Real Name: Devlin DeAngelo

Identity/Class: Normal human

Occupation: Arms dealer

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: His henchmen, Dino, Hydra, Masters of Evil, Ringmaster (Maynard Tiboldt), Stilt-Man (Wilbur Day), Thunderbolts, Young Masters (Black Knight, Egghead, Executioner/Danny DuBois, Mako, Radioactive Kid), Zodiac, Arnim Zola;
    formerly General Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross

Enemies: Hulk (Bruce Banner), General Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross, Super-Adaptoid

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Devlin Enterprises compound in the American Southwest

First Appearance: Incredible Hulk II#469 (October, 1998)

Powers/Abilities: DeAngelo is a skilled businessman and negotiator.

Height: 5'11" (approximate)
Weight: 180 lbs. (approximate)
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black

History: (Incredible Hulk II#469 (fb) ) - Devlin DeAngelo established himself as the premier weapons and technology supplier to the world's top super villains and subversive organizations. His clients included Stilt-Man (whose stilts he replaced), Taskmaster (whose armory he upgraded), Hydra (who he acquired a missile for), the Masters of Evil (who he provided with a stealth airship), and Arnim Zola (whose ESP box he had reattached). 

(Incredible Hulk II#469 (fb) ) - DeAngelo acquired the Super-Adaptoid from the Thunderbolts after it battled the Heroes for Hire in New York City.

(Incredible Hulk II#469) - Unable to fix the inert Super-Adaptoid, DeAngelo had his men kidnap Bruce Banner from LA's bus terminal and take him back to his compound; meanwhile, DeAngelo's surgeons implanted Ringmaster's hypnotic devices into the criminal carnie's eyes. DeAngelo greeted Banner and introduced himself, and offered him a trade; claiming to believe Banner innocent in the recent death of his wife Betty Ross, DeAngelo promised to use his connections to find the real killer in return for Banner fixing the Super-Adaptoid. Banner agreed, and in less than a week had nearly repaired the android. DeAngelo came to see him to check on his progress, and, wanting to get a rise out of him, admitted that he knew nothing about Betty's death and had no intention of learning more. He then told Banner to get back to work, or he'd kill him. Back in his office, DeAngelo called a client about a shipment of Adamantium and the Adaptoid - the client also inquired about buying the Hulk, but DeAngelo needed him for a few weeks. Soon enough, however, Banner escaped, and the reprogrammed Adaptoid burst into DeAngelo's office. Ever the businessman, DeAngelo tried to negotiate with it, but to no avail...

(Incredible Hulk II#472 (fb) ) - The Super-Adaptoid badly injured DeAngelo, breaking his left arm and left leg and injuring his neck.

(Incredible Hulk II#472) - A patched-up DeAngelo and his henchman Dino came to see General Thunderbolt Ross in his temporary Las Vegas headquarters, offering to help find the Hulk with his Gamma Tracer device. Ross reluctantly accepted, but after two days the Tracer had found nothing. Just as Ross was about to kick DeAngelo up, the device picked up a gamma radiation signature (which was actually the Abomination's) coming from the tiny town of Constellation, Arizona. Ross, DeAngelo, Dino, and Ross' aide Dr. Katherine Spar journeyed there to find the town in ruins. Ross went into the town alone to find his old foe, leaving DeAngelo, Dino, and Spar alone with his troops.

(Incredible Hulk II#473) - DeAngelo tried to watch the battle through binoculars from the outskirts of town, but all he could make out were a few gunshots. Dismissing Dino to get him a sardine sandwich, DeAngelo talked with Spar, who was disgusted with him and how much enjoyment he was getting out of the fight.

(Incredible Hulk II#474) - DeAngelo and Dino enjoyed a cup of coffee as they watched the continued military buildup. When the troops finally moved in, DeAngelo and Spar moved with them, seeing the confrontation between Ross, the Abomination, and the newly-arrived Hulk end with Ross letting the latter two leave unharmed. He did, however, order his men to take DeAngelo into custody. They hauled him off as he loudly protested. 

(Vengeance#2 (fb) ) - DeAngelo's reputation suffered greatly in the years that followed, and he was generally perceived to be washed-up.

(Vengeance#2/Vengeance#6 - BTS) - Years later, DeAngelo sold a crashed Hydra airship in McKeesport, Pennsylvania to the Young Masters super villain team at the behest of the masked Zodiac, who wished to foster supervillainy. They were enthused about using the ship as their base, but their leader, Executioner, was skeptical as to how the has-been DeAngelo had come into possession of the ship. DeAngelo merely told them that they all had the same benefactor.

Comments: Created by Joe Casey, Javier Pulido, and Larry Mahlstedt.

Loooong stretch between appearances for this guy - Joe Casey pulled all his old toys out to play with in that Vengeance miniseries.

While guys like the Tinkerer and Vandal provide weapons for your street-level criminals (Spider-Man villains and the like), DeAngelo's clientele seems to be would-be world-conquerors and terrorists (and, uh, Stilt-Man, who maybe had a coupon).

Given that he acquired the Super-Adaptoid from the Thunderbolts, it was probably Helmut Zemo's Masters of Evil that DeAngelo sold an airship to.

DeAngelo also had the Awesome Android and what appeared to be a headless Tess-One in his office - they may have been the real thing or replicas.

Profile by Minor Irritant.

Devlin DeAngelo has no known connections to:


(Incredible Hulk II#472) - One of Devlin DeAngelo's bodyguards, Dino accompanied his injured boss to visit General Thunderbolt Ross' temporary Las Vegas headquarters. When DeAngelo's Gamma Tracer located the Hulk in Constellation, Arizona, Dino joined him as he traveled there with Ross' troops.

(Incredible Hulk II#473) - After holding up a pair of binoculars for DeAngelo so he could see into Constellation, Dino was sent to get his boss a sardine sandwich.

(Incredible Hulk II#474) - Overlooking Constellation, Dino and DeAngelo had coffee.

--Incredible Hulk II#472 (472, 473, 474

DeAngelo's henchmen

(Incredible Hulk II#469) - Several of DeAngelo's henchmen abducted Bruce Banner from a bus depot by dousing the entire building with knockout gas. They brought him back to DeAngelo's headquarters, and escorted Banner to their boss when he awoke.

DeAngelo's henchmen were equipped with knockout gas dispensers.

--Incredible Hulk II#469

images: (without ads)
Incredible Hulk II#469
, p6, pan3 (main image)
Incredible Hulk II#469, p7, pan2 (headshot)
Incredible Hulk II#474, p11, pan3 (Dino)
Incredible Hulk II#469, p3, pan1 (henchmen)

Incredible Hulk II#469 (October, 1998) - Joe Casey (writer), Javier Pulido (pencils), Larry Mahlstedt (inks), Bobbie Chase (editor)

Incredible Hulk II#472-474 (January-March, 1999) - Joe Casey (writer), Javier Pulido (pencils), Sean Parsons (inks), Matt Idelson (editor)
Vengeance#2 (October, 2011) - Joe Casey (writer), Nick Dragotta (art), Tom Brennan (editor)

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