Real Name: Duncan Sebast

Identity/Class: Human mutant

Occupation: Student

Group Membership: Bethlehem High's basketball team

Affiliations: Larry, Josh, Mike, Nelson, Reese and other players, Kate Cook


Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Dunk

Base of Operations: Betlhehem High in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

First Appearance: Muties#1 (April, 2002)

Powers/Abilities: He possessed the mutant ability to stretch any bodypart for several feet. The limit of his mutant power is unknown.

(Muties#1) - Duncan wasn't overly smart, but he was the star of the school's basketball team and secretly he was a mutant. He liked to bully Jared around and called him names. One day he had to write a science report and asked Jared to do it for him. Duncan only wanted a B+ so nobody would get suspicious. From this day on Duncan protected Jared from the other bullies. After another successful game Duncan got the report from Jared on a floppy disc. Duncan handed in the report and the teacher didn't suspect a thing. The same day Jared came to Duncan into the boys' locker room and asked him to do something against the relationship between Nelson and Kate. Duncan didn't want to help him and got angry. He hit Jared with a basketball and started to throw balls at him with the other players. The next day in school Duncan stood beside Kate and Nelson when Jared came towards them with a gun. Afraid to die Duncan tried to escape by using his stretching abilities to avoid the bullets, but Jared was still able to kill him with a shot through the heart. Everybody was happy about Duncan's death after they had realized that he was a mutant. Immediately after his death people thought that Duncan was only nice to Jared for some time because Jared had found out about his mutant abilities.



Comments: Created by Karl Bollers, Salgood Sam & Peter Ferguson

Profile by Markus Raymond

Duncan Sebast has no known connection to:

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Kate Cook

She liked Jared and tried to protect him from the bullies. On his way home she liked to accompany him until they had to part. One day Nelson started hitting on her and she took interest in him. She began dating him and broke Jared's heart when he saw her kissing Nelson in school. For this failure Kate entered Jared's revenge list and the next day Jared opposed Kate, Duncan and Nelson with his father's gun. That day Kate was killed by Jared.




Jared was the most intelligent student in class. He got in Duncan's class when he was allowed to skip third, fourth and fifth grade. He couldn't participate in sports class because of his asthma, had a crush on Kate Cook and was bullied around by Duncan and his friends. Kate was the only one helping him at school. At home he seemingly lived alone with his father, who hated him so much that he threatened him with a gun if he forgot to buy something for him. He still continued with his life of study (and hid revenge list). One day Duncan needed him to write a science report and for awhile Jared was protected by him until the report was finished. Jared realized this too late and was beaten up by Duncan and his friends when he asked him for help to stop the relationship between Kate and Nelson. The next day Jared came to school with his father's gun and shot Duncan and Kate. He was arrested, but everyone believed that Jared was a hero because Duncan revealed his mutant abilities before he died and the people thought that Jared knew about this before he shot Duncan.




Nelson was part of the Bethlehem High basketball team and a friend of Duncan Sebast. He was among the students that bullied around Jared. He took an interest in Kate Cook and started hitting on her. They started to date unbeknown to Jared, but one day he saw them kissing each other in school. The next day after a severe beating by Nelson's friends Jared came to school with a gun. Nelson wasn't hit by one single bullet when Jared began shooting while his girlfriend and Duncan died.



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