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Type: Alternate Earth

Environment: Earth-like

Usual means of access: Vibrational attunement, especially Forge's teleportation harness

Dominant Life Form: Mutants, mutates

Significant Inhabitants: Apocalypse, Death (Archangel), Famine (Blob), Pestilence (Spider-Man), War (Cable)

First Appearance: Cable/Deadpool#15 (July, 2005)




(Cable/Deadpool#15 (fb) - BTS) - Apocalypse took over the world, reshaping four of this world's inhabitants into his Horsemen: Archangel became Death, the Blob was crafted as Famine, Spider-Man became Pestilence and Cable was transformed into War. The ensuing conflagration devastated the world, notably New York, where many crumbled skyscrapers were overshadowed by enormous Egyptian-style obelisks. The Horseman called War killed millions, including that Earth's Deadpool and Cannonball.

(Cable/Deadpool#15) - From Earth-616 and hunting for the missing Cable, Deadpool used Forge's interspatial and intraspatial teleportation harness to find him across dimensions. The first he landed in was Earth-5701 and he was stunned by the ravaged landscape and destruction. The Horsemen quickly confronted the disoriented traveler, with Death slashing at him with one of his metallic wings, only to have it sliced off by Deadpool's sword. Pestilence crawled in, binding Deadpool in web, with Famine then pounding at him with his giant war hammer. Death wanted him kept alive but Cannonball and Siryn, both from Earth-616, followed Deadpool across dimensions and managed to momentarily stun the three Horsemen and make a temporary escape amongst the rubble, with Siryn freeing Deadpool from the webbing. However, War arrived, hitting them with a telekinetic blast.

(Cable/Deadpool#16) - War relished the prospect of further destruction and was ready to snap Deadpool's neck, but was stopped by Deadpool's gun and Siryn's scream. Realizing that this Earth's Cable was not their world's Cable, the three travelers decided to leave, although Deadpool was unwilling to leave Siryn behind due to the three-minute time lag between his teleportation jump and hers. War smashed the bodies of Cannonball and Siryn together as Deadpool faded out.

(Cable/Deadpool#16 (fb) - BTS) - Cannonball and Siryn managed to stay alive long enough to automatically follow Deadpool's dimensional jump with the unavoidable three-minute delay.

(Cable/Deadpool#17) - Death's crippled metal wing had been repaired with rivets. Death, Famine and Pestilence provided the plot summary up to that issue of Cable/Deadpool [should not be considered in continuity].

Comments: Created by Fabian Nicieza (writer), Patrick Zircher (pencils) and Udon (inks).

This reality's designation was revealed in the OHotMU hardcover, vol.2.

Profile by Grendel Prime.

Earth-5701 has no known connections to:


Death / Archangel

Archangel had been transformed by Apocalypse into Death, much like his Earth-616 counterpart, with bladed metal wings. He was the first to attack the dimension-hopping Deadpool, but had one of his wings cut off; this was later riveted back into place. He was knocked out by Siryn's sonic scream.









--Cable/Deadpool#15 (16-17


Famine / Blob

The Blob had been altered by Apocalypse to become Famine, although he didn't seem to be much different from his Earth-616 version beyond the body paint job. He carried and wielded a giant war hammer;Famine used it against Deadpool but was soon blasted back by Siryn's sonic scream. He seemed to be the only one of the four Horsemen to maintain most of his original rough-edged personality.












--Cable/Deadpool#15 (16-17


Pestilence / Spider-Man

Spider-Man had become Pestilence with four arms and four legs, likely part of Apocalypse's transformation, along with a web shooter in each arm. He wrapped Deadpool up in webbing after the dimensional jumper cut off Death's wing and was about to carry Deadpool away when he was suddenly knocked away by Cannonball. Soon after, Siryn used a focused sonic scream to rip apart the webbing.








--Cable/Deadpool#15 (16-17


War / Cable

Cable had been transformed by Apocalypse into War, unleashing tremendous telekinetic powers that he used as disabling blasts, and changed him into focusing in on his anger. As the Horseman War, he killed millions on the planet. He later telekinetically blasted the trans-dimensional visitors, Deadpool, Cannonball and Siryn, and (presumably telepathically) knew of their origin and plan. He then was able to negate Cannonball's blast shield, knocking him away, and was ready to snap Deadpool's neck, but was shot by his victim and hit by Siryn's sonic scream. Deadpool escaped using his trans-dimensional harness as War, momentarily stunned, resumed his attack on Cannonball and Siryn, although the two were soon able to likewise escape.









--Cable/Deadpool#15 (16-17

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Cable/Deadpool#15, p15 (landscape)
Cable/Deadpool#15, p16, pan1 (Death)
Cable/Deadpool#17, p1 (Famine)
Cable/Deadpool#17, p1 (Pestilence)
Cable/Deadpool#16, p2 (War)

Cable/Deadpool#15-17 (July-September, 2005) - Fabian Nicieza (writer), Patrick Zircher (pencils), Udon (inks), Nicole Wiley (editor)

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