Membership: Basenji, Dane (Jan Radar), Pitbull (Kevin Wilson), Poodle (Clémence Duval), Terrier (Monte Devlin)

Purpose: Creating a better race through genetic engineering

Affiliations: None

Enemies: Captain Britain (Brian Braddock), Spider-Man (Peter Parker)

Base of Operations: Currently unrevealed;
    formerly Empire State University, Manhattan, New York

First Appearance: Excalibur I#53 (August, 1992)

Powers/abilities: The Litter each possessed characteristics derived from their semi-canine natures, including superhuman strength and speed, and presumably enhanced olfactory senses and nocturnal vision.





(Excalibur I#53 (fb) - BTS) - Five people came from around the wordl to Empire State University to study as foreign exchange students. They decided to create a better race through genetic engineering. Believing dogs -- who are trustworthy and loyal, who travel in packs, and who are suited for inclement weather -- to be the ideal model, they genetically engineered themselves to each be able to take on the characteristics of a breed of dog.
    The group arrogantly considered themselves smarter than their own professors.

(Excalibur I#53 (fb) - BTS) - One of Monte's professor's corrected him.

(Excalibur I#53 (fb)) - The five students took a break at the Coffee Bean. After Monte shared how one of the professors had told him he was wrong, "Peter" (Pitbull) noted that they were studying in the most backward country in the world, and that ESU had nothing to teach geniuses like them. Their disparaging comments led Brian Braddock (whose was at the next table alongside Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson) to note that is was the height of rudeness to speak ill of your host country. A fight nearly broke out between Brian and Jan (Dane), but the restaurant owner (or manager) threw the exchange students out (giving Brian the benefit of the doubt since he was with Peter Parker, a regular customer.

    Later, the students were stealing machinery from ESU's bio-tech laboratories when they were caught in the act by Captain Britain (Brian Braddock), who failed to recognize them (and who had had a few drinks before going out on patrol). They then transformed into their Litter forms and attacked Captain Britain, catching the surprised hero off guard and threatening to overwhelm him. Spider-Man arrived to help Captain Britain, and the two swiftly turned the tide on the canine warriors. Embarrassed at having been nearly defeated, Brian sought to prove himself too aggressively, and savagely punched Basenji into a brick wall. After she collapsed, the others were defeated (or surrendered) and taken into custody.





(Excalibur I#53 (fb) - BTS) - Ashamed at his actions, Braddock had his lawyers arrange for Basenji's hospital bills and therapy for her sprained back were paid in full by his money.





Comments: Created by Scott Lobdell, James Fry, and Chris Ivey (inker).

    If the Litter are meant to be residents from the nations in which their respective breeds (are thought to) originate, then Basenji, Dane, Pitbull, Poodle, and Terrier would come from Northern Africa, Denmark, England, France, and Scotland, respectively. They comment that they are the brightest, most original thinkers in all Europe, though obviously Northern Africa is not part of Europe...

For more info on the breeds, see: (Northern Africa)
    Basenji (the black woman) would likely be athletic and particularly strong for her size.
    Dane (Jan, the large blond male) was large and particularly strong, as well as somewhat belligerent.
    Pitbull ("Pete," the white-haired male) would likely be very strong for his size, particularly in the jaw.
    Poodle (the white female)...has curly hair.

    Terrier (Monte, the brown-haired guy with the moustache), is patterned after a Scottish Terrier, or Scottie. He would likely be quick and feisty.

    And the best breed of dog? The mutt. Hybrid vigor (generalized superior health of mixed gene populations) can't be beat. Less expensive at the start, and fewer genetic problems. Go to the ASPCA and get yourself a dog that would otherwise be euthanized.

    This story took place shortly after Marvel Team-Up I#66.

The real names of most members (Poodle, Dane, Pittbull, Terrier) were revealed in Marvel Atlas#1.

Profile by Snood.

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Other Appearances:
Excalibur I#53 (August, 1992) - by Scott Lobdell (writer), James Fry (penciler), Chris Ivey (inker), Terry Kavanaugh (editor)

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