Real Name: Dimples

Identity/Class: Extradimensional (unidentified) Human (apparently - see comments)

Occupation: Assistant to Saturnyne, working for the Dimensional Development Court

Affiliations:  Dimensional Development Court (employers), Saturnyne (boss), the Avant Guard (subordinates), Captain Britain, Jackdaw

Enemies: The Status Crew, the Fury, Mad Jim Jaspers of Earth 238

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Dimensional Development Court Base, under London, Earth 238

First Appearance:  Marvel Superheroes#380 (December 1981)

Powers/Abilities: None evident (but see comments).

History: (Marvel Superheroes#380)  Captain Britain is engaged in conversation with the evolved rat Algernon in a storm sewer beneath the London of Earth 238. Unknown to him he is being watched by a chubby man sitting on a hover chair in front of a bank of monitors. This man alerts his superior, Saturnyne, whom he addresses as "Your Whyness" of this intruder "in the eastern pink sector". She is annoyed because she is in conference, and tells him that he should know what to do, to which he replies "Yes Ma'am. I shall summon the Avant Guard". A little while later, we see Dimples briefing a group of men in identical business suits, each carrying an umbrella as if it were a rifle and they were on parade, that they must deal with the intruder before he can jeopardise "the Push".

(Marvel Superheroes#381) Dimples is present as Saturnyne attempts to question Jackdaw, whom the Avant Guard have captured. Captain Britain bursts in and takes Saturnyne hostage, demanding the release of his comrade. Saturnyne orders Dimples to let the elf go, which he does with some visible annoyance. As Saturnyne and the Captain converse and she tries to win the hero over to their plans for forcing this backward Earth to evolve, Dimples and the elf exchange angry glances at each other. Then the Status Crew, guardians of the local status quo, breach the facility.

(Marvel Superheroes#382) A pitched battle erupts between the locals and the other-dimensional intruders. Dimples is not visible for most of this fight, until we finally see him cowering literally behind Saturnyne's skirts, at a point when Jackdaw and all the Avant Guard present have been killed or incapacitated, and Captain Britain himself is on his last legs, laid low by a sonic weapon which is preventing him from using his powers.

(Marvel Superheroes#383) While Saturnyne eliminates the Status Crew agent with the sonic weapon, and holds the rest off at umbrella-point, Dimples helps the weakened superhero back to his feet. Dimples and Saturnyne then race deeper into the complex with Captain Britain slowing the pursuit. Saturnyne, Dimples by her side, reaches the storage area for the life enhancing fluid intended to evolve the local population, and passes some of it to the Captain, who uses it to take the fight out the Status Crew.

(Marvel Superheroes#386) Having successfully administered the Push, the agents of the Dimensional Development Court are all celebrating in their base. Dimples is even seen to raise a glass with Jackdaw, while Saturnyne does the same with Captain Britain. Dimples is otherwise back at his original post watching the monitors, and thus is the first to witness the start of the Jaspers Warp. He calls his superior over to show her this, and they all watch in horror as the world goes insane.

(Marvel Superheroes#387) With the base starting to collapse, everyone evacuates to the surface, where they are greeted by the Status Crew, this time accompanied by the hero-killing Fury. Swiftly coming to realise the hopelessness of their situation, Saturnyne orders an evacuation, but Dimples has made the mistake of wandering away from his customary place by her side, and is left behind. Dimples is shocked and heart-broken, admitting that he loved Saturnyne. Seconds later the Fury kills him.

(Marvel Superheroes#388) On board Mad Jim Jaspers flying teapot, Captain Britain is subjected to visions of some of the people he has met on the Crooked World of Earth 238, including the animated corpse of Dimples, all his skin burned off.

(Daredevils#1) While  Merlyn is reconstructing Captain Britain's memories to place in his resurrected form, we see Dimples among the ones from his recent adventures on Earth 238. Appropriately enough, he is standing behind Saturnyne.




Comments: Created by David Thorpe and Alan Davis.

Dimples appeared to be a normal human, and certainly displayed no powers. However the Fury only kills superhumans, or beings who attack it. Dimples certainly wasn't attacking, so something made him a viable target. The Avant Guard had earlier proved to have minds too deep for Jackdaw to use his psychic powers on them (he doesn't think they are human), and I'm guessing it's probably something common to whatever Earth they come from. It's not unreasonable to assume that both Saturnyne and Dimples may also come from the same Earth and share this trait.  

Considering how minor a character he was, it is a testament to Alan Moore's writing skills, even in his early days, that he is able to make the reader care about his death. Dimples' demise at the hands of the Fury is the first step in establishing how lethal the cybiote really is.

CLARIFICATIONS: No known connections to

Spot, a foe of Spider-Man and another person named for a small bump on someone's face. (Okay, I'm stretching, I know)

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