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Type: Divergent Earth

Environment: Earth-like

Usual means of access: Presumably vibrational attunement

Dominant Life Form: Demons, humans

Significant Inhabitants: Boris, Jewel Dinkins, Benjamin J. "Ben" Grimm, Victor von Doom, Mephisto, Reed Richards, Johnny Storm, Sue Storm

First Appearance: What If? II#18 (October, 1990)

History:  (What If? II#18 (fb)) - While attempting to contact the afterlife, Victor von Doom caused an explosion that destroyed his college dormitory and scarred his face.

 (What If? II#18) - Feeling sympathetic for Doom's injury, the Dean allowed Doom to continue his classes and graduate with Doom tying with fellow student Reed Richards for top honors. Blaming Reed for the scarring of his face, Doom visited him at Jewel Dinkins' boarding house where Reed was entertaining Sue and Johnny Storm, claiming to need temporary lodging. Soon after, Reed's friend Ben visited and the two went out to a jazz club where Reed asked Ben to pilot a spaceship that he was working on. While they were out, Doom crept into Reed's room and stole his Space-Warp Projector in an effort to retrieve his mother's spirit from Mephisto's realm. In order to track it down, Reed activated the Projector via remote and tracked it to Doom's location where Reed, Ben, Johnny, and Sue were trapped in a steel cage. Eventually, Sue managed to squeeze through the bars and free the others. Doom immediately sent out a group of Doombots to deal with the foursome while he succeeded in opening a portal to Mephisto's realm. Unfortunately, Doom was unable to close the portal and it began to pull objects inside it until Sue deduced that to close the portal, a pentagram needed to be drawn around the Space-Warp Projector. Johnny succeeded in drawing the pentagram using Sue's lipstick and the remote control device that Reed had given him, effectively closing the portal. Feeling sorry for Doom, Reed managed to remotely activate the Warp-Space Projector from its new location within Mephisto's realm and used it to bring forth Doom's mother from the realm. Despite the influence of his mother, Doom felt humiliated by the fact that Reed managed to solve in a few moments a problem that had taken Doom years and his hatred drove him to don a suit of armor as Doctor Doom.

 (What If? II#18 - BTS) - Eventually, Ben, Johnny, Reed, and Sue joined together once more, as they eventually gained superpowers as the Fantastic Four.

Comments: Created by Dwayne McDuffie and Luke McDonnell.

This reality's divergent point occurred in Fantastic Four I#5, when the Dean did not expel Doom for causing the explosion, instead allowing him to continue his college.

The core continuum designation was revealed in Marvel Encyclopedia Vol. 6: Fantastic Four.

Profile by Proto-Man.

Earth-The Fantastic Four Battled Doctor Doom Before They Got Their Powers has no known connections to:


Boris, like his Earth-616 counterpart was the faithful servant of Victor von Doom. After Ben Grimm punched Doom, Boris exclaimed that he had struck the master but when Grimm threatened Boris in return, Boris claimed that he was merely making an observation.

--What If? II#18

Jewel Dinkins

Jewel Dinkins was the aunt of Sue and Johnny Storm who ran a boarding house. One of her tenants was Reed Richards, who constantly messed up her television reception with his Space-Warp Projector. At one point, Victor von Doom took up a room at her boarding house in order to steal Reed's Projector. When she and Sue Storm discovered Doom, he use the Mists of Morpheus on them, causing them to fall asleep.

--What If? II#18

Ben Grimm

Ben, like his Earth-616 counterpart, was an old college friend of Reed Richards' from Columbia University. During a visit to Reed, Ben aided Reed against their old classmate Victor von Doom, who had stolen an invention of Reed's in an effort to free his mother from Mephisto's realm. After defeating Doom, Ben and the others agreed to meet up again sometime, which they did when they eventually gained superpowers as the Fantastic Four.

--What If? II#18

Victor von Doom

Victor von Doom, like his Earth-616 counterpart, was scarred in an explosion that he had caused while trying to free his mother from Mephisto's realm. Blaming his classmate Reed Richards, Doom visited the boarding house where Reed lived and stole Reed's invention called the Space-Warp Projector. Using the device, Doom managed to open a portal to Mephisto's realm but was unable to close it. After managing to close it himself, Reed also managed to free Doom's mother, making Doom feel further humiliated. Victor eventually donned a suit of armor as Doctor Doom, still hating Richards for showing him up.

Doom had minor knowledge of the mystic arts, utilizing such spells as the Mists of Morpheus and robots of his own design called Doombots.

--What If? II#18

Reed Richards

After graduating with top honors from Columbia University, Reed lived at Mrs. Dinkins' boarding house, experimenting with various inventions such as the Space-Warp Projector. When his old college classmates Ben Grimm and Victor von Doom paid him a visit at the boarding house while he was entertaining Sue and Johnny Storm, Reed and Ben went to a jazz club while Victor stole the Space-Warp Projector, using magic against Sue and Mrs. Dinkins. Reed and Ben soon returned to find the invention stolen and Reed used another invention to track the Projector by activating via remote control. Reed, Ben, Sue, and Johnny managed to track the Projector to Doom, who had used it to open a portal to Mephisto's realm in an effort to free his mother's spirit. After defeating Doom and sealing the portal, Reed felt bad for Doom's situation and used his remote control to activate the Space-Warp Projector from inside Mephisto's realm, allowing Doom's mother to return to life. After Doom felt humiliated at how easily Reed at freed his mother, he took to wearing armor as Doctor Doom and Reed eventually gained superpowers and reunited with Ben, Johnny, and Sue as the Fantastic Four.

Reed was an inventive genius like his Earth-616 counterpart.

--What If? II#18

Johnny Storm

Johnny was the kid brother of Sue Storm, who lived with their aunt, Jewel Dinkins.One day while they were being entertained by Reed Richards, who lived at Mrs. Dinkins' boarding house, they were visited by Victor von Doom, an old classmate of Reed's who attempted to steal Reed's Space-Warp Projector. When Ben and Reed opted to find the Projector by tracking Doom down, Johnny and Sue demanded to tag along. When Doom opened a portal to Mephisto's realm that he was unable to close, Sue deduced that they needed to draw a pentagram to seal it and using her lipstick, she had Johnny fly his remote control machine in the shape of a pentagram, drawing it using the lipstick. The portal sealed and Doom defeated, Reed promised that would all see each other again, which they did a good time later when they all gained superpowers as the Fantastic Four.

--What If? II#18

Sue Storm

Sue Storm was the niece of Mrs. Dinkins and lived with her and her younger brother Johnny in a boarding house. Having a crush on one of the occupants, Reed Richards, Sue often visited Reed's room with Johnny. During one of their visits, Reed was visited by old classmates Ben Grimm and Victor von Doom. When Victor stole Reed's Space-Warp Projector, Sue and Mrs. Dinkins attempted to stop him but Doom caused them to sleep by using the Mists of Morpheus. When they awoke, they explained the situation to Reed and Ben, who opted to find it by tracking the device using remote control. Sue demanded to tag along and together with Johnny, the foursome located Doom, who had opened a portal to Mephisto's realm. In order to seal Doom's portal, Sue deduced that a pentagram needed to be drawn and she attached her lipstick to Johnny's remote control machine and had him fly in the shape of a pentagram, sealing the portal. After Doom's defeat, Reed promised that would all get together again, which they did long after when they gained superpowers as the Fantastic Four.

--What If? II#18

What If? II#18, front cover (Doom looming over the foursome, main pic)
 p5, pan1 (Jewel Dinkins)
 p14, pan5 (Victor von Doom)
 p15, pan6 (Ben Grimm)
 p18, pan2 (Sue Storm)
 p18, pan4 (Johnny Storm)
 p27, pan1 (Reed Richards)
 p27, pan4 (Boris)

Other Appearances:
What If? II#18 (October, 1990) - Dwayne McDuffie (writer), Luke McDonnell (art)

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