Real Name: Takumer

Identity/Class: Extradimensional

Occupation: Movie actor

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Unnamed extradimensional movie director

EnemiesEli, Dirk Studley, Wonder Man

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Unnamed dimension (bordering Earth-616)

First Appearance: Solo Avengers#13/2 (December, 1988)

Powers/Abilities: Takumer can travel interdimensionally (possibly via technological assistance), in a process called zorping, which makes a "zorp" sound. It can transform into energy, breathe fire, possess and control people and can fire energy blasts enabling it to control inanimate objects. It has superhuman strength  (close to Class 100) and durability, and is roughly ten feet tall. It is unable to tolerate ionic energy.

Physical characteristics: Takumer looks kind of like a giant orange rabbit, though it's possible that was not its true form.

(Solo Avengers#13 (fb) - BTS) - Takumer was commissioned by an unidentified film director to help make a docu-drama using Wonder Man.

(Solo Avengers#13) - Takumer zorped into Earth's dimension, onto the set of a movie in which Wonder Man was working as a stuntman. Mistaking the actor Dirk Studley for Wonder Man (his stunt double), Takumer inadvertently possessed him. Meanwhile, the film director's module located the real Wonder Man and thought it was Takumer refusing to obey orders. After attempting to force "Takumer" to listen, the director realized that Takumer had the wrong guy and drove Wonder Man back to the movie set. The director caused a large prop to fall towards Studley, forcing Wonder Man to save him. As Wonder Man got close, Takumer tried to possess him, but was repelled by his ionic energy and shunted into the form of a big, orange bunny creature. Takumer then animated a crane and used it to attack Wonder Man, but Wonder Man then grabbed hold of Takumer, causing a powerful energy feedback that ultimately incapacitated Takumer. After learning the director's module was uninhabited, Wonder Man smashed it, and Takumer, who was only being paid scale, zorped out of the Earth-616 dimension.

Comments: Created by Gregory Wright, Dwayne McDuffie, and Jackson Guice.

It is unclear whether Takumer or the Director is male or female, or whether that even matters for his race. It's also not certain that Takumer was from the same race or dimension as the movie-director, who was not seen.

    If I were to name Takumer's race it would be the Cinemax, and the director would be Koppelus.

The story is based on the Stunt Man film wherein Peter O'Toole plays the tyrannical director Eli Cross. Could the "Director" be from the Mojoverse? Could the name Takumer come from the Takumar camera lense?
--Doug Stone

Profile by Snood.

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Film director from a dimension bordering Earth, he employed Takumer to possess Wonder Man to use him in a docu-drama...though he later said to Takumer, "I told you a being filled with ionic energy could not be appropriated!" At any rate, he recognized that Takumer had possessed the wrong guy and attacked Wonder Man, manipulating him to approach the Takumer-possessed Dirk Studley so they could do the switcheroo job. After Wonder Man defeated Takumer, he smashed the Director's module after first checking to make sure it was uninhabited.

    The Director was not actually seen, nor did it actually travel to Earth, but it rather sent a module to Earth. The module, seen to the right, could transmit images and conversations to and from the Director, even across dimensional barriers. Similarly to Takumer, it could fire an energy beam which could animate inanimate matter under its control.

--Solo Avengers#13/2


A film director, he made certain Wonder Man knew that he was only the stuntman and not the actor in the movie. He loved the action shots from Wonder Man's battle with Takumer, and was upset when he learned that the film had been destroyed by electricity released during the battle

--Solo Avengers#13/2





Dirk Studley

The arrogant lead actor in the movie, he wanted the stuntman to do everything that might risk his appearance, including touching a baby. He was possessed by Takumer, who mistook him for the similarly dressed Wonder Man, and he quit after he was released.

--Solo Avengers#13/2





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