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Real Name: Jessica Drew

Identity/Class: Alternate reality (Earth-001/Loomworld) human (see comments)

Occupation: Leader, pirate;
    former servant/housemaid to the Inheritors

Group Membership: Her pirate crew (Dungy, Leroy, Namor, others)

Affiliations: Bannon, Inheritors (Bora, Brix, Morlun, Verna, others), Katzenberg, Kravinoff, Locus, Spider-Woman (Gwen Stacy of Earth-65), Squire Robertson, Verna, her crew;
    Earth-616 natives: Silk (Cindy Moon), Spider-Girl (Anya Corazon), Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew)

Enemies: Robert;
    formerly Silk (Cindy Moon of Earth-616), Spider-Woman (Gwen Stacy of Earth-65), Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew of Earth-616)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: "Cap'n Jess," "Ma'am"

Base of Operations: Loomworld, Earth-001

First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man III#9 (January, 2015)

Powers/Abilities: Jessica Drew has not displayed any superhuman powers but she is competent leader.

While not a particularly skilled fighter, she is an extremely skilled ballroom dancer.

Height: Unrevealed (approximately 5'10")
Weight: Unrevealed (approximately 130 lbs.)
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black


(Amazing Spider-Man III#9/2 (fb) - BTS/Amazing Spider-Man III#12 (fb) - BTS) - At some point, Jessica Drew became a servant in the vampiric Inheritors' home.

(Spider-Woman V#4 (fb) - BTS) - Jessica spent years groveling for scraps in the Inheritors' home.

(Amazing Spider-Man III#12 (fb) - BTS) - Jessica became the housemaid for the Inheritor Morlun specifically, unaware that her place in the Inheritors' lives was a predetermined act of rebellion set in motion by the Inheritors' Master Weaver.

(Spider-Woman V#2 (fb) - BTS) - Eventually, Jessica became Morlun's lover.

(Spider-Woman V#4 (fb) - BTS) - Despite being Morlun's lover, Jessica secretly was only biting her tongue and cozying up to the Inheritors in an effort to have more freedom under their rule, doing what she felt she had to do to survive.

(Spider-Woman V#3 (fb) - BTS) - Jessica developed exceptional skill as a ballroom dancer and once told Morlun that shrimp was her favorite food.

(Amazing Spider-Man III#9/2) - Jessica met with Squire Robertson as the Inheritors prepared for a feast in the Great Hall and warned Robertson not to let his servants Bannon and Katzenberg make eye contact with any of the Inheritors, further warning against apologizing if they did make eye contact. Robertson made sure his men knew the warnings as they rolled barrels of wine in for the feast and, upon hearing true stories of how temperamental the Inheritors were, Robertson told Jessica to consider the wine a gift. He then mentioned that he imported fine foods as well but Jessica replied that the Inheritors provided their own meat for their feasts.

(Spider-Woman V#3 (fb) - BTS) - Once satisfied with the hunt for Spider-totems across the Multiverse, Morlun found himself bored with the hunt, desiring only more moments with Jessica Drew. In preparation of a dinner with Jessica, Morlun procured the best shrimp from the trenches of Earth-938.

(Spider-Woman V#2 (fb) - BTS) - The Great Hall in which Jessica Drew was employed made an arrangement with a group of local scavengers led by Namor to get first crack at any valuable salvage and Jessica was often utilized as a representative of the Great Hall when valuables were found. During one such salvage, one of the scavengers' men were sent to bring Jessica to the salvage ship but the men ended up grabbing Jessica's identical Earth-616 counterpart, Spider-Woman.

(Spider-Woman V#2) - Unaware that Spider-Woman was in her place aboard the salvage ship, Jessica walked through the port town with her guards basking in the glory of the bystanders who praised and gave her gifts. When a young boy named Robert ran up to her and touched her in an effort to give her a gift, the affronted Jessica glared at Robert, who smiled and apologized, explaining that he simply was trying not to miss a chance to give her a gift. Arrogantly turning away from the boy, Jessica continued on her way as one of her guards attacked Robert. Jessica then walked off, questioned why she even bothered bringing guards if they were going to let every street rat grab her and her guards apologized, promising it would never happen again. She then made her way to the docks to meet with Namor, still unaware that Earth-616's Spider-Woman was already there. She then knocked on the door of Namor's room on the ship as Spider-Woman-616 dove into the waters at back of the ship. Later, the still-oblivious Jessica met with the robotic Locus, who presented Jessica with a bottle of wine stolen from the Inheritors' kitchen. Locus also promised to get anything Jessica wished from the Inheritors' kitchen and Jessica promised to keep that in mind before suggesting Locus leave before anyone saw them. Jessica's guards subsequently called Jessica shameless and warned that Locus would have 30 lashes coming once the Inheritors noticed the wine bottle missing, prompting Jessica to comment that while Locus had a lifetime of lashes coming regardless, at least she could get some wine out of his actions. Unaware that Spider-Woman was watching her, Jessica admitted to her guards that Morlun could get wine for her but, by getting it from Locus, she could drink that bottle alone. The conversation was interrupted, however, when the Inheritors Bora and Brix returned, forcing Jessica to hide the wine bottle Locus had given her behind her back. Immediately bowing before her superiors, Jessica learned that Bora and Brix had lost their prey, Earth-616's Silk, and when the two Inheritor siblings demanded Jessica volunteer her guards to help in the search for Silk, she willingly gave up her guards. When Jessica asked if she could do anything else for them, Brix remarked that Morlun would get cross if he played with Morlun's favorite toy and instead just ordered Jessica to keep an eye out for Silk in the Great Hall. Happy to have avoided punishment for having the wine bottle, Jessica sighed as Brix departed and kissed the wine bottle, only to immediately see Silk run past her. When a confused Silk stopped, thinking Jessica was her Earth-616 counterpart, Jessica yelled out Silk's location, only to be punched by Spider-Woman. With Jessica knocked out, Spider-Woman gave Silk her teleportation device, ordering her to leave Earth-001, then pulled Jessica aside and placed her inside a trunk. She then impersonated Jessica once more and met back up with Namor on the salvage ship, arranging for him to sail out for two days with the trunk containing the real Jessica-001.

(Spider-Woman V#3 - BTS) - During a dinner with Spider-Woman, whom he assumed was his reality's Jessica Drew, the Inheritor Morlun admitted an unquenchable desire to spend more stolen moments alone with Jessica. As Spider-Woman continued to play up appearances as Jessica Drew, eventually meeting with the Inheritors' Master Weaver and sending informational scrolls about the Inheritors' plans to Spider-Man-616, the real Jessica Drew of Earth-001 freed herself from the trunk aboard the scavenger ship and took over the group of scavengers as their pirate queen. Soon seeing Spider-Woman out into the waters as she escaped Morlun and attempted to lay low aboard Namor's ship, the real Jessica ordered the scavengers to fire on Spider-Woman. Once Spider-Woman was taken aboard the ship, Drew revealed her new status as pirate queen and sarcastically remarked that she would have to have Spider-Woman killed. Spider-Woman responded by punching Jessica in the face. Jessica immediately ordered Spider-Woman's death but her mouth was webbed up by the arriving Silk and Earth-65's Spider-Woman (Gwen Stacy).

(Spider-Woman V#4 (fb)) - Waking up in bed next to Namor, Jessica put up some music and did a round of dance aerobics, feeling as if she deserved this more relaxing pirate life after paying her dues with the Inheritors. She then donned her pirate clothes and visited the swordsman Dungy, who was known to make an impressive juice. When she commended Dungy, Namor remarked that Jessica was giving Dungy high praise for a man who squeezes fruit and began giving Jessica a foot massage, asking if Dungy could do that. Smiling, Jessica commented that perhaps Dungy could not and that was why she intended to keep both Dungy and Namor around. She then suggested they return to their duties as pirates and departed the room.

(Spider-Woman V#4) - Following the defeat of the Inheritors at the hands of several Spider-totems from across the Multiverse, Spider-Woman-616 and her allies Spider-Woman-65, Silk and Spider-Girl-616 returned to Jessica Drew's pirate ship and Spider-Woman-616 put a sword to Jessica's throat. Assuring Jessica that no one would be killed, Spider-Woman-616 revealed the Inheritors' defeat and Jessica snarkly asked if Spider-Woman-616 wanted applause. Spider-Woman-616 admitted that she had expected only arrogant quips from Jessica but then showed Jessica how the power vacuum left behind by the Inheritors was tearing Earth-001's Loomworld apart. When Jessica replied with an uncaring "Good riddance.," Spider-Woman-616 asked what was wrong with her and reminded Jessica that her own reality's people were suffering. Claiming they were not her people, Jessica accused the heroic Spider-Woman-616 of being different, suggesting all other Jessica Drew counterparts could be as self-serving as herself, and she insisted that, after spending years groveling to the Inheritors, she had no intention of leaving her free life as a pirate. Arguing that she could not be guilted into fighting people, Jessica was pleasantly surprised when she learned Spider-Woman-616 intended for her to lead the people not fight them. She then ordered her crew to go ashore, remaining behind as her crew fought off those seeking to acquire the Inheritors' power. While the crew fought, Jessica asked Spider-Woman-616 why she was not fighting with her allies and Spider-Woman-616 admitted that her appearing skilled at fighting when she looked identical to Jessica Drew-001 would give the wrong impression. Jessica then asked how Spider-Woman-616 knew that Jessica wouldn't simply lead like the Inheritors had and Spider-Woman-616 commented that the harmless Jessica was unable to rule by fear as the Inheritors had. Spider-Woman also warned that if Jessica did go full-on dictator, she could easily return to Earth-001 to take Jessica down. Once the attempted usurpers had been defeated, Jessica publicly appeared before the people of Loomworld and rallied the people behind her as their leader in freedom.

Comments: Created by Dan Slott, Giuseppe Camuncoli and Cam Smith.

While Jessica Drew never displayed any superhuman powers or ability to really even fight, it was mentioned by Spider-Woman-616 in Spider-Woman V#4 that Jessica-001 had developed an arrogant, snarky attitude in an effort to keep from winding up on the Inheritors' dinner plate. Now this could've just been Spider-Woman commenting on her situation as potential food for the Inheritors but it could have also hinted that Jessica Drew might have also possessed spider-totem abilities that she never displayed. My vote is that she did not have powers though because again, she never showed any or even any ability to fight, and one would think if you had superhuman powers, you wouldn't have lived a life of servitude like Jessica did on Earth-001...I could be wrong though. If something ever comes along and says otherwise, I'll update the profile to reflect any powers shown...

Profile by Proto-Man.

Earth-001's Jessica Drew
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images: (without ads)
Spider-Woman V#4, p10, pan2 (main image)
Amazing Spider-Man III#9, p23, pan3 (hair in bun)
Spider-Woman V#2, p4, pan4 (in costume)
Spider-Woman V#4, p12, pan1 (Jessica in scavenger outfit)

Amazing Spider-Man III#9 (January, 2015) - "Spider-Verse: The Feast" story - Dan Slott (writer), Giuseppe Camuncoli (pencils), Cam Smith (inks), Nick Lowe (editor)
Spider-Woman V#2 (February, 2015) - Dennis Hopeless (writer), Greg Land (pencils), Jay Leisten (inks), Nick Lowe (editor)
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Spider-Woman V#3 (March, 2015) - Dennis Hopeless (writer), Greg Land (pencils), Jay Leisten (inks), Nick Lowe (editor)
Spider-Woman V#4 (April, 2015) - Dennis Hopeless (writer), Greg Land (pencils), Jay Leisten (inks), Nick Lowe (editor)

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