Metahuman Investigations Committee


MembershipSenator Dickerson, Senator Whitmore, others

Purpose: To push the creation of the Superhuman Registration Act.

Affiliations: The United States Government

Enemies: Iron Man (Stark), Spider-Man (Parker), costumed heroes and criminals in general

Aliases: The Senate Metahuman Investigations Committee

Base of Operations: U.S. Senate, Washington, D.C., USA

First Appearance: (mentioned) Amazing Spider-Man II#529 (April, 2006); (seen) Amazing Spider-Man II#530 (May, 2006)


(Amazing Spider-Man II#529 (fb) - BTS) - The Metahuman Investigations Committee sent a letter to Tony Stark requesting he appear before them in a closed session to discuss the proposed Superhuman Registration Act.

(Amazing Spider-Man II#530) - The Committee met with Tony Stark and his associate, Peter Parker, to talk about the the Superhuman Registration Act, discussing the two billion dollars in damages caused since the emergence of U.S. superheroes following the Second World War, and registration as a means of accountability. Following a brief recess, the Committee resumed the sessions for another four hours and fifteen minutes.

(Amazing Spider-Man II#531) - The sessions resumed the following day with Stark showing the Committee footage of a fight between Spider-Man and the Titanium Man from the previous evening. As the discussion began, Spider-Man arrived and talked about the perils of registration with Senator Dickerson.

Comments: Created by J. Michael Stracyznski (writer), Tyler Kirkham (pencils) and Jay Leisten (inks).

Senator Dickerson seems to be the Chairman of the Metahuman Investigations Committee, but was not recognized as such in the issues.

The Superhuman Registration Act (HR 421) was first proposed in Fantastic Four I#335-336. It's unrevealed if Senators Dickerson, Whitmore, or the other members of the Metahuman Investigations Committee were involved with that incarnation of the Act.

Although there wasn't a clear image of the full Metahuman Invesigations Committee in the issues, there appeared to be six members.

Profile by G Morrow.

The Metahuman Investigations Committee has no known connections to

Senator Dickerson

Opening the session, Dickerson thanked Stark, as an industrialist and former Secretary of Defense, for his presence, and cut off an attending Peter Parker to recognize Senator Whitmore. The hearings continued following a recess for another four hours, ending with Dickerson asking Stark whose side he would be on if the act were passed. The next day, Dickerson watched the footage of the Titanium Man's threat and questioned it's authenticity. Dickerson listened to Spider-Man's argument that superheroes are a necessity to handle the problems most rescue operations wouldn't handle. While telling Spider-Man he made some interesting points, Dickerson told him that his words wouldn't be added to the record unless Spider-Man unmasked and swore-in under oath. Asking Spider-Man if he would be willing to do that, Dickerson continued that the legislation isn't going away because the United States is a nation of laws and no one is above that.



--Amazing Spider-Man II#530 (531

Senator Whitmore

The first speaker during the sessions, Senator Whitmore told Stark the property damage incurred during superhuman battles since 1946 cost around two billion dollars. Whitmore moved onto the topic of registration, citing examples as a means of accountability. Acknowledging Peter Parker, Whitmore poked holes in his statement asking why registration wouldn't work if heroes were able to act openly and legally in tandem with the government. Whitmore continued to attend the sessions until a recess at the end of the day. Whitmore attended the following day's sessions, watching the footage of the Spider-Man/Titanium Man battle and Spider-Man's debate with Senator Dickerson.




--Amazing Spider-Man II#530 (531

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Amazing Spider-Man II#530, p11, pan3 (Main image)
Amazing Spider-Man II#530, p8, pan3 (Senator Whitmore)
Amazing Spider-Man II#531, p12, pan6 (Senator Dickerson)

Other Appearances:
Amazing Spider-Man II#530 (May, 2006) - J. Michael Stracyznski (writer), Tyler Kirkham (pencils), Jay Leisten (inks), Axel Alonso (editor)

Amazing Spider-Man II#531 (June, 2006) - J. Michael Stracyznski (writer), Tyler Kirkham (pencils), Sal Regla (inks), Axel Alonso (editor)

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