Dead Aim's have been waiting Foreigner until nowDEAD AIM

Real Name: Unknown

Identity/Class: Human technology user (unconventional)

Occupation: Assassin

Group Membership: 1400 Club

Affiliations: "leader of the 1400 Club" (Justin Hammer), Battlescar, Warzone

Enemies: Foreigner, Spider-Man

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: New York, NY, USA

First Appearance: Spectacular Spider-Man II#209 (February, 1994)
    {Edizione Italiana: L'Uomo Ragno#168 Marvel Italia (30 maggio 1995)}

Powers/Abilities: Dead Aim is probably well trained, and his super-human abilities come from his armor or cyborg implants. He is tall (about 2 m. (6'6")), has super-strength (class 25?) and exceptional speed, and is capable of firing disintegrating rays, tracing residual body heat, receiving and transmitting information via an incorporated radio, and decrypting radio-signals.

Dead Aim crunches Spider-ManHistory:
(Spectacular Spider-Man II#209 - BTS) - Dead Aim was ordered by his master to kill the Foreigner.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#209) - Dead Aim found Swift-1 on a roof. Swift-1 had just failed the mission to kill the Foreigner, so Dead Aim killed him without mercy. Then he found some residual footprints of the Foreigner, communicated via radio to his master, and followed his target to Manhattan.

He found the Foreigner and Spider-Man in a park and shot a ray on the Foreigner who collapsed. Then he was attacked by Spider-Man.

(Spectacular Spider-Man II#210) - Dead Aim tried to shoot at Spider-Man but kept missing him and was hit by a Foreigner shot, without result. The two fled and Dead Aim didn't followed them. He however scanned the transmissions arriving to the Foreigner, found the one coming from the Foreigner's satellite, decoded the message, and transmitted it to his master who took control of the satellite.

Dead Aim have two helpers fot killing ForeignerLater, Dead Aim, Battle Scar, and Warzone waited for the Foreigner near their secret base (an abandoned subway station). They attacked Spider-Man and the Foreigner, and after that the master caused the Satellite to explode, so that the Foreigner lost his super-powers.
   Dead Aim's visor was covered by Spider-Man's web, but his visor was protected, so the trick didn't work, and he was able to grab Spider-Man and crush him his deadly super-strength. Spider-Man hit him in the head and broke the visor, blinding Dead Aim who started to blast rays where he heard the Foreigner's voice, but almost struck his allies.
   At one point, they all noticed the Satellite falling down in the direction of the Foreigner. Dead Aim wanted to run away, but the Foreigner said that the satellite was like an atomic bomb, so the killers didn't move. Dead Aim understood that the master considered them to be expendable.
   Spider-Man succeeded in disconnecting the nuclear box, causing the satellite to explode before touching the ground. The explosion was strong enough to knock Dead Aim and his allies out.
   Some minutes after, the Police arrested the three killers.

Comments: Created by Steven Grant and Sal Buscema.

    Comparing Dead Aim with others member of the 1400 Club, and in particular with the Death Squad, we can see that he probably had the powers of either Pulse and Swift, plus an armor probably as resistant as Warzone's one, plus the super-strength and other features.
The Foreigner required that his agents sacrifice themselves for not being captured, but Dead Aim, Battlescar, and Warzone all did not do this (on the scenes).

Profile by Spidermay


Dead Aim, has no known connections to

Spectacular Spider-Man II#210, page 9, panel 4 (Dead Aim)
Spectacular Spider-Man II#210, page 11, panel 1 (Dead Aim)
Spectacular Spider-Man II#210, page 9, panel 4 (Dead Aim and his colleagues)

Other appearance: Spectacular Spider-Man II#210 (March, 1994) {Italian edition: L'Uomo Ragno#168 Marvel Italia (30 maggio 1995)}

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