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Real Name:  Denebo Aruc III

Identity/ClassExtraterrestrial (Sakaarian Imperials) technology user;
    citizen of the First Sakaarian Empire

Occupation: Governor of the Wukar province, military leader

Group Membership: The Red King's Empire's Inner Circle (possibly just trusted allies rather than any formal organization)

Affiliations: Caiera the Oldstrong, Death's Head Warguard;
    formerly the Red King (Angmo-Asan)

Enemies: Red King (Angmo-Asan);
    formerly the Green Scar (Hulk/Bruce Banner)

Known Relatives: Denebo Aruc I (paternal grandfather, deceased), Denebo Aruc II (father, deceased), two unidentified younger brothers

Aliases: "Governor"; "the Red King's Queen"

Base of Operations: Unrevealed;
    formerly Wukar province, but mobile throughout the Empire;
    born in Arcos city, Wukar province, planet Sakaar, Tayo Star Systems, Fornax galaxy

Education: Privately tutored

First AppearanceIncredible Hulk III#92 (April, 2006)

firing blaster

facial close-up

Powers/Abilities: Denebo Aruc III is a skilled marksman and an experienced military commander. 

He frequently carries a hand held blaster weapon and is usually served by a number of Imperial soldiers as well as members of the Death's Head Warguard. He appparently had some proficiency with alien technology that arrived through the Great Portal (as cosmic vortex that brought ships, technology, and beings to Sakaar).

    He is arrogant and a coward, and he is highly subserviant to the Red King. Criticized as the Red King's personal lapdog, he often went out of his way to prove his individual worth and swaggered around with a false sense of bravado.

Height: 5'7"
Weight: 159 lbs.
Eyes: Crimson (although they look brown in some of the close-ups)
Hair: None

armored face & chestHistory
(Planet Hulk: Gladiator Guidebook#1: The Imperials: Governor of Wukar) <28 years before the main story> - Denebo Aruc III was born in 538 Post, the first of three sons of Denebo Aruc II, the governor of the province of Wukar.

(Planet Hulk: Gladiator Guidebook#1: The Imperials: Governor of Wukar (fb) - BTS) - Denebo Aruc III became well-versed in the War Book, and Imperial military treatise.

(Planet Hulk: Gladiator Guidebook#1: The Imperials: Governor of Wukar) <8 years before the main story> - Denebo III inherited the position of governor of Wukar upon the death of his father in 558 post.

(Planet Hulk: Gladiator Guidebook#1: The Imperials: Governor of Wukar (fb) - BTS) - Denebo III proved even more subserviant to the Red King (Angmo-Asan, the son of Angmo I) than Denebo II had been to the Father Emperor. 

(Planet Hulk: Gladiator Guidebook#1: The Imperials: Governor of Wukar (fb) - BTS) - Always flanked by a contingent of Imperial Guards, Denebo was often seen patrolling Wukar province in search of rare detritus that arrived through the Great Portal; he would then present any finds to the Red King to curry favor. standing over fallen Hulk

(Planet Hulk: Gladiator Guidebook#1: The Imperials: Governor of Wukar (fb) - BTS) - A huge aficionado of the Great Games, Denebo III enjoyed staging gladiatorial competitions in honor of the Red King. 

(Planet Hulk: Gladiator Guidebook#1: The Imperials: Governor of Wukar (fb) - BTS) - Fully aware of Denebo III's unwavering loyalty to the Empire, the Red King often sent the Governor on missions outside of Wukar to serve as his personal representative. 

(Planet Hulk: Gladiator Guidebook#1: The Imperials: Governor of Wukar (fb) - BTS) - Denebo III was often criticized and ridiculed as being the Emperor's personal lapdog. To compensate, Denebo often went out of his way to prove his individual worth and swaggered around with a false sense of bravado.

(Incredible Hulk III#92) - Denebo Aruc III was present alongside members of the Imperial Guard at the site of the crashing of the Illuminati ship after it had emerged though the Great Portal. As Sakaar's insectoid Natives battled the Hulk -- who had been significantly weakened by his passage through the Portal -- in hopes of salvaging/scavenging the ship, Aruc had one of his agents shoot the Hulk with a dart that instilled within him,"Talkbots" (presumably nanotech that facilitated conversation between the Hulk and the people of Sakaar). As one of the Guardsmen noted that this was the first being he'd seen who could even stand after passing through the Great Portal, Aruc interrupted, commenting that the Hulk's "comically moronic expression of surprise" indicated that he now understood their speech. He introduced himself as the Governor of the Wukar province and voiced the Emperor's proclamation that all detritus exiting the Great Portal was henceforth designated as Imperial property. The angry Natives argued that the law had always been first pickings to the first finders, but Aruc told them the law had changed. As they continued to argue of their current plights, he ordered them to kneel. They did so, but still complained that the Hive would die from the Red King's policies, though, the unconcerned Aruc told them, "We all have our problems." 

    Aruc then addressed the Hulk, noting how they were impressed by his ability to stand after passing through the life-draining Great Portal. After noting that his ship would go to Imperial scientists to study, Aruc told the Hulk he would learn to serve the Emperor, beginning with the lesson of getting on his knees. Angered, the Hulk surrendered the ship, hurling it at them, but then leapt at Aruc, telling him the Hulk doesn't kneel. Aruc fired a dart that instantly rendered the Hulk paralyzed and/or unconscious; as the Hulk fell on his face and lay prone before Aruc, the Governor replied, "Close enough."

(Incredible Hulk III#92 - BTS) - The Hulk and the Natives (including Miek) were purchased at an auction for "60" and taken to the Great Arena to compete in a gladiatorial contest for the Great Games before the Red King.

(Incredible Hulk III#92) - Despite the Hulk tearing free from his prison within the Great Arena, the Red King told the Governor this was boring, as any Death's Head could tear through an old cage; the Red King expressed his disappointment, as he thought the Governor had something new. Aruc respectfully requested patience, after which a trio of Great Devil Corkers (Cavaranthus mazorus) were released to attack the gladiators. Aruc then asked the Red King if this was not new, and the Red King agreed that it wasn't bad. 

    After the Hulk was swallowed by a Great Devil Corker, the Red King complained that it was getting boring again, and Aruc apologized, telling him he was sure the second act would..."...but they were interrupted by splattering gore as the Hulk tore out of the Great Devil Corker, killing it in the process; this definitely got the Red King's attention and appreciation. After the Hulk slew the other two Great Devil Corkers, Miek advised the Hulk that the Red King would now pardon them; with a target identified, the Hulk leapt at the Red King; Aruc observed (and possibly fled) as Caiera dropped the Hulk with an energy blast, after which the Red King confronted and battled the Hulk in his armor. surrenderwith Warguard and soldiers

(Incredible Hulk III#92 - BTS) - After the Hulk wounded the Red King, Caiera stepped in, but the Red King had his Death's Head Warguard drop the Hulk, after which he, Miek, and a few surviving Natives were sent to the Maw.

(Incredible Hulk III#96) - As Caiera and the Governor received a report about the vulnerability of the Warbound (Brood #2 of 6, Hiroim, Hulk, Elloe Kaifi, Korg, Miek) in a valley, Caiera suspected it to be a trap. Denebo argued that while the Green Scar was effective in the arena, he fought out of anger and pride, and because he liked it. Assuring Caiera the Green Scar had no sense of strategy, he stated that it was time to finish this and to begin the bombardment. However, after his troops had the Amebids drop bombs in the valley, Caiera and some of the troops found the valley empty (except for the remains of their scout who had been held their by the Hulk and Korg, who were resistant to the bombs). After Caiera reported this, he told her to disperse the trackers, but she reminded him that the bomb had destroyed any tracks in the entire valley. 

(Incredible Hulk III#96 (fb) - BTS) - The Governor found that some local villagers had been hiding food from the army. He told Caiera to hold on while he had the Death's Head Warguards slay these villagers.

(Incredible Hulk III#96) - When Caiera arrived to investigate the blaster sounds, the Governor explained his reasons, further noting that they had to keep up standards and that he thought it might add more bait to her plan to trap the Warbound. 

(Incredible Hulk III#96 - BTS) - Sensing the troops in hiding and that this was a trap, Hiroim convinced the Warbound and their allies to go somewhere to properly train in strategy and war.

(Incredible Hulk III#96) - The Governor and Caiera accompanied their troops in discovering former Headman Charr and a village destroyed three hours before by the Warbound after they had found the village had been keeping young Hiveling Natives imprisoned and enslaved.

(Incredible Hulk III#97 - BTS) - As the Red King slaughtered rebels inspired by the Eleha'al vines, one of his advisors summon Caiera back to the palace (to calm the Red King and/or to protect the people).

(Incredible Hulk III#97) - When Headman Charr argued that Caiera couldn't leave as the Empire had a responsibility to make amends for the Warbound burning his village, the Governor -- ignoring Caiera's instruction to hold (as she had sensed the approach of potential attackers) -- assured Charr that though Caiera had to go, "your Governor stands with you. We'll catch up to your monster tomorrow, and then--" He was interrupted as insectoid Natives attacked in the name of the Green Scar, and he cowered while Caiera and the Imperial soldiers slew their attackers. Charr recognized that these were not his village's former slaves, and the Governor and the others present learned from a captive that all the Natives were rallying to the Green Scar.death

    When Miek sensed the slaughter of the other Natives, Elloe Kaifi spotted the Governor as Charr continued murdering the captured Natives. Despite realizing it was a trap, the Warbound and their allies elected to attack anyway. Grinning as his enemies took the bait, Governor Denebo gave the order to detonate the bombs that slew several Imperial rebels and Natives and then led to a massive rocky piece of mountainside falling on them. without armor

After the Hulk shattered the largest rock and its fragments crushed the Warguard present (and after Miek had slain Charr), Miek grabbed a spear and led the others to rush at Denebo and the last two Imperial soldiers. The terrified Denebo surrendered, but Miek ignored this and attempted to slay Denebo anyway. As Miek raised his spear over Denebo, the Hulk clapped his hands together, knocking Miek away and sparing Denebo and his soldiers.

(Incredible Hulk III#97 (fb) - BTS) - The Hulk released Denebo and his soldiers to return to Crown City.

(Incredible Hulk III#97) - As the armored Red King slaughtered the rebels, Denebo returned, in tatters and lacking his armor. When Denebo noted that the Green Scar fulfilled the old prophecies, bearing mountains on his back, and that he was not the Green Scar but the Sakaarson, the Red King angrily incinerated Denebo.

Comments: Created by Greg Pak, Carlo Pagulayan, and Jeffrey Huet.

The Comic Book Database lists Denebo as appearing in Incredible Hulk III#98, but he was incinerated in #97, and I don't see remnants or anything else in #98.

    I don't know why my scanner made that one image show his tunic as blue. It is the same purple as in the other images.

Profile by Snood.

The Governor of Wukar
should be distinguished from:

Denebo Aruc II / Governor of Wukar

(Planet Hulk: Gladiator Guidebook#1: The Imperials: Governor of Wukar (fb) - BTS) - With its small land mass and meager resources, Wukar had been the weakest of Sakaar's "Imperial" nations and often relied on alliances with larger neighbors to avoid being conquered by other kingdoms.

(Planet Hulk: Gladiator Guidebook#1: The Imperials: Governor of Wukar) <79 years before the main story> - In 485 Post, the King of Wukar was assassinated by agents of the neighboring kingdom Okini. As the former king had sired no male heirs, his steward, Denebo Aruc II , became the kingdom's political leader.

(Planet Hulk: Gladiator Guidebook#1: The Imperials: Governor of Wukar) <77 years before the main story> - In 487 Post, Denebo Aruc II signed a treaty with General Angmo of Umegus and contributed Wukarian forces to Umega's year-long siege of the Okinian capital city T'msar. After Okini finally fell before the combined forces of Umegus and Wukar, Denebo wholeheartedly supported Wukar's inclusion in Angmo's new "Greater Umegus," so long as it meant that Wukar could share in Greater Umegus' fortune. So devoted was his support that Denebo II, whose title officially changed to "Governor of Wukar," was the only provincial leader not replaced by one of Angmo's political cronies during the War of Empires.

(Planet Hulk: Gladiator Guidebook#1: The Imperials: Governor of Wukar) <28 years before the main story> - Denebo II had three sons, starting in 538 post with Denebo Aruc III.

(Planet Hulk: Gladiator Guidebook#1: The Imperials: Governor of Wukar) <8 years before the main story> - Denebo II died in 558 post, and his position as governor was inherited by Denebo III.

--Planet Hulk: Gladiator Guidebook#1

note: No pictures exist as of this profile's writing. Denebo II was mentioned only in the text in the Gladiator Guidebook; and, his father, Denebo Aruc I was mentioned only under known relatives.

images: (without ads)
Incredible Hulk III#92, pg. 4, panel 4 (with soldiers);
        pg. 6, panel 1 (firing blaster);
            panel 4 (standing over fallen Hulk);
    #96, pg. 3, panel 2 (facial close-up);
        pg. 22, panel 2 (full, distant);
    #97, pg. 10, panel 2 (with Warguards and soldiers);
        pg. 13, panel 2 (surrenders)

Incredible Hulk III#92 (April, 2006) - Greg Pak (writer), Carlo Pagulayan (penciler), Jeffrey Huet (inker), Nathan Cosby (assistant editor), Mark Paniccia (editor)
Incredible Hulk III#96 (July, 2006) - Greg Pak (writer), Aaron Lopresti (penciler), Danny Miki (inker), Nathan Cosby (assistant editor), Mark Paniccia (editor)
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Incredible Hulk III#97 (October, 2006) - Greg Pak (writer), Aaron Lopresti (penciler), Danny Miki (inker), Nathan Cosby (assistant editor), Mark Paniccia (editor)

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