Real Name: Unrevealed 

Identity/Class: Human; possibly extradimensional (Earth-19788) (see Comments)

Occupation: Defense Attorney 

Group Membership: Possibly the American Bar Association

Affiliations: Unidentified Chrysler Building-eating client ("Deco Devourer"), other clients

Enemies: Presumably he's not well liked by law enforcers and super heroes who apprehended the villains he gets off

Known Relatives: None 

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Unrevealed; probably New York City, given he represented someone who had eaten the Chrysler Building in a trial that would have taken place in NYC. 

First Appearance: Crazy Magazine#78 (September, 1981)

Powers/Abilities: Super Attorney is an exceptional lawyer, able to get the most blatantly guilty criminals off or to get their sentences massively reduced by playing the penitent card.

History: (Crazy Magazine#78) - Arch villains would be in stir until Doomsday if it were not for Super Attorney, who for a modest charge of $150 an hour would get their sentences cut to a minimum or dropped altogether. On one occasion he represented a monstrous supervillain who had eaten the Chrysler Building, informing the judge that his client was truly sorry and now only wanted a second chance so that he could make the world a better place for all the little children. 

Comments: Created by Paul Kirchner.

Super Attorney was one of several heroes to appear in a four page feature in Crazy#78, titled "More Marvel Heroes Who Didn't Quite Make It," a follow-up feature to a similar entry in Crazy#71. While the Master List places him as coming from Earth-19788, there's nothing to rule him out from fitting in with Earth-616 (or having a counterpart there). Or maybe he's from the same reality as Teen Hulk and, presumably, the other Crazy regulars, Earth-80360. It's almost certainly a sign of my increasing insanity, but I'd personally love to see them all get introduced into the Marvel universe proper, possibly taking on the heroes who "didn't make the cut" from Marvel Year in Review '93, the Hostess villains, Crazy and Not Brand Ecch's regular characters (Obnoxio, Forbush Man, Teen Hulk, Behemoth Jack, Aunty Nuke, etc.), and all the other "fringeworthy" characters (such as Cougar or Puzzle Man). It's not like some of them haven't already made it into 616 (Phone Ranger, Lectronn, etc), and these guys are no more bizarre than many of the others who preceded them into 616 canon.

Profile by Loki.

Super Attorney has no known connections to

"Deco Devourer"

A monstrous being with a lumpy spine and clawed, three-fingered hands, the "Deco Devourer" ate the Chrysler Building before being apprehended under unrevealed circumstances. He hired Super Attorney to represent him in court, and acted penitent over his crime, though whether he really was or not remains unrevealed.


Comments: I've nicknamed him Deco Devourer because the edifice he consumed is a famous Art Deco construction. Looking at his image, he seems likely to have superhuman strength, but he either grows really big or else has an insatiable appetite and very strong teeth, given he was charged with eating (not trying to eat, but eating) a building that stands well over 1000 feet tall.


--Crazy Magazine#78


images: Crazy Magazine#78, p33, pan7 (main and subprofile images)

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