Real Name: Edwin Earl Hawkins

Identity/Class: human

Occupation: Physicist

Group Membership: Stane International

Affiliations:  Giant Man (Bill Foster), Mr. Fantastic (Reed Richards)

EnemiesDoctor Nemesis, Goliath (Erik Josten), Stane International's security

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Stane International Manufacturing Compound in Long Island, New York

First Appearance: Marvel Comics Presents#113/2 (1992)

Powers/Abilities: None. He was a brilliant physicist.



(MCP#113/2 (fb) ) - Hawkin's research on Pym Particles was funded by Stane International. He needed a qualified biochemist to help him find a quantum mechanical model that would allow the existence of Pym Particles, but Dr. Pym wasn't available and so he asked Dr. Bill Foster for help after Reed Richards suggested to Hawkins that Foster was capable to help too.

(MCP#113/2) - Hawkins welcomed Giant Man aka. Dr. Bill Foster in Stane International's Long Island facility. He didn't like Giant Man's outfit and name and asked him questions about Pym Particles. He explained his reasons for the questions and told Foster why he asked him to come. Hawkins was on his way to meet his boss Dr. Stockton with Foster when an accident happened in the labs. Foster left Hawkins to save the people in the involved lab.

(MCP#114/2) - Hawkins and Foster investigated after the accident and found out that Stane International had created a Pym Particle Collector keyed to increase mass without altering size. Security tried to stop them from seeing the collector, but Foster got them through. Hawkins and Foster found the collector linked to other devices which made it a warhead. Dr. Stockton entered the scene and Hawkins told him that his work was not to be used for military purposes, but Stockton told him that this was Stane International's plan all along. Hawkins was shocked when Stockton turned into Dr. Nemesis. Hawkins warned Giant Man from Goliath after Nemesis was beaten, but it was already too late.

(MCP#115/2) - He ran away when Giant Man told him to and left the facility through a hole Goliath made before. Hawkins returned into the facility when he saw that Nemesis returned too to get the warhead's plans. Stockton knocked Hawkins out and took him, the warhead and the plans with him to safety. After that Hawkins was offered part of the profit Nemesis wanted to make with the warhead and Hawkins took the offer.

(MCP#116/2 (fb) ) - Dr. Hawkins sent copies of his work and Nemesis' plans to several government agencies.

(MCP#116/2) - Giant Man returned to Dr. Hawkins and wanted to know why he continued to work for Stane International. Hawkins explained his plan to stop Nemesis and destroy the bomb. Hawkins needed Foster's help to do it and Foster went with Hawkins to the facility's security compound. There Hawkins asked Nemesis to stop building the warheads, but Nemesis didn't want to stop. Hawkins gave him a suitcase filled with his papers and told Nemesis that copies of these plans were on their way to several government agencies which were reportedly interested in Nemesis' plans to sell weapons to foreign governments. Nemesis fled and Hawkins and Foster tried to follow him.

(MCP#117/2) - Hawkins was stopped by Stane's security, but Foster beat them up. Hawkins caught up with Nemesis, but he couldn't stop him from getting to his plane with the warhead's plans. Foster helped Hawkins to get on the plane and when Nemesis saw that his plans failed he activated the warhead. Hawkins tried to stop the plan from crashing, but the warhead increased the plane's weight and it couldn't be held in the air anymore and it went down fast.

(MCP#118/2) - On board Hawkins jury-rigged the bomb and after he was done he told Foster to increase his size with the bomb. The mass around Foster got consumed and in the end only Hawkins, Foster and Nemesis were left falling back to Earth. They crashed onto a lorry and survived. Hawkins explained the reason for their survival as waste anti-gravitons produced by Foster which was also a major flaw in Hawkins' mathematical model. Hawkins bid farewell to Foster after all bad guys were arrested and although Hawkins knew that his work would be used again for bombs he assured Foster that he would see to it that it wouldn't turn out bad.

Comments: Created by Dwayne McDuffie, Ron Wilson & Ken Branch.

Profile by Markus Raymond

Dr. Edwin Earl Hawkins has no known connection to:

Dr. Hawkins body shot: Marvel Comics Presents 114, p13, pan2
Dr. Hawkins head shot: Marvel Comics Presents#117, p11, pan2

Marvel Comics Presents#114-118 (1992)

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