(of Earth-8107)

Real Name: Unrevealed, possibly Dracula

Identity/Class: Extradimensional (Earth-8107) vampire

Occupation: Count, Lord of Vampires

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: "Frankenstein's Monster," Hugo;
briefly Firestar (Angelica Jones)

Enemies: Captain, Spider-Friends (Firestar/Angelica Jones, Iceman/Bobby Drake, Spider-Man/Peter Parker)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Castle Dracula, Transylvania

First Appearance: Spider-Man & His Amazing Friends cartoon episode, "The Bride of Dracula" (September 24, 1983)

Powers/Abilities: Dracula was a vampire and as such, had the power of mesmerism and being able to change into a bat. He also possessed some magic abilities, allowing him to transform objects, such as transforming an airplane into a large bat.

He was vulnerable to sunlight.

Height: 6'5" (see comments)
Weight: 220 lbs. (see comments)
Eyes: Yellow with black irises
Hair: Black with white streaks

History: (Spider-Man & His Amazing Friends cartoon episode - "The Bride of Dracula") - Dracula, disguising himself as a human, went to the Empire State University Spring Dance. He danced with Angelica Jones, who was impressed by the stranger but couldn't recall seeing him on campus before. He said he came from a distant land but her being there made the trip worthwhile. Dracula led Angelica outside towards the campus garden and, hypnotizing her, Dracula declared he'd been searching for her for centuries and laughed, baring his fangs. When Peter Parker and Bobby Drake came outside looking for their missing date, Dracula and the hypnotized Angelica ignored them and got into a waiting limo. Dracula ordered the driver, a werewolf named Hugo, to take them to airport. They made it to Dracula's private plane and took off to Transylvania and once they were safely over the Atlantic and in the midst of a thunderstorm, Dracula assumed his true form.

When Spider-Man landed on the plane (having hitched a ride with Iceman on another flight) and tried to get Angelica's attention, Dracula used his mesmerism on the hero and forced himself to jump from the plane. When Iceman saved Spider-Man, Dracula grew curious as to why two famed heroes would be so concerned over a simple college student. Spying the plane the heroes were riding on, Dracula hypnotized the jet's captain from afar and made him do an emergency landing. When they approached Castle Dracula, Hugo panicked as they were approaching too fast but Dracula, using his magic, transformed the plane into a large bat. When the bat landed, Dracula took Angelica into the Castle and introduced her to the creature that lived in the Castle's dungeon. When the creature complained of strangers being trouble, Dracula ordered the creature to obey his will.

Taking Angelica into the dungeon, he ordered the creature to place her in a coffin lined with dirt. When the cold dirt snapped Angelica out of her trance, Dracula told her of his intentions to marry her but when Angelica used her mutant power, Dracula realized he had kidnapped the mutant Firestar. Transforming into a bat, Dracula flew around the dungeon as Firestar lobbed fireballs at him, eventually hypnotizing her again as a bat. He then changed back to his human disguise and proclaimed that with Firestar as his bride, they would rule the universe. When Spider-Man and Iceman subsequently broke into the Castle, Dracula appeared on his throne next to Firestar and greeted the heroes. Dracula made it clear he was going to marry Firestar and then ordered her to attack her friends. When she drove them back with her fire, Dracula dropped them into the dungeon and had his monstrous servants attack. The heroes soon escaped via an open door but Dracula ordered his servants to follow and attack. Dracula and Firestar got the drop on the heroes first and ordered Firestar to attack again. When Spider-Man brought up her life and friends, Dracula tried to regain control, but Firestar broke free, the effort changing her back to the non-costumed Angelica. Spider-Man and Iceman then grabbed the dazed student and fled, with Dracula swearing none of them would escape. When his minions cornered the heroes in his lab, Dracula threw a switch, opening a trap door to a pit filled with alligators. The creature tried to throw Angelica into the gator-filled pit but Dracula argued she must be released. When Spider-Man woke her up, Dracula tried again to regain his control but was driven back when Firestar filled the room with sunlight. The light was enough to knock the vampire out. Transforming back into his mortal form, the man that was formerly Dracula seemed utterly confused at the presence of the three heroes.

Comments: Created by Jack Mendelsohn and Marvel Productions, Ltd. (see Appearances list for list of artists involved).

According to a few online sources, Dracula was voiced by Stanley Jones.

This episode was first aired as "The Transylvania Connection" but later tapes called it "The Bride of Dracula."

When the robot creature fell apart and the werewolf changed back, the alligators turned out to be salamanders.
Probably mystically-altered. - Proto-Man

Physical stats were taken from his 616 counterpart.

The creature mentioned in the History section resembled Frankenstein's Monster and the subprofile of him below refers to him as such for clarification.

Profile by David Lawrence.

Earth-8107's Dracula has no known connections to:


An airline pilot, the captain was hypnotized by Dracula and forced to land the jet he was piloting. He later regained his senses enough to fly the plane again. When Iceman took control of the rudder to move the plane over Transylvania, the captain declared the whole flight jinxed.

--Spider-Man & His Amazing Friends cartoon episode - "The Bride of Dracula"

Castle Dracula

A Transylvanian castle built on a mountain, it was headquarters of Dracula and his minions. When Dracula brought Firestar there in an attempt to make her his bride, the heroic Spider-Friends followed and battled Dracula and his monster minions within Castle Dracula, eventually causing Dracula to transform into mortal form using Firestar's solar radiation.

--Spider-Man & His Amazing Friends cartoon episode - "The Bride of Dracula"

"Frankenstein's Monster"

A servant of Dracula, the "Frankenstein's Monster" was a robot creature that dwelled at Castle Dracula. He didn't care for strangers and when Spider-Man was dropped into the dungeon, the creature attacked the wall-crawler. When the heroes barricaded themselves in Dracula's lab, the creature pounded on the door, eventually breaking into the lab and when Iceman created a frozen wall, the creature broke through the icy barrier. Dracula later opened his trap door and the creature grabbed Angelica and prepared to throw her into the pit. When she woke up, the creature dropped her and she turned back into Firestar, burning his hands. Upon Dracula's subsequent defeat, the robot fell apart.

The "Frankenstein's Monster" had enhanced strength and durability due to its robotic nature.

--Spider-Man & His Amazing Friends cartoon episode - "The Bride of Dracula"


A werewolf, Hugo acted as Dracula's manservant and driver. He had all the abilities of a werewolf plus he was capable of human speech. He was also a pilot and flew Dracula and the hypnotized Angelica to Castle Dracula. When the Spider-Friends followed and Iceman was dropped into the dungeon, Hugo attacked the mutant hero. The heroes soon barricaded themselves in Dracula's lab and Hugo clawed at the door. When the door was broken down, Hugo went to attack Spider-Man but was webbed up, though the werewolf easily tore through the webbing. When Dracula arrived to battle the Spider-Friends, Hugo turned his attention to Iceman but was kept at bay by the hero's icy power. Upon Dracula's defeat, Hugo transformed back into a man.

Hugo possessed the typical abilities of a werewolf, such as transforming into a humanoid wolf with razor-sharp claws and teeth.

--Spider-Man & His Amazing Friends cartoon episode - "The Bride of Dracula"

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Spider-Man & His Amazing Friends cartoon episode, "The Bride of Dracula" (all images in this profile)

Spider-Man & His Amazing Friends cartoon episode, "The Bride of Dracula" (September 24, 1983) - Jack Mendelsohn (writer), Bruce Bennett, Norm Cabral, Dan Faucett, Neil Galloway, Greg Garcia, Gary Graham, Rick Graham, Karl Hepworth, Stuart Heimdall, Elaine Hultgren, Boyd Kirkland, Debra Pugh, Dave Sharp, Roy Smith, Tom Tholen, Grant Wilson, Roy Wilson, Bob Foster (layouts), Jan Green, Rick Hoberg, Cullen Houghtaling, Larry Houston, Sherman Labby, Will Meugniot, Dick Sebast, Bob Schaffer, Don Shepard, Hank Tucker, Warren Tufts (storyboards), Gerry Chiniquy, Steve Clark, John Gibbs, Sid Marcus, Bob Richardson, Nelson Shin, Arthur Vitello (animation directors)

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