Real Name: Clayton Cole

Identity/Class: Human technology user

Occupation: Professional criminal;
    former scientist, henchman

Group Membership: None;
    formerly Parker Industries staff (Donna, Sajani Jaffrey, Living Brain,
Anna Maria Marconi, Molly, Rohan, Spider-Man (Peter Parker), others)

Affiliations: Anti-Venom (Flash Thompson), Polly McKenna, Owl (Leland Owlsley), Silk (Cindy Moon), Spider-Man (Miles Morales), Tinkerer (Phineas Mason), Tyler, Vox Populi (Sully, others);
    formerly Doctor Minerva (Minn-Erva)

Enemies: Betty Brant, Doctor Minerva (Minn-Erva), Ghost, J. Jonah Jameson, Red Goblin (Norman Osborn), Robot Master (Mendel Stromm), Roxxon;
    formerly Human Torch (Johnny Storm), Spider-Man (Peter Parker)

Known Relatives: Evan Cole (father), Mrs. Cole (mother), unidentified grandmother (deceased)

Aliases: Sovereign of Sound, Superstar of Sound, Sensational Sound-Slinger, Spectacular Sultan of Sound, Clash2379, "Creepy"

Base of Operations: Beyond Forever nightclub;
    formerly Parker Industries HQ, Baxter Building, New York City;
    formerly the Cole home, New York City

First Appearance: (Cole) Amazing Spider-Man III#1 (June, 2014)

Powers/Abilities: As Clash, Cole wears a high-tech costume that amplifies recorded sound, forming it into destructive sonic blasts. His sonic-blast boots allow him to levitate. His costume incorporates low-level sonic vibrations as body armor, allowing him to repel blows and projectiles. He can also create pockets of null-sound, completely silencing himself or others. He also used the Retroactive Recorder, a device that could pick up latent sound waves to record sounds that had already occurred. His mask incorporates special earpieces that protect Cole from his own sonic weaponry. Cole is a brilliant scientist, specializing in the field of sonics, and a skilled musician.

Height : Unrevealed
Weight: Unrevealed
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blond

(Amazing Spider-Man III#1/7 (fb) ) - Teenage genius Clayton Cole was a star mathlete, chess champion, and spelling-bee winner. Homeschooled by his parents, Cole dreamed of being the world's first billionaire physicist rock star.

(Amazing Spider-Man III#1.1 (fb) ) - Cole attended computer camp, where he kept to himself and was nicknamed "Creepy" Clayton.

(Amazing Fantasy I#15 - BTS / Amazing Spider-Man III#1/7) - As Clayton planned out his sonic pulse generator for the city science fair, he asked his online friends to see if any of them wanted to go see a wrestling show the next day. None of them were interested, so he went alone, and had the privilege of seeing a mysterious masked wrestler defeat Crusher Hogan. Cole was amazed, and took a video of the match; he rushed home and became the first to upload it online. Soon, the wrestler, calling himself "Spider-Man", posted a comment to the video, announcing that he was doing a live TV appearance soon. Cole excitedly went to the RKP Palace to see it; while in line, he noticed a burglar sneaking into the building; he suggested that someone should go get a police officer, but nobody was willing to save his place in line, so he stayed. At the show, Cole was enraptured by the now-costumed Spider-Man, who demonstrated his powers and abilities. After the show, Cole met Spider-Man amidst a throng of fans; he was shocked to find out that Spider-Man was obviously a teenager, like himself, and asked for his autograph. Spider-Man's manager, Maxie Shiffman, patted him on the shoulder and told him to hold on to it, as Spider-Man's first autograph would be worth something some day. Back at home, Cole began working on his own costumed identity...

(Amazing Spider-Man III#1.1) - Cole called Brody, who he'd met at computer camp, and inquired about getting tickets to Spider-Man's next two shows. He got them, and enjoyed the show once more - this time, he learned that Spider-Man's web-shooters were mechanical, and was impressed that Spider-Man was an inventor, like himself. He then attended another, where a stunt almost went disastrously wrong. In the grips of Spider-mania, he completed his new costume and gear, dubbing himself Clash!

(Amazing Spider-Man III#1.2) - Upon a rooftop, Clash announced himself to the world; he saw the Vulture fleeing a robbery and started to give chase, but he then heard a police report over the radio about Spider-Man breaking into the Baxter Building. He arrived just in time to see Spider-Man leave, and as his boots were running low on energy, he couldn't even follow Spider-Man. Later, back at home, he demonstrated his sonic pulse generator to his parents, who were so impressed they gave him a bonus in his allowance. As Clash, he then went to see Maxie Shiffman; although Shiffman had no more interest in representing costumed characters, he was willing to take Clash's money to hire Spider-Man to fight him (and lose). He set up cameras across two rooftops on the Upper West Side, and introduced himself to his social media followers; once Spider-Man arrived, Clash handed him the money and they began to fight, although Spider-Man declined to use the dialogue Clash had written. Clash began getting too excited, and turned up his blasters, destroying a chimney with a blast Spider-Man only barely dodged. Unsettled by the encounter, Spider-Man webbed up Clash, returned his money, and swung off. Clash, who had come to believe the video he'd posted was responsible for Spider-Man's fame, felt cheated and betrayed.

(Amazing Spider-Man III#1.3) - Back at home, Clayton tried to edit the video of his fight with Spider-Man, but found that it was unusable, as he looked like an idiot. He angrily swore revenge, using a null sound pocket so his parents wouldn't hear him. Later, Cole set his booth up at Midtown High for the science fair; as he messed around with his guitar, Midtown student Polly McKenna introduced herself to him. The two hit it off, and he discovered she liked super heroes. He told her to check out his booth at the fair, as it would blow her away. At the fair, however, he saw Polly talking to Midtown student Peter Parker; jealous, he ran off and donned his Clash costume, making an ostentatious entrance. Parker dashed off and returned as Spider-Man. The two fought, with Spider-Man landing a stinging blow on Cole, who had never been hit in his life. Enraged, Clash unleashed a massive wave of sound that trashed the other science fair exhibits and brought Spider-Man to his knees until Spider-Man used his Anti-Magnetic Inverter and erased all of Clash's sound files, rendering him powerless. He escaped in the confusion and removed his costume, feigning innocence. He reported back to his parents that the science fair had been postponed.

(Amazing Spider-Man III#1.4) - Clash crashed the stage at the city's biggest battle of the bands, absorbing the sound to levitate. The band performing called him a loser and told him to get lost, prompting him to blow them off the stage. He did the same for the police officers who showed up; when the crowd started to boo him, he flew off. He went home, hoping to see his name in lights, but instead all he found were internet commenters and J. Jonah Jameson calling him a Spider-Man copycat. He invaded the Daily Bugle offices, looking for Jameson; Parker was there, too, and quickly took him on as Spider-Man. With his Anti-Magnetic Inverter charging, Spider-Man held Clash off, hitting him with a filing cabinet and protecting Jameson and his secretary Betty Brant. Once the device had charged, Spider-Man used it to create a counter-frequency, sending Clash's sound waves back at him; however, Clash had prepared for this, and increased his amplitude and frequency, frying the device and defeating Spider-Man. Clash left, glorying in his victory. Soon, the Daily Bugle decided that Spider-Man was washed up, and Clash was the new menace in town.

(Amazing Spider-Man III#1.5) - Clash continued his publicity stunts across the city by crashing a live wrestling match, once more getting his picture in the Bugle. Later, he flew by some Clash fans, one of whom showed him her new Clash tattoo. Energized, he went back home and called Polly, setting up a date. He went to pick her up at Midtown, but felt that he had nothing to offer her as Clayton Cole, so instead he arrived as Clash. He tossed a few students aside to impress her, but soon Spider-Man showed up. The two battled in the hallways of the school, and one of Clash's errant blasts nearly brought the ceiling down on Polly before Spider-Man rescued her. Spider-Man began mocking Clash's costume and powers, prompting laughs from the assembled students. Thrown off by their laughter, he lost focus, and Spider-Man webbed him to a wall. Before he could shatter the wall, Spider-Man took off his mask, taking with it the earpieces that protected Cole from his own sounds. Spider-Man told Cole that he did remember giving him his autograph, and gave him a new one - a note for the police, "courtesy of your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man!"

(Amazing Spider-Man III#8 (fb) ) - Cole was sent to juvenile detention. Once he was released with a criminal record, he was unable to find a legitimate job, and became a henchman for various super villains, although he steadfastly refused to do jobs that might involve Spider-Man.

(Civil War II: Amazing Spider-Man#2) - Cole henched for the Owl, during which he met and befriended fellow henchman Sully.

(Civil War II: Amazing Spider-Man#2 (fb) ) - At some point, Cole dated a "tattooed yoga person".

(Amazing Spider-Man III#7/1) - Cole was part of a crew hired by Kree scientist Doctor Minerva to steal an Inhuman cocoon from St. Luke's Hospital. As they made off in a van with the cocoon, Minerva covered their escape from the police - only for Ms. Marvel to flip the vehicle. Cole was dismayed to see Spider-Man with her, confiding to another henchman that they had history. Minerva righted the van and stayed behind to battle the heroes as the henchmen made their escape.

(Amazing Spider-Man III#8/1) - Spider-Man and Ms. Marvel quickly caught up with them, rescuing the cocoon from the truck. Cole modified his sonic scanner device into a weapon, and led the other henchmen in tracking down Ms. Marvel. They caught up to her and blasted her, but when Cole saw the newly-hatched Inhuman was an infant, he turned his weapon on his fellow henchmen, and even unmasked when his henchman costume frightened the baby. He and Ms. Marvel went to help Spider-Man; on the way, she explained to him that Minerva was a Kree alien, which confused Cole, as all of her henchmen were human. This clued Spider-Man into the fact that Minerva was a Kree renegade; he bluffed her into thinking that he was contacting the Kree to inform them of her activities, prompting her to flee. He returned the baby to St. Luke's with Spider-Man and Ms. Marvel; Spider-Man revealed that he recognized him as Clayton Cole, and handed him Parker Industries' card, telling him that Peter Parker believed in second chances. True to Spider-Man's word, Parker hired Cole.

(Amazing Spider-Man III#17/1) - As they worked on designing Parker Industries' superhuman prison, PI co-owner Sajani Jaffrey debated with Cole on the feasibility of such a project; she thought it was futile, but he was of the belief that if super villains could be imprisoned without escaping, they'd have a better chance of rehabilitation. When Peter Parker arrived, he initiated a test of their security technology; unfortunately, the corporate saboteur the Ghost had gained control of them, turning them against the employees! Parker had his robotic assistant the Living Brain get his employees, including Cole, to safety.

(Amazing Spider-Man III#18/1) - In Parker's secret lab, where he built Spider-Man's advanced technology, the PI employees marveled at Parker's brilliance. Marconi convinced Cole to go with her and the Living Brain to help Spider-Man battle the Ghost, using the Spider-tech on offer. Cole took one of Spider-Man's stealth suits and modified it to possess sonic weapons. They arrived just in time, as the Ghost had incapacitated Spider-Man; Cole used his sonics to disorient the Ghost and force him into becoming solid, while Marconi used thermal webbing to entrap him. They then escaped the building just in time for it to collapse from the damage the Ghost had inflicted; however, Parker promised they would rebuild.


(Civil War II: Amazing Spider-Man#2 (fb) ) - Cole started dating Donna, an administrative assistant at Parker Industries. Her son, Tyler, was very fond of him.

(Amazing Spider-Man IV#3) - Cole was working at Parker Industries' new Baxter Building headquarters with fellow employee Molly when an enraged Human Torch barged in. He reassured her that super-fights were a fact of life at Parker Industries; he briefly considered joining in himself, but remembered that he'd promised Parker he wouldn't. When the fight endangered his work space, however, he grabbed his rebuilt Clash gear and subdued the Torch, prompting a reprimand from Parker.

(Amazing Spider-Man IV#7) - Harry Lyman (formerly Harry Osborn), head of the New York branch of PI, stepped out for the evening, leaving Cole in charge; when Parker called to check in, Cole informed him that Lyman was incommunicado.

(Amazing Spider-Man IV#10) - When Spider-Man located Zodiac's base, he held a holographic teleconference with his company's finest minds, including Cole, to examine the technology within. Cole determined that most of the equipment within was for data storage - enough to store every piece of information on Earth.

(Amazing Spider-Man IV#11) - When Zodiac hacked PI's Webware network, Cole located the backdoor they'd used to do it - but with the network down, he couldn't pass the information along to Parker.

(Amazing Spider-Man IV#14 (fb) / Amazing Spider-Man IV#15 (fb) ) - Lyman had Cole install a new app on his Webware watch based on Cole's Clash technology, allowing it to emit damaging levels of sound. Lyman later used this to escape from the Regent's Cellar super-prison.

(Civil War II: Amazing Spider-Man#2 (fb) ) - Cole contracted the Tinkerer to build him a new, improved Clash suit.

(Civil War II: Amazing Spider-Man#1 / Civil War II: Amazing Spider-Man#2) - Cole decided to propose to Donna, and went to visit his parents to retrieve the engagement ring his late grandmother had willed to him. En route, Cole ran into Sully, an old henchman colleague. Sully tried to buy him breakfast, but Cole begged off, as he was violating his parole by even talking to Sully. Later, he endured an awkward visit with his parents, who insisted that Parker wasn't giving him his due, and that he should go into business for himself - however, when he floated the idea of doing so with their financial backing, they refused. When he mentioned getting the ring, his parents expressed concern that Donna was just after his money; nevertheless, he took the ring and left. On his way out, his father also suggested that he shave his beard. Later, he spoke with Donna at work; before he could propose, she told him that she was concerned Tyler would find out about his past, and broke up with him. After venting to co-worker Rohan, he noticed Spider-Man talking with a stranger. Spider-Man introduced precognitive Inhuman Ulysses Cain, who was considering an internship at PI, to Cole; he demonstrated his prototype flying car and its sonic-based crash-detection systems. Unbeknownst to Cole, Ulysses experienced a precognitive vision of Cole becoming Clash again and battling Spider-Man. Later, after a confusing meeting with Parker, Cole became suspicious, and used his Retroactive Recorder to learn about Ulysses prophecy. Spider-Man then entered the room, and Cole angrily confronted him and quit, storming out. Upset, Cole went to Moynihan's Social Club, a henchman bar, where he met Sully. There, he was approached by Mendel Stromm, the Robot Master, who claimed to sympathize with him and requested his help in foiling Parker Industries' security and framing Harry for the crime. Cole refused, but Stromm revealed that he knew about Cole's dealings with the Tinkerer. Cole went home, shaved off his beard, and called the Tinkerer to place a rush order on his new suit. When it arrived the next morning, Cole donned it and contacted Stromm...

(Civil War II: Amazing Spider-Man#3) - Cole came to Stromm's residence, where Stromm laid out his plans to attack Parker Industries. Once he did so, however, Clash attacked him, using a frequency designed to take down Stromm's robotics. However, Stromm had anticipated this, and set his robots after Clash, promising to kill him and incorporate his sonic technology into new robots. The battle erupted into the street, where Clash was entangled by Stromm's Ameboid Robot. Luckily, Spider-Man arrived before it could choke the life out of him, distracting Stromm and giving Clash the time to blow the robot apart with a sonic blast. However, Stromm's individual robots combined into a giant robot; Clash insisted he could take it, while Spider-Man took on Stromm himself. Unable to use a conventional sonic attack against the shielded robot, Clash used low-frequency sound to vibrate the robot to pieces while Spider-Man defeated Stromm. Afterwards, Spider-Man said that he'd spoken to Parker - Cole could come back to Parker Industries, but he couldn't work with sonics any more, as he'd proven to be too irresponsible with them. Cole angrily accused him of trying to take away the one thing that made him special, and turned his sonic blasts on Spider-Man!

(Civil War II: Amazing Spider-Man#4) - Spider-Man tried to use his Anti-Sonic Inverter against Clash, but Clash's new technology was too powerful, and destroyed it. Clash then used his sonics to disrupt Spider-Man's eyes and ears, throwing his senses out of whack, then dropped a wall on him. However, he stopped before he could kill the hero; Spider-Man shakily stood up, telling Cole he could choose not to become a criminal, and that Ulysses' visions could be prevented. Suddenly, Stromm escaped the webbing Spider-Man had entrapped him in, and attacked; no longer wanting anything to do with Spider-Man, Clash flew off, leaving Spider-Man at Stromm's mercy. Later, Clash robbed a Roxxon facility, stealing the cash they kept on hand for illegal activities. He took the money to Moynihan's, where he used it to recruit henchmen of his own.

(Amazing Spider-Man IV#25/2) - Clash and his Vox Populi henchmen attacked a Roxxon facility that was taking stray animals and making them into bioengineered living weapons. Spider-Man arrived on the scene, but luckily for Clash, he mistook the giant Roxxon BERSERKER security guard as the threat, and webbed him up. Clash blasted Spider-Man, and bragged about his new lifestyle, free of his corporate overlords and staid parents. Once his Vox Populi stole the diamonds used in Roxxon's laser systems and took the animals themselves, Clash escaped while Spider-Man was occupied with the enraged BERSERKER. Later, he had one of his men fence the jewels and distribute the money to the others, while he took the animals to a no-kill shelter and gave the shelter his share of the money to take care of them. Spider-Man had followed him, but seeing him commit this act of altruism, let him go.

(Amazing Spider-Man IV#790) - Clash and his Vox Populi met in the abandoned Beyond Forever nightclub, where they planned to invade the now-closed Baxter Building to steal Cole's Sonic Transducer from Parker Industries. Luckily for them, Spider-Man and the Human Torch were battling elsewhere in the building, forcing the building's security to focus on them. Clash and his men easily penetrated the building and found the Transducer. His men, however, were interested in looting more technology from the building, but Clash insisted they were only there for his invention. Soon, Spider-Man and the Torch discovered them; as they fought Clash, two of Clash's men tried to escape with a self-recharging power source, but the chaos of the battle activated it and stuck it in an upward cycle, threatening to cause a massive explosion. Clash tried to shut it down with a null frequency, but it didn't work, as a harmonic frequency was needed. Clash, Spider-Man, and the Torch worked to improvise a device that could produce one; they successfully did so, but Clash escaped with the Transducer, leaving his men to get webbed-up by Spider-Man.

(Amazing Spider-Man IV#799) - While lounging in Beyond Forever, Clash was contacted by an injured Spider-Man, who had been keeping tabs on him; he appealed to Clash's conscience, asking him to look after Harry Lyman and his family. Clash tracked them down to the Port Authority bus terminal, where he saw them being attacked by the Red Goblin, a horrific merger of Norman Osborn and the Carnage symbiote. Clash checked in with Spider-Man, but told him that the Goblin was out of his league. The Human Torch arrived, and proposed combining their powers to take down the symbiote, as they were vulnerable to heat and sonics. However, Osborn's Goblin serum had neutralized those weaknesses, Clash tried to flee, but both he and the Torch were shot with symbiote spikes, felling them; as were Spider-Man's other allies Silk and Spider-Man (Morales). Anti-Venom arrived on the scene to heal them, but before he could heal Clash, the Goblin cut him down.

(Amazing Spider-Man IV#800) - Anti-Venom recovered sufficiently to heal Clash and the others, then rushed them to Columbia University Medical Center when Osborn took control of the symbiote spikes embedded in their bodies, causing them unbearable agony. Eventually, Anti-Venom realized what was going on and used his powers to heal Clash, the heroes, and the rest of Spider-Man's friends and loved ones Osborn had attacked - however, doing so completely exhausted his Anti-Venom abilities.

Comments: Created by Dan Slott and Ramon Perez.

After Alpha, Clash is Slott's second attempt at creating a "Peter Parker gone wrong", and I think the more successful of the two.

Look closely at Clash's modern costume. It says 'CLASH' twice in stylized letters; once running from his neck to his chest, the other on his belt. Pretty neat!

The Beyond Forever nightclub Clash uses as a hideout in ASM #790 was also used by the Hypno-Hustler in the immortal Spectacular Spider-Man II#24.

Clayton Cole appears in the current Spider-Man cartoon, where he is depicted as a scientist at Horizon Academy who feuds with fellow student Herman Schultz, alias the Shocker.

Profile by Minor Irritant.

Clash, alias Clayton Cole, has no known connections to:

The Vox Populi, Clash's henchmen, have no known connections to:

Evan Cole

(Amazing Spider-Man III#1/7 (fb) ) - Mr. and Mrs. Cole homeschooled their son Clayton, raising him to be an ambitious technological genius.

(Amazing Spider-Man III#1.1) - The Coles argued over whether Clayton should go to college early or remain eligible for high school competitions.

(Amazing Spider-Man III#1.2) - Impressed by Clayton's sonic pulse generator, the Coles gave Clayton a bonus on his weekly allowance.

(Amazing Spider-Man III#1.3) - The Coles were disappointed to learn that a battle between Spider-Man and Clash had disrupted the science fair.

(Civil War II: Amazing Spider-Man#2) - Clayton visited the Coles, where they suggested that Parker was treating him like a child, and he should go into business for himself. They were upset when he announced his intention to propose to Donna, suggesting that she was only after his money; nevertheless, he took the ring and left, but not before Evan suggested he should shave his beard.

(Amazing Spider-Man IV#25/2 (fb) ) - Cole's parents called Parker repeatedly, looking for their son's whereabouts.

--Amazing Spider-Man III#1/7 (1/7 (fb), 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, Civil War II: Amazing Spider-Man#2, Amazing Spider-Man IV#25/2 (fb)

Mrs. Cole

(Amazing Spider-Man III#1/7 (fb) ) - Mr. and Mrs. Cole homeschooled their son Clayton, raising him to be an ambitious technological genius.

(Amazing Spider-Man III#1/7) - Mrs. Cole reminded Clayton that the city science fair was coming up, and noted that she'd left him some free time on tomorrow's syllabus.

(Amazing Spider-Man III#1.1) - The Coles argued over whether Clayton should go to college early or remain eligible for high school competitions.

(Amazing Spider-Man III#1.2) - Impressed by Clayton's sonic pulse generator, the Coles gave Clayton a bonus on his weekly allowance.

(Amazing Spider-Man III#1.3) - Mrs. Cole knocked on Clayton's door, asking him to keep it down; he complied by generating a null-sound pocket. Later, they were disappointed to learn that a battle between Spider-Man and Clash had disrupted the science fair.

(Civil War II: Amazing Spider-Man#2) - Clayton visited the Coles, where they suggested that Parker was treating him like a child, and he should go into business for himself. They were upset when he announced his intention to propose to Donna, suggesting that she was only after his money; nevertheless, he took the ring and left.

(Amazing Spider-Man IV#25/2 (fb) ) - Cole's parents called Parker repeatedly, looking for their son's whereabouts.

--Amazing Spider-Man III#1/7 (1/7 (fb), 1/7, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, Civil War II: Amazing Spider-Man#2, Amazing Spider-Man IV#25/2 (fb)


(Amazing Spider-Man IV#3) - Parker Industries scientist Molly was working at the Baxter Building with Clayton Cole when a Spider-Man/Human Torch brawl invaded their workspace. Cole assured her that this was business as usual at Parker Industries.

--Amazing Spider-Man IV#3


(Civil War II: Amazing Spider-Man#2 (fb) ) - Sully worked as a henchman for the Owl, where he met and befriended Clayton Cole.

(Civil War II: Amazing Spider-Man#2) - Now working for Roxxon, Sully ran into Cole, who had gone straight. He offered to buy him breakfast, but Cole refused, as it would violate his parole. Later, having had his life fall apart on him, Cole went to Moynihan's Social Club, where he commiserated with Sully.

(Civil War II: Amazing Spider-Man#4) - At Moynihan's, Sully greeted Cole, now the super villain Clash. Clash offered Sully and the others there jobs as his henchmen.

(Amazing Spider-Man IV#25/2) - As one of Clash's henchmen, the Vox Populi, Sully helped Clash rob a Roxxon facility, and later fenced the diamonds they'd stolen.

--Civil War II: Amazing Spider-Man#2 (Civil War II: Amazing Spider-Man#2 (fb), 2, 4, Amazing Spider-Man IV#25/2


(Civil War II: Amazing Spider-Man#2 (fb) ) - Donna, an administrative assistant at Parker Industries, began dating PI scientist Clayton Cole. Her son, Tyler, became very fond of him.

(Civil War II: Amazing Spider-Man#2) - Concerned that Tyler would find out about Cole's supervillainous past and try to emulate him, Donna broke up with Clayton, unaware that he had planned to propose to her.

--Civil War II: Amazing Spider-Man#2 (Civil War II: Amazing Spider-Man#2 (fb), 2


(Civil War II: Amazing Spider-Man#2 (fb) ) - Son of Donna, a single mother, Tyler was very fond of his mother's boyfriend, Clayton Cole, and asked his mother if he was going to be his new daddy.

--Civil War II: Amazing Spider-Man#2 (Civil War II: Amazing Spider-Man#2 (fb)


(Civil War II: Amazing Spider-Man#4) - A member of Clayton Cole's design team at Parker Industries, the fresh-faced Rohan tried to reassure the despondent Cole after his girlfriend broke up with him, but Cole lashed out at him. He soon calmed down, just in time for Harry Lyman to congratulate both of them on their flying car project.

--Civil War II: Amazing Spider-Man#4

Vox Populi

(Civil War II: Amazing Spider-Man#4) - Clash came to Moynihan's Social Club, a henchman bar, with a sack of cash he'd stolen from Roxxon. Several men there, including Sully, eagerly signed up.

(Amazing Spider-Man IV#25/2) - Clash's henchmen, dubbed the Vox Populi (Latin for "voice of the people"), assisted him in robbing a Roxxon facility that was transforming stray animals into living weapons. While he battled Spider-Man and a Roxxon BERSERKER, they stole the diamonds Roxxon had been using to power the animals' laser systems and took the animals away, as well; once finished, they ran out, tossing a few diamonds to onlookers before escaping. Later, Sully fenced the jewels.

(Amazing Spider-Man IV#790) - Clash met with his Vox Populi in the abandoned Beyond Forever nightclub, where they plotted to steal Clash's Sonic Transducer from the now-shuttered Baxter Building. They took advantage of a Spider-Man/Human Torch brawl

--Civil War II: Amazing Spider-Man#4 (Civil War II: Amazing Spider-Man#4, Amazing Spider-Man IV#25/2, 790

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Amazing Spider-Man IV#790 (December, 2017) - Dan Slott (plot), Christos Gage (script), Stuart Immonen (pencils), Wade von Grawbadger (inks), Nick Lowe (editor)
Amazing Spider-Man IV#799 (June, 2018) - Dan Slott (writer), Stuart Immonen (pencils), Wade von Grawbadger (inks), Nick Lowe (editor)
Amazing Spider-Man IV#800 (July, 2018) - Dan Slott (writer), Nick Bradshaw & Marcos Martin (art), Humberto Ramos, Giuseppe Camuncoli, Stuart Immonen, & Mike Hawthorne (pencils), Victor Olazaba, Cam Smith, Wade von Grawbadger, & JP Mayer (inks), Nick Lowe (editor)

First Posted: 11/30/2018
Last updated: 11/30/2018

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