Real Name: Emmy Doolin

Identity/Class: Human, conventional weapons user;
    Canadian citizen

Occupation: Unrevealed

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Cutthroat, Inquisitor, Moses Magnum;
formerly Norman Osborn (manipulated her)

EnemiesAryan, Hunter in Darkness, Jubilee, Sabretooth, Wolverine (James Howlett), Wolverine (Daken)

Known RelativesSgt. Doolin (father, deceased)

Aliases: "Wrangler" (see comments)

Base of Operations: Northern Alberta, Canada;
    briefly active in Manhattan

First Appearance: Wolverine II#45 (early September, 1991)

Powers/Abilities: Emmy had no superhuman powers. She used a rifle loaded with mercury-tipped bullets, which had the effects of causing delusions in her targets, as well as slowing down the healing rates of the likes of Wolverine and Sabretooth.

(Wolverine II#46 (fb)) - Emmy was raised by her loving father, Sgt. Doolin of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, who lost his nerve after a confrontation with the freshly post-mutation Weapon X/Logan. Desperate to again encounter what he thought was the legendary Hunter in Darkness, Doolin refused to accept promotion to a desk job, preferring to continue to scour the woods. Emmy watched as her father was being eaten up by his inner torment.

(Wolverine II#34 - BTS / 46(fb)) - After Sgt. Doolin was killed by the criminal Athabasca Ike, in a struggle that involved both Wolverine and the real Hunter in Darkness. However, Doolin's body was apparently "torn apart" by clawed animals, leading Emmy to believe that the Hunter had killed her father. Learning that the Hunter was going to be put on display in New York, Emmy traveled there, intending to get revenge.

(Wolverine II#45) - Emmy staked out a hotel room where she had a clear shot of the stage on which the Hunter in Darkness was to be displayed, planning to assassinate it. When the Hunter was displayed, she started shooting at it, first hitting it in the shoulder. The gunfire drew the attention of Wolverine, who had been watching the Hunter, and when he rushed to try to save it, both Lady Deathstrike and Sabretooth assaulted Wolverine. The struggle resulted in the Hunter's cage being smashed open.

(Wolverine II#46) - Not certain which was her target, Emmy began shooting them all, though Jubilee temporarily blinded her with a fireworks display. She soon recovered her vision and continued shooting Wolverine and Sabretooth, whose healing factors were hard pressed to recover from the mercury bullets. As she told them her reasons for attacking them, Wolverine realized she must by Sgt. Doolin's daughter, but remained unable to stop her from shooting. Jubilee gave them a second reprieve by tackling Emmy, but Doolin soon got the upper hand on her and prepared to brain her with the butt of her rifle. Recovering partially, Wolverine sliced Emmy's rifle in half and then punched her out.

(Dark Wolverine#78) - Doolin worked at an All-Mart. Her boss was a swine and customers constantly complained about her behavior.

(Dark Wolverine#78) - In a plot to give Wolverine (Daken) some good publicity Norman Osborn hired Emmy Doolin, Inquisitor and Cutthroat to break out Moses Magnum at a trial concerning a prison riot, which was instigated by the racist Aryan, who was also hired. Daken was supposed to hunt down the four villains in heroic fashion.

  The judge made the trial open for the press after being tortured by Inquisitor. Cutthroat, Doolin and Inquisitor freed Magnum, who used his seismic powers to destroy the courthouse, killing at least ten people. Magnum called Osborn immediately after his escape and was told that he had a job for him and his new team. With the police and HAMMER after them Moses and his team soon realized that their job was a suicide mission. They were soon found by Daken in their warehouse hideout.

(Dark Wolverine#79) - Filmed by cameras Daken assaulted Moses and his team even though Cutthroat surrendered from the start. Moses used his seismic powers to nearly knock out Daken, who was then beaten to a pulp and stabbed multiple times by Inquisitor and Cutthroat. Moses and his team fled before Daken's healing factor kicked in. The team decided to call Osborn again to clear everything up. Moses wanted Emmy to do it. Emmy returned to her former employer to ask for security footage, but everything had been deleted by unknown sources (I assume Osborn had something to do with it), but her former boss had a secret system to spy on women in the changing rooms and Doolin. The footage of Doolin showed Osborn talking to her days before Doolin aided in the breakout of Moses Magnum. Doolin apparently shot her former boss when he expected some favor from her for the footage and returned to her allies with the footage. She sent the footage to Osborn, who made a deal with Doolin. Osborn promised that Moses and his team would be cleared of all charges and released with new identities if they turned themselves in....but at the same time he sent Daken after them to kill Moses and his team in front of the media on live television.

(Dark Wolverine#80) - Daken and HAMMER tracked down Moses and his team. Doolin suggested to surrender in front of the cameras, but Daken was already inside the house and told them that Osborn was lying to them. Osborn had the building blown up and the media was told Moses and his team were responsible. Daken survived, but so did Moses and his team, who Daken allowed to escape before the explosion. Daken tracked down Doolin, Inquisitor and Cutthroat again and allowed Doolin to shoot herself with her last bullet.

Comments: Created by Larry Hama, Marc Silvestri, and Dan Green.

    I had had in my notes that Doolin was Wrangler and an agent of Project X. In re-reading the issues, I think it was just a shared hallucination between Wolverine & Sabretooth, where the mercury bullets she was using made them delusional, so that they saw her in a "Security X" costume. In fact, Doolin never went by the name Wrangler, but rather it was the alias of the illusionary form they saw (the one with the "Security X" on the helmet). Since no further "Wranglers" have been seen, I think it's likely that the Wranglers were just false memory implants used by the Weapon X project, but that remains unconfirmed.
    Keep in mind that these were the same issues which made Wolverine and Sabretooth remember that they were father and son...

    Just so's ya know, mercury causes a variety of neurologic conditions. The phrase "mad as a hatter" comes from the fact that hatters used to use mercury in the process of making hats, and it made them go crazy if they handled too much of it.

    Since Sgt. Doolin met Wolverine in WWII, it's hard to make the dates topical. At some point, with the sliding time scale, Doolin will be too old in the modern era to have served in WWII. Either the date is topical, and he just served alongside Logan in some conflict 46 years before the story in Wolverine II#34, or Doolin had some age suppressant factor, too. Or, maybe it was Doolin's father who was there, but the younger Doolin had an out of body experience where he went back and relived part of his father's past. It could happen!

Profile by Snood.




No known connection to:

Sgt. Doolin

    A member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, he apparently served alongside Corporal Logan in Normandy in 1944 (see comments). His parachute got caught in the trees, and he lit his lighter to see to untie himself, and Logan told him to kill the light so the German soldiers wouldn't see him, but it was too late. The Nazis charged, preparing to execute the pair, but Logan, armed only with a knife, slaughtered the soldiers.

    Years later, Doolin encountered the freshly post-mutation Weapon X/Logan, who had just freed the Hunter in Darkness from a bear trap. Doolin, believing Logan to be the Hunter, whom he thought to be evil, shot Logan, who gazed at him with a look in his eyes "this side of pity," a look that would stay with Doolin for the rest of his life. Doolin then followed his trail of blood until it suddenly stopped.

    Desperate to again encounter what he thought was the legendary Hunter in Darkness, Doolin refused to accept promotion to a desk job, preferring to continue to scour the woods. His daughter, Emmy, watched as her father was being eaten up by his inner torment.

    Eventually Doolin, working alongside fellow RCMPer Sgt. Morris, encountered Logan while they were trying to catch serial killer Athabasca Ike. Thinking Logan (who didn't share his name) to be a Blackfoot tracker, Doolin allowed him to help track down Ike, though Ike managed to kill Morris and wreck their vehicle. Logan donned his Wolverine costume and he and Doolin continued to track Ike, but instead ran across the Hunter in Darkness, who attacked Wolverine. Unable to see well enough to shoot Wolverine's attacker, Doolin shown his flashlight on the pair, which lit Doolin up well enough for Ike to shoot him as well. Wolverine shouted for him to kill the light, but was too late in this instance, as well. However, the command sparked Doolin's memories of their World War II encounter, and he recognized his ally as Logan. He also flashed back to his previous encounter with the "Hunter," and Doolin realized that that, too, had been Logan. He died saying Logan's name, and Wolverine was left wondering how Doolin had known his name.

--Wolverine II#34 (34(fb), 46(fb), 34(fb), 46(fb), 34

Wolverine II#46, p14, panel 1
    p16, panel 3 (face)
Dark Wolverine#79, Cover (body shot)
Wolverine II#46, p15, panel 7 (Wrangler)
Wolverine II#34, p6, panel 2 (Sgt. Doolin)

Wolverine II#34 (December, 1990) - Larry Hama (writer), Marc Silvestri (pencils), Dan Green (inks), Bob Harras (editor)
Wolverine II#45-46 (September, 1991) - Larry Hama (writer), Marc Silvestri (pencils), Dan Green (inks), Bob Harras (editor)
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Dark Wolverine#79 (December, 2009) - Daniel Way & Marjorie Liu (writers), Stephen Segovia (pencils), Jay Leisten & Cam Smith (inks), Jeanine Schaefer (editor)
Dark Wolverine#80 (January, 2010) - Daniel Way & Marjorie Liu (writers), Stephen Segovia & Paco Diaz Luque (pencils), Sandu Florea, Guillermo Ortega & Jay Leisten (inks), Jeanine Schaefer (editor)

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