super-Skrull, but when told to run, Kelly says that help is coming. Marvel comes to help, but he isn't the help she was talking about. The Silver Surfer then flies onto the scene.

(Captain Marvel V#9)- Silver Surfer informs all present (Captain Marvel, Moondragon, Super-Skrull, and Kelly) that he was just a galaxy away, and he wants to know what is going on. Moondragon says Kelly doesn't understand her power, but Kelly says she has mastered it, and she didn't bring the Silver Surfer there for protection. Kelly lets Moondragon probe her mind, but when she attempts it,  the alien serpent-like race called the Hyssta, come pouring out of Moondragon's mouth. Kelly says that she got into Moondragon's head first. Super-Skrull takes Kelly, but she is knocked out of his hand by Captain Marvel. She notices he also has cosmic awareness. While Marvel and Super-Skrull go at it, Kelly creates an army of Hyssta, and orders that she be killed. Kelly is taken to Skrell, a colony world of the Skrulls.

(Captain Marvel V#10)- Super-Skrull tells Kelly they are on Skrell. They go in to meet Intelligencia, whom Super-Skrull now has is in hot water with since he didn't kill Kelly. Kelly simply says she's bored. Intelligencia addresses Kelly, but Kelly is not intimidated. Then Silver Surfer, Moondragon, and Captain Marvel break in and a fight breaks out. Kelly isn't amused. When Moondragon demands Intelligencia give them Kelly, Intelligencia reveals Kelly's origin, and how she was conceived in the nexus of all realities. Marvel changes back to Rick Jones, and tells Kelly to do whatever she wants with this knowledge. She says she wants to die, but is to scared to kill herself. Rick suggests she create a Utopia, but she explains that she can't create something from nothing and that there are no realities where a Utopia exists. She starts getting real angry and then starts yelling about how there are no happy endings. She starts lashing out and destroying things, but then Rick Jones suggests she go to a reality where she never got her powers.   Kelly does so (or perhaps time is toyed with so she didn't get her powers), and she disappears.

Kelly is seen sitting around a dinner table with her family, as a normal child.   However, we see Kelly's sister Donna have her face go starry to indicate that now she has the powers Kelly had.

Comments: Created by Peter David and Ron Lim

When Kelly transported herself to a reality where she never got her powers, (or more likely toyed with time since she still appears to be on Earth 616) and never got her powers she lived out her life as a normal human, whereas before she was indeed a mutant.
I can't think of any better way to describe it. The circumstances under which she was conceived gave her an affinity to the nexus of reality. If the energies that shaped her were radiation, she would be a mutant. Though the energies are different, almost magical in nature, she was still born with them due to her parents being exposed to them. So, she's a mutant, or close enough, anyway.

I thought Kelly was a great character and the story was very well written (but what else can you expect with Peter David!?). She will probably never be brought back, for several reasons. Besides lack of interest, and that she doesn't have powers anymore, Kelly was never really a villain and has no reason to come back, since all she wanted was to be rid of her powers anyway. I can't really imagine what she would do if brought out of comic book limbo. She was perfect for a short one-time storyline though.
    Her sister, Donna, however, is a story waiting to be written, perhaps in another five years...

One interesting point that may not be common knowledge: Ben Beckley from this story is the Earth-616 counterpart of the Skull, from the Earth X (will it never end?) trilogy--Snood.

Kelly received a last name in Moondragon's profile in OHOTMU A-Z HC#7.

CLARIFICATIONS: Kelly has no connection to:



Donna was Kelly's little sister, who found Kelly cutting her arm and stopped her by calling their mom. After Kelly changed time so that she herself didn't get her powers, Donna apparently received all of Kelly's powers...


Captain Marvel V#4, 10



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