Membership: "Aeristron", "Captiotron," "Ducotron," Electron, "Scyphozotron", Thermatron

Purpose: To keep Namor on the throne of Atlantis

Affiliations: Atlanteans, Namor

Enemies: Fantastic Four (Human Torch, Invisible Girl, Thing), Namor

Base of Operations: Atlantis;
    briefly active in Hollywood, California

First Appearance: Fantastic Four I#195 (June, 1978)

Powers/Abilities: All of the Retrievers possess superhuman strength (Class 10-25) and durability, sufficient to trade a few blows with Namor. See the individual entries for individual powers.

History: The specific origins of the Retrievers are undetailed, but they are androids designed to keep the ruler of Atlantis on the throne.
(Fantastic Four I#195 (fb)) - After the people of Atlantis were revived from their comatose state (@ Super-Villain Team-Up#13), they came to see Namor as a god. Unable to stand the continued requests for healing, etc., Namor became disgusted with them and left Atlantis. He returned to Imperial Studios in Hollywood, where he made arrangements to employ Susan Richards.

(Fantastic Four I#195 (fb) - BTS) - Meanwhile, seeking to force Namor to return to Atlantis, the temporary ruling council of Atlantis dispatched the Retrievers.

(Fantastic Four I#195) - The Retrievers invaded Imperial Studios and made their demand to Namor. When he refused, Captiotron ensnared him, but Namor kicked his way free. Electron then stunned him with a punch and Thermatron weakened him via a dehydrating heat blast, all guided by Ducotron. Electron continued the assault with an electrical attack, until Sue Richards contained Electron with a force field. The Retrievers then focused on Sue, who held her own against them--knocking a catwalk on top of Thermatron, and expanding and destroying a trap created by Scyphozotron (who was also shattered in the process). She duped Captiotron into incapacitating itself against a fish tank she had made invisible, and the tank shattered as well, reviving Namor with a deluge of sea water. Namor punched out Aeristron, then grappled with Ducotron, who directed Thermatron and Electron to fire upon Namor while he held him. However, Sue then made Namor invisible, and he escaped Ducotron's grasp, so that the blasts from the other two Retrievers struck Ducotron instead, damaging him. As Ducotron collapsed, the other Retrievers were left without a power source, and they collapsed as well.

    Nonetheless, their message was received, and Namor decided to accept his heritage and return to Atlantis.

COMMENTS: Created by Marv Wolfman, Keith Pollard, and Pablo Marcos.

    Namor's powers are so inconsistent. Some writers use his undersea life powers (like being able to absorb & discharge electricity, like an electric eel), while others--like Wolfman--do not.

    Only Electron and Thermatron are named. I picked names for the remaining four...but they were weak. Skullogeist had the following recommendations:

    As they are all virtually identical in appearance (with the exception of color), I've only included the single image above.

No known connection to:

"Aeristron" has no known connection to:

Electron has no known connection to:

"Scyphozotron" has no known connection to:

Thermatron has no known connection to:



    Power of flight

--Fantastic Four I#195


(metallic blue)

    Prehensile, tendril-like limbs

--Fantastic Four I#195



    The leader-android, he was the only one that can speak (he's also the only one with a mouth). He is their power source, data processor, and strategist. If Ducotron is incapacitated, the entire group collapses.

    He was badly damaged and incapacitated by a misdirected blast from Electron & Thermatron, but it would seem likely that he could be rebuilt.

--Fantastic Four I#195



    Projects electricity

--Fantastic Four I#195



    Employs a jellyfish-like trap.

He was blown apart by Sue Richard's expanding force field, but it would seem likely that he could either reform or be rebuilt.

--Fantastic Four I#195



    Projects heat

--Fantastic Four I#195

Fantastic Four I#195, p17

Fantastic Four I#195 (June, 1978) - Marv Wolfman (writer/editor), Keith Pollard (pencils), Pablo Marcos (inks)

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