Real Name: Dr. Benjamin Healy

Identity/Class: Human;
   active during the early 20th century to 1952

Occupation: Meal; former country doctor

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Harry Osborne

EnemiesAlice Healy, Margaret Healy

Known Relatives: Alice Healy (wife), Margaret Healy (wife, deceased)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: His home somewhere in the US

First Appearance: Suspense#19/6 (June, 1952)

Powers/Abilities: Healy was a trained physician, but he didn't take the Hippocratic Oath too seriously. He was apparently also a pretty good meal.

Height: Unrevealed (5'11"; by approximation)
Weight: Unrevealed (200 lbs.; by approximation)
Eyes: Unrevealed (the artwork didn't really show the iris of any character)
Hair: Black with white temples

(Suspense#19/6 (fb)) - Country doctor Ben Healy was miserable in his marriage to Margaret, who constantly nagged and yapped about everything until late in the night when he went to sleep. He was glad when he could get out of the house to see a patient.

   On his way to a patient Healy saw other happy couples and envied the men for not having a nagger like his wife. He arrived at the home of his old friend Harry Osborne, who had just returned from a long visit to another city, and was surprised that the overweight Harry was now married caring wife.

   Ben introduced himself to Alice, Harry's wife, who was worried about Harry because he had lost so much weight. She begged Ben to do something for Harry. While Alice got Harry some warm milk, Ben tried to talk with Harry, who had trouble talking, but he managed to tell Ben that he had lost all his flesh, muscles and blood. Before Ben could learn more Alice entered the room with warm milk and Harry cowardly mentioned how unhappy she was with him because he had lost so much weight and tried everything to fatten him up again. Ben examined Harry further and then asked to see Alice alone for a minute. Outside Ben told Alice that Harry's condition was dire, but he would try to save him. Alice though asked if it wouldn't be better to just let him go. Ben was surprised, but saw her grief and promised to be there for her after his death. She reminded him that he was married and Ben left, wondering what he could do to be with Alice because Harry and his own wife were still in their way. He knew Harry would be gone soon, but what to do about his own wife.

   Back home Margaret had a headache and accused Ben of only taking care of others and never of her. Ben mixed a potion for her that took care of her headaches forever. Shortly after drinking the poison she began to experience extreme pain in the stomach and died of peritonitis (or at least the death notice in the newspaper claimed it was peritonitis).

   Ben and Alice waited for six months to get married. Ben was still wondering how a woman like Alice could like a fat man like him, but she liked him because he was fat. Ben promised not to lose his weight like Harry and she hoped this to be true.

(Suspense#19/6 (fb) - BTS) - Alice regularly fed on Ben's blood and he grew weaker with each day like Harry before him.

(Suspense#19/6) - Five months later Ben was a shadow of his former self. He had lost most of his weight and sat in a chair talking to himself. That way he revealed that Alice took good care of him and always tried to fatten him up and build up his blood because she was drinking it. There was barely any blood left in him and he begged someone to take her away from him before it was too late for him. Alice entered the room and saw him talking to himself again. She came closer to sink her fangs into his neck and drink the final ounces of his blood.

Comments: Created by unidentified writer, Jim Mooney & Bernard Sachs.

Thanks to Ron Fredricks for sending me the scans.

Profile by Markus Raymond.

Ben and Margaret Healy have no known connection to:

Harry Osborne should not be confused with:

Alice Osborne (later Healy) should not be confused with:

Alice Healy

(Suspense#19/6 (fb) - BTS) - The vampire Alice met Harry Osborne, whom she married because he seemed like good nourishment. After a few months of feeding on him though he was weak and barely hung on to life. She tried her best to fatten him up again, but everything failed.

(Suepense#19/6 (fb)) - Harry's good friend Dr. Ben Healy was called in to have a look at him and was immediately smitten with the caring Alice, who led him to Harry while she got some warm milk for her husband. After bringing the warm milk to Harry to fatten him up, Ben continued his examination. Outside Harry's bedroom Ben had to tell Alice that Harry's situation was dire and she suggested to just let him go because she didn't want to see him suffer any longer. Alice asked Ben if he would be there for her to stand the grief after Harry's death and Ben promised it. Alice reminded Ben that he was still married before Ben left, coming up with a plan to get rid of his wife. The next day the death notices in the newspaper reported that Harry had died of pernicious anemia.

   Six months later Alice married Ben, who still couldn't believe that a woman like her could care for a fat man like him. She told him that she cared for him because he was fat and he promised to not lose his weight like Harry. Alice hoped so.

(Suepense#19/6 (fb) - BTS) - Alice fed on Ben's blood on a regular basis. Ben grew weaker with each day.

(Suspense#19/6) - Five months later Alice saw Ben sitting in his chair and talking to himself again. He was barely hanging on to life and she leaned in to suck the last ounces of blood out of him.


Margaret Healy

(Suepense#19/6 (fb)) - Margaret was married to Dr. Benjamin Healy. She wouldn't let him go on a hunting trip because he didn't need a vacation, but she needed a fur coat.

   At night she didn't like it how Ben pretended to be asleep while she was still talking to him and just kept talking.

   The next morning Margaret blamed Ben to always think of himself and run around while she was stuck at home.

   Margaret got a really bad headache and when Ben came home from a house visit to Harry Osborne, she got angry at him for taking so long. She also accused him of only taking care of others and never of her. She wanted medicine for her headache. She drank the potion mixed by her husband and shortly after started feeling like her stomach was on fire.

   The next day the death notices in the newspaper reported that she had died of peritonitis.


Harry Osborne

(Suspense#19/6 (fb) - BTS) - Harry Osborne, a fat man, was on a long visit to another city. There he met Alice and they got married. Over the following months he learned why Alice married him. She was a vampire, who fed on his blood on a regular basis. Over the following months Harry lost most of his weight and barely hung on to life. Alice tried her best to fatten him up again but failed.

(Suspense#19/6 (fb)) - Harry's good friend Dr. Ben Healy was called to make a house visit. Harry could barely talk and talked about losing his flesh, muscles and blood. Before he could tell Ben the reason Alice entered the room with warm milk. Harry mentioned how unhappy Alice was because he had become so thin and always tried to fatten him up again. Ben examined Harry and then left the room to talk alone with Alice to tell her how dire Harry's situation actually was. Alice couldn't watch Harry suffer any longer and suggested to just let him go.

   The next day the newspaper's death notice reported that Harry had died of pernicious anemia.


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Suspense#19/6, p1, pan1 (main)
Suspense#19/6, p5, pan4 (head shot)
Suspense#19/6, p3, pan5 (Alice Healy, body shot)
Suspense#19/6, p5, pan7 (Alice Healy, head shot, showing vampire fangs)
Suspense#19/6, p1, pan3 (Margaret Healy)
Suspense#19/6, p1, pan1 (Harry Osborne, not feeling well)

Suspense#19/6 (June, 1952) - Jim Mooney (pencils), Bernard Sachs (inks), Stan Lee (editor)

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