Real Name: Dr. Delia Childress

Identity/Class: Human technology user

Occupation: scientist

Group Membership: AIM (Advanced Idea Mechanics)

Affiliations: Rhino;
    formerly Leonard Samson

Enemies: Doc Samson, Spider-Man

Known Relatives: unnamed father

Aliases: none

Base of Operations: an AIM base beneath Central Park, Manhattan, New York

First Appearance: Marvel Team-up I#102 (February, 1981)

Powers/Abilities: Delia possesses no superhuman powers, but is experienced with various hand-held weapons. She also designed such advanced technology for the study and manipulation of gamma radiation, including a Ray-Projector device which sent the powers of Doc Samson out of control, varying from weak one second to dangerously over strong the next. She also utilized a Mind-Probe, which would force its victim to relive certain memories.

    She wears a brace on her right leg due to a previous injury, and she walks with a cane.



(Marvel Team-up I#102 (fb)) - Delia dated Leonard Samson in the past, but she felt trapped under the controlling influences of both Leonard and her own father. The pair always told her what to do, disregarding her own wishes. Finally, she rebelled, disobeying them both and taking off in a motorcycle. In a minute she had wrecked, crippling her leg forever.

(Marvel Team-up I#102 (fb) - BTS) - Delia left Leonard forever, holding her resentment deep in her heart. She came to work for AIM, researching gamma power for their ends. She also took to publicly condemning gamma research, so that AIM would be the first and only ones to master gamma power.
    Planning to gain vengeance on Samson, she recruited the Rhino to assist her.

(Marvel Team-up I#102) - Leonard, now the superhuman Doc Samson, spoke alongside Delia at an Empire State University conference on the use of gamma therapy treatment for the mentally ill. Delia denounced its use, citing the Hulk as an example of its dangers. Doc Samson countered her argument, using his own power to show how it could be beneficial in a controlled fashion. However, he suddenly lost control, shattering the podium and smashing holes in the stage. Spider-Man, who had been attending as Peter Parker, tracked the cause of the problems to a ray-projector in the projection booth and stopped it. However, the Rhino then rushed forward, swatting Spider-Man and crushing the projector--so that it couldn't be examined--before fleeing.

    Delia then approached Samson, exclaiming that he had demonstrated her point perfectly. Teasing her with her old nickname, Delilah, Leonard invited her to get some lunch. However, the meal soon degenerated into an argument, and Delia stormed out after telling him she still held him responsible for ruining her life. Later, as Samson spoke at Peter Parker's ESU classroom, Delia's agents again bombarded him with the Ray-Projector, causing him to lose control again. Damson and Spider-Man chased down the culprits, only to be confronted by the Rhino, who managed to flatten both heroes--though it was a whack from Delia's cane that finished Samson off.

    Delia had the Rhino bring Samson to her base under Central Park, where she had him restrained, explaining how she would use her Mind-Probe to learn about his powers, and then to drive him mad. Spidey tracked Doc's gamma radiation to the base, sneaked inside, and destroyed the power to Samson's restraints, allowing him to free himself. After Samson dropped the Rhino, Delia tried to touch a severed cable to her brace and electrocute herself. Doc leapt to save her, pulling the cable away and telling her he loved her. As Delia fainted, Samson vowed to see her cured "--if it takes the rest of my life!"

Comments: Created by Mike W. Barr, Frank Springer, and Mike Esposito.

    Delia was never seen again, so it's not clear whether Samson was able to help her, or whether he dropped her like a hot potato.

    Samson and Delilah. Get it?

No known connection to:


Marvel Team-up I#102, p21, panel 1
    panel 5

Marvel Team-up I#102 (February, 1981) - Mike W. Barr (writer), Frank Springer (pencils), Mike Esposito (inks), Denny O'Neil (editor)

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