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Real Name: Marie Danvers

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: Housewife

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: None

Enemies: None

Known RelativesJoseph Danvers (husband), Carol Danvers (daughter), Steven J. Danvers (son), Joseph Danvers Jr. (son)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Boston, Massachussets, USA

First Appearance: Ms. Marvel I#13 (January, 1978);
    {prima apparizione in Italia: i Fantastici Quattro#228 Editoriale Corno (14 gennaio 1980)}

Powers/Abilities: None.

head shot

History: (Ms. Marvel I#13 (fb)) - Marie married Joseph Danvers, a strong-willed man and lived happily with him, even when he had financial problems for the building trade crisis in the '76. Marie gave him three sons and the family lived in a splendid house built by Joseph.

(Ms. Marvel I#19 (fb)) - Carol quarreled with her father because he couldn't afford to sustain her to the college. Marie was sorry for her daughter, Steve was sent to the college as Joe wanted. Marie didn't oppose him.

(Ms. Marvel II#31 (fb) ) - Marie's son Steve died serving his country (possibly US Air Force) and her husband began to drink.

(Ms. Marvel I#19 (fb)/Ms. Marvel II#31 (fb) ) - Carol, her daughter, left the family and enrolled in the US Air Force when she turned 18.

(Ms. Marvel I#13 (fb) - BTS) - Marie became very proud of her daughter: Carol became major in the USAF, then, she became a reporter. Marie always read Carol's magazine: Woman.

(Ms. Marvel I#13 (fb) - BTS/Ms. Marvel I#14 (fb) - BTS) - Joe worked as chief of the building crew of the Monarch Plaza, part of the Plumm International. A lot of accidents happened during the making of the skyscraper and Marie was very worried about him.

(Ms. Marvel I#13) - Marie was surprised at a visit of Carol and Mike Barnett. 

(Ms. Marvel I#14) - That night, Joe was still late for dinner, as usual. Carol went to the Monarch Plaza yard to convince Joe to go back for dinner. In Ms. Marvel's identity she had to save her father from Steeplejack. Marie run to tend husband, and when she saw Ms. Marvel, recognized her daughter. She also succeeded in having Joe thank the heroine for the rescue.

(Avengers Annual#10 - BTS) - Carol disappeared for three months. She was found in San Francisco, almost drowned and without memory. Carol's family flew to San Franscisco to stay close to Carol. With the help of Charles Xavier, Carol reacquired her memories.


(Uncanny X-Men#171) - Carol Danvers visited Joseph and Marie at their home in Beverly, Massachusetts.
    As Carol left, her parents urged her to stay in touch, and to be careful. After leaving the house, Carol thought about how her mother had always known her so well, recognizing her
as Ms. Marvel, and realizing that Carol's damaged memories meant that she now had little emotional attachment to her parents.

(Iron Man III#7) - For a while Carol went back to live with her parents in Boston. During that period of time Marie knew Iron Man, who was worried for Carol's alcoholism.

(AvengersIII#8 - BTS) - Carol left home and went to the west. Marie received a phonecall by Wanda Maximoff but couldn't help her in finding Carol.

(Ms. Marvel II#31) - Carol visited her family after Joe Jr. informed her through a letter that their father was dying. Marie wasn't too happy to see her daughter again and she needed some time to even let her in after what Carol said the last time she was with her family. She had a heated conversation with her daughter about her loss of feelings for her own family and then revealed that Joseph had lung cancer. Marie showed Carol to her father. She later asked Carol to stay with her family, but Carol just left.

Comments: Created by Chris Claremont, Jim Mooney and Joe Sinnot.

Marie Danvers recognized Ms. Marvel as Carol. It is very probable that Joe Danvers did as well. She didn't accept what her daughter had become.

Marie's first name was also spelled Mary at some points. Brian Reed recently used the mighty machinery known as Retcon in Ms. Marvel II#31 to further flesh-out Ms. Marvel's past with her family. Slight problems included Steve's early death.
--Markus Raymond

Building trade crisis in 1976 could become topical at some point (maybe it already is).
--Markus Raymond

Thanks to Omegatherion5000 for the summary of Uncanny X-Men#171 and Markus Raymond for the Ms. Marvel II#31 update.

Profile by Spidermay.

Marie and Steven Danvers have no known connections to 

SteveSteven J. Danvers

    Steve was the second son of Joe and Marie Danvers.

(Ms. Marvel I#19 (fb)/Iron Man III#21 - BTS) - Even though Carol was the smarter than his sons, Joe Danvers didn't consider her as worth of having a college degree. So Steve was sent to college.

(Ms. Marvel II#31 (fb) ) - Steve later died serving his country (possibly in the US Air Force). His whole family attended his funeral.

--Ms. Marvel I#19 (Ms. Marvel I#19 (fb), Iron Man III#21 - BTS, Ms. Marvel II#31 (fb)


Joe Jr. young Joe Jr. adultJoseph Danvers Jr.

(Ms. Marvel I#19 (fb) ) - Joe and Marie Danvers had a second son. The younger son was named after his father.

(Ms. Marvel II#31 (fb) - BTS) - Joe Jr. got an architecture degree and his father was proud of him.

(Ms. Marvel II#31) - When his father became very sick Joe Jr. contacted his sister. Along with his mother he tried to talk Carol into staying with them, but she left.

--Ms. Marvel I#19 (Ms. Marvel I#19 (fb), Ms. Marvel II#31



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p2, pan3 (Marie Danvers, head shot)
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Ms. Marvel I#13, p12, pan3 (Steve)
p12, pan2 (Joe Jr., head shot)
Ms. Marvel II#31, p21, pan4 (Joe Jr., now)

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