mostly full; suit & tieallen-paul-aim-costumedDr. PAUL ALLEN

Real Name: Paul Allen

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: Scientist, terrorist, A.I.M. group leader

Group Membership: A.I.M. (Advanced Idea Mechanics);
    formerly Project Gladiator (
Dr. Wilma Calvin, Dr. Barbara Morse, Dr. Ted Sallis (later the Man-Thing), Dr. Wendell; possibly Hamilton), S.H.I.E.L.D. (Supreme Headquarters International Espionage Law-enforcement Division)

Affiliations: Ellen Brandt, unidentified other members of local A.I.M. group;
    AIM group seeking results from Project Gladiator (including Alan and his unidenfied associate; and the unidentified AIM agents from Astonishing Tales I#12-13);
Ka-Zar (Kevin, Lord Plunder), Zabu (they aided him on multiple occasions before learning his true loyalites);
    posed as an ally of Dr. Wilma Calvin, Dr. Barbara Morse, Dr. Ted Sallis, Dr. Wendell

Enemies: Dr. Wilma Calvin, Hamilton, Ka-Zar (Kevin, Lord Plunder), "lizards who walk like men" (bipedal carnosaurs) , "Man-Apes" of Lost Lake, Dr. Barbara Morse, Neus Deutschlanders, New Brittanianas, Dr. Ted Sallis, S.H.I.E.L.D., Dr. Wendell, Zabu; unidentified plesiosaurids, unidentified pterosaur that crashed into his plane
    posed as an enemy of A.I.M.

Known Relatives: None;
    Barbara Morse (later Huntress and Mockingbird) was his former fiance'

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Unrevealed;
    former Project Gladiator base in the Everglades swamps outside Citrusville, Florida

First Appearance: Astonishing Tales I#8 (October, 1971)face

Powers/Abilities: Paul was presumably a scientist with some expertise in a field revelent to the research associated with Project Gladiator (perhaps biology or biochemistry).

    He was skilled in espionage, sufficient to infiltrate S.H.I.E.L.D.

    He also had some experience with firearms.

Height: Unrevealed (approximately 5'10"; he looked to be a few inches shorter than Ka-Zar)
Weight: Unrevealed (approximately 175 lbs.)
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Dark brown (varied from brown to black; see comments)

emerging from crashed planeHistory:
Astonishing Tales I#13 (fb) - BTS) - Paul apparently achieved the title of doctor, and he was most likely a scientist of some sort, perhaps a biologist or biochemist.

(Astonishing Tales I#13 (fb) - BTS) - An agent of AIM, Paul came to head a group with the mission of obtaining the results of Project Gladiator, a S.H.I.E.L.D. research program taked with creating a process that would change an ordinary soldier into an indestructible warrior. To this end, he infiltrated and became a member of S.H.I.E.L.D. 

(Astonishing Tales I#8 (fb) - BTS) - At some point, Paul and Barbara became engaged to fellow S.H.I.E.L.D. agent and scientist Barbara Morse.

(Astonishing Tales I#12) - Drs. Barbara Morse and Paul Allen joined Project Gladiator, working with project head Dr. Ted Sallis, as well as Dr. Wilma Calvin and Dr. Wendell (and possibly Hamilton), and working out of a secret lab in the Florida Everglades.

(Astonishing Tales I#12 (fb) - BTS) - SHIELD agents warned the members of Project Gladiator about A.I.M. (Advanced Idea Mechanics) who sought to obtain their super-soldier process.

(Astonishing Tales I#13 (fb) - BTS) - At some point, Barbara suspected that Paul was AIM's group leader.

(Savage Tales I#1 (fb) - BTS / Astonishing Tales I#12 (fb) - BTS) - AIM paid Sallis' wife, Ellen Brandt to facilitate their recovery of Sallis' formula.

(Savage Tales I#1 (fb) - BTS / Astonishing Tales I#12 (fb) - BTS) - After Sallis completed the process and prepared to deliver it to Hamilton, Alan and another AIM agent slew Hamilton. When Hamilton failed to show up for their meeting, Sallis sought him out and was confronted by the AIM agents. Having burnt his notes upon suspecting treachery, Sallis fled and injected himself with the only sample of his formula. Sallis was ultimately transformed into the monstrous Man-Thing who slew the two AIM agents.

(Astonishing Tales I#12 (fb) - BTS) - After Sallis vanished, Paul and Barbara (or their associates) found Ellen Brandt wandering throught he everglades, her mind gone and her face horribly scarred (by the Man-Thing).mostly full, with spear

(Astonishing Tales I#12 (fb) - BTS) - Reports of the monstrous creature prevented locals from helping scouring the glades for evidence of Sallis, and it was feared that the same creature that had burnt Brandt had also killed Sallis.

    AIM agents further stirred up the local townspeople of Citrusville, accusing Dr. Wilma Calvin of being a witch and the project of building monsters.

(Astonishing Tales I#12 (fb)) - At the Project Gladiator facility, Paul helped Dr. Calvin out of her coat and listened to her vow that they would continue their work with or without Sallis and despite the interference of AIM, whom she correctly believed too be stirring up the townspeople against them.

    Just then, five angry men, led by an AIM agent holding Barbara hostage led an angry mob to Project Gladiator's facility and demanded Dr. Calvin come out so they could put an end to her monster-making; Barbara exposed the man as an AIM agent, but the man demanded Calvin turn herself over to them or he would kill Barbara.

    The Man-Thing then appeared and slaughtered some of the men holding Barbara (the others fled), and Barbara rushed to Paul, who hugged her and asked if she was alright. Paul and Barbara stood and watched as the Man-Thing (still retaining some of Sallis' mind at this point) futilely tried to explain its nature. Paul could only watch as Dr. Calvin sensed the creature needed help and approached it, only to be shot in the back by one of the men who had fled.

(Astonishing Tales I#12 (fb) - BTS) - Calvin was stabilized at Project Gladiator, but she remained nearly comatose, occasionally reviving enough to murmur "Ted Sallis" or "Man-Thing."

(Astonishing Tales I#8 (fb) - BTS) <several weeks before Astonishing Tales I#12> - Seeking to recover Sallis before A.I.M. (who had orchestrated Sallis' betrayal) could do so, Paul and Barbara resolved to recruit the hunter-warrior Ka-Zar (Kevin, Lord Plunder) to accomplish this.

(Astonishing Tales I#8 (fb) - BTS) - Paul and Barbara visited the servants at the Plunder manor in England, who gave them a map to the Savage Land, Ka-Zar had previously left there.

    Via the map, Paul flew himself and Barbara to the Savage Land in his plane.

(Astonishing Tales I#8) - Flying over the Savage Land in a propeller-drive airplane, Paul and Barbara crashed into some sort of pterosaur that damaged the plane's wing. As Barbara asked what it was, Paul told her there was no time to talk; with her chute already in place, he instructed her to bail out, while he tried to pilot the craft to the ground.

(Astonishing Tales I#8 (fb) - BTS) - Savage Land residents Ka-Zar and Zabu observed the ship's crashing and Barbara bailing out over Lost Lake.

    Crashing on the surface, Paul used a wooden stick to fight off a trio of some sort of bipedal carnosaurs.

(Astonishing Tales I#8) - Ka-Zar and Zabu arrived and attacked the "lizards who walk like men," slaying two of them in rapid succession. Meanwhile, Allen struggled with the harsh reality of what he had previously enjoyed as a fantasy. After the third carnosaur fled into the "Haunted Swamp," Ka-Zar questioned Paul, who realized that he was Ka-Zar while trying to explain how he had gotten there. Ka-Zar urged Paul to accompany him to Lost Lake so they could rescue Barbara from its threats.

    As they reached Lost Lake, Ka-Zar noted that even he had never dared explore before; as Paul advised him that he better dare now so they could find Barbara, they were beset by a group of the "Man-Apes" of Lost Lake. After Ka-Zar and Zabu drove off the creatures, they and Allen took a raft out onto the lake, but the waters -- rough due to heat channeled into it -- suddenly releashed a waterspout.

(Astonishing Tales I#8 / Astonishing Tales I#10 (fb)) - Paul noted as the water erupted, and Ka-Zar advised him to jump off the raft.

(Astonishing Tales I#10) - As Paul, Ka-Zar, and Zabu sank into the water, hungry plesiosaurids approached. As Ka-Zar fought the creatures savagely, he instructed Paul to swim for the shore.

    Paul arrived alongside Zabu on the island of New Brittania, inhabited by British sailors stranded in the Savage Land decades before and perpetuating the conflict of World War II with similarly stranded Nazi sailors of Neus Deutschland . There, he was reunited with Barbara, but they were unable to stop the New Brittanians from lassoing and binding Zabu.

(Astonishing Tales I#10 - BTS) - Eventually, Ka-Zar exposed the perpetuation of the conflict by leaders Heinrich Draco and Rob Christopher; after both men fell into a volcano, their sons resolved to end the conflict.

(Astonishing Tales I#11 (fb) - BTS) - Agreeing to accompany them to the outside world, Ka-Zar instructed Paul and Barbara to keep moving forward until they reached a clearing.

(Astonishing Tales I#11) - Paul reminded Barbara of their instructions, after which she was grabbed by an anaconda. Ka-Zar savagely tackled the snake and knocked it into the waters before it could tighten around Barbara. After they had sunken beneath the waters, Paul commented how Ka-Zar had sounded just like Zabu as he attacked; considering how they had both vanished beneath the surface, he noted that Ka-Zar must have perished.

    After Ka-Zar surfaced, triumphant, and began preparing the dead snake for their next meal, Barbara asked why he didn't return to England and reclaim his title as Lord Plunder. Paul tried to stop her, but Ka-Zar noted that it was OK, as it eased Barbara's mind to speak thusly, although he had no time to answer. Paul further silenced Barbara, noting that Ka-Zar had more important things to do than listening to her stumbling apologies, including finding something else for her to eat, since she wouldn't eat the snake.

    That night, Paul and Barbara slept a short distance from the campfire.

(Astonishing Tales I#12) - After their plane arrived in Miami International Airport, Paul pointed out to Ka-Zar that Zabu's cage had shattered, leading Ka-Zar to subdue a policeman preparing to fire on the wild cat; Paul noted that that was the bravest thing he had ever seen.

    After additonal policeman arrived, Paul informed them that he and Barbara were with the government, but when the policeman attempted to arrest them all anyway, Ka-Zar knocked away their guns. Paul then urged Barbara to the jeep, as there was a helicopter waiting for them. They drove Ka-Zar and Zabu under fire to the helicopter, via which they escaped.

    After their takeoff, Paul instructed Barbara to begin the debriefing, after which the pair explained their mission to recover Ted Sallis.

    As their helicopter approached the Everglades, AIM agents fired an energy blast that halted its motor. Paul tried to glide the craft in, and they crashed into water. Ka-Zar and Zabu carried/swam Barbara and Paul out of the craft and to the surface (Paul held onto Zabu's tail), after which Zabu fought off approaching alligators while Paul swam to the shore. Zabu sensed a nearby human dwelling and led the others to the Project Gladiator complex. There Dr. Wendell showed them that Dr. Calvin remained virtually comatose.allen-paul-aim-barb-hostage

    Paul remained in the facility when Ka-Zar heard something outside and rushed after the Man-Thing, only to be captured along with him by AIM agents.

(Astonishing Tales I#13) - Paul and Barbara located Ka-Zar shortly after he and Zabu had driven off a group of AIM agents. Paul asked why Ka-Zar hadn't been burned like others that had encountered the Man-Thing, and Kz-Zar credited his ceasing to feel fear. Paul was shocked when Barbara noted that due to the number of AIM agents in the area, they would move Project Gladiator headquarters in New York; she further noted that -- with Sallis and Calvin out of the picture -- she was next in command. Paul watched as Ka-Zar haul the massive Man-Thing out of the pit and they brought him back to the facility.

(Astonishing Tales I#13 (fb) - BTS) - Paul went with Dr. Wendell to prepare Dr. Calvin for the journey.

    AIM agents shot Dr. Wendell and abducted Dr. Calvin.Whosoever knows fear...

    Paul Allen orchestrated this, but it is unrevealed whether Dr. Wendell realized Paul's true allegience. Paul reunited with AIM and took to wearing his AIM costume again.

(Astonishing Tales I#13 - BTS) - Dr. Wendell informed Barbara and Ka-Zar of Dr. Calvin's abduction before dying.

    Using Zabu to terrify the AIM agent who had shot Dr. Calvin, Ka-Zar and Zabu learned where they could find Paul and Dr. Calvin.

    Barbara, Ka-Zar, and Zabu stormed the facility, but as Barbara located and rushed toward Dr. Calvin, Paul pulled off his mask, grabbed Barbara from behind, and held her at gunpoint. He considered that she had likely suspected all along that he was AIM's group leader but that she had become confused when the AIM agents (his own men) had unwittingly shot them down in the helicopter. Barbara told him he hadn't a chance, but Paul argued that he had her, a gun, and a clear shot on Ka-Zar, whom he instructed to keep Zabu in tow. As Paul moved towards Calvin and announced his plans to kill her since he couldn't take her with him, the Man-Thing smashed through the wall. Paul panicked as his bullets didn't faze the Man-Thing, and he begged Barbara or Ka-Zar to stop the creature. The Man-Thing then reached forward, grabbed the terrified Paul and lifted him into the air, frying his face's flesh.

    Believing Paul dead, Ka-Zar fled with Dr. Calvin, Barbara, and Zabu, after which the Man-Thing flipped a lever that detonated the AIM facility, apparently killing Paul and everyone else present.

    Although not shown, the Man-Thing survived...

Comments: Created by Roy Thomas, Gary Griedrich, Herb Trimpe, and Tom Sutton.

    Astonishing Tales I#9 was an inventory story. The story from #8 continued in #10.

    Paul's last name was revealed in Astonishing Tales I#12.

    Neus Deutschland was identified in the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z#10: Savage Land profile.

    Perpetuating World War II into the early 70's wasn't such a stretch...there were many stories of Japanese soldiers living on islands and continuing to believe they were fighting the war for decades. The sliding timescale makes it a little less plausible, as now 70+ years would have passed since World War II, but ignorance is a powerful tool, and perhaps the senior conflict perpetuators, Heinrich Draco and Rob Christopher, kept it going and maintained relative youth by some means...or perhaps it was their children and grandchildren seen in the Astonishing Tales story.

    Paul's hair was brown in his earliest appearance, but seeme to range from brown to black. After he returned to AIM, it was its darkest black; perhaps he either resumed his true hair color or chose to dye (re-dye?) it black; or perhaps it was artistic license...only his hairdresser knows for sure...

Profile by Snood.

Paul Allen
should be distinguished from:

images: (without ads)
Astonishing Tales I#8, pg. 3, panel 3 (stumbling from plane);
    #11, pg. 1 (mostly full, with spear);
    #12, pg. 3, panel 1 (running in suit & tie);
    #13, pg. 17, panel 4 (AIM costume);
          panel 5 (taking Barbara hostage);
          panel 6 (face);
       pg. 19, panel 1 (grabbed by Man-Thing)

Astonishing Tales I#8 (October, 1971) - Roy Thomas & Gary Friedrich (writers), Herb Trimpe (penciler), Tom Sutton (inker), Stan Lee (editor)
Astonishing Tales I#10 (February, 1972) - Roy Thomas & Gerry Conway (writers), Barry Smith (penciler), Sal Buscema (inker), Stan Lee (editor)
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