Real Name: Priscilla Purdy

Identity/Class: Human (Old West Era)

Occupation: Ranch owner

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Kid Colt (Blaine Colt), Chance Purdy, Preacher Thoms

Enemies: Sharps Danby, Killer Jim Torgan

Known Relatives: Chance Purdy (father)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: The Purdy Ranch, western USA

First Appearance: Best Western I#58 (June, 1949)

Powers/Abilities: Priscilla was a skilled horse rider. She carried a pistol.

Height: Unrevealed (approximately 5'9")
Weight: Unrevealed (approximately 130 lbs.)
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Red

History: (Best Western I#58/3 (fb) - BTS) - Priscilla was the daughter of Chance Purdy and with her father ran the Purdy Ranch. Unfortunately, the outlaw Killer Jim Torgan invaded their ranch and had Chance tied up. Torgan began running the ranch and rustling cattle from neighbors, spoiling the Purdy's reputation. Furthermore, Torgan sought to marry Priscilla so that he would own the Purdy Ranch legally.

(Best Western I#58/3) - One day as Priscilla was out riding, she was attacked by Sharps Danby, who was upset that she was marrying Torgan. Sharps shot and killed Priscilla's horse and was about to kill her as well when Kid Colt happened by and shot Sharps to death. Although thankful to Colt, Priscilla needed a new horse so she tried to steal his steed Steel from him at gunpoint. However, Steel refused to obey Priscilla and returned her to Colt. Just then, Jim Torgan came by and Colt recognized him as an outlaw he had encountered before. Torgan struck Kid Colt with his gun then rode away with Priscilla.

Later, Kid Colt snuck into the Purdy Ranch and overheard Priscilla arguing with Torgan as she tried to get an audience with her father but Torgan refused until after their wedding. Preacher Thoms was brought in to perform the ceremony but Colt set Chance Purdy free and the two men raided the wedding, shooting Torgan and many of his men to death. Only one was spared so that they could testify to Torgan as the one behind the ranch's rustling. As Kid Colt rode away, Priscilla confided to Preacher Thoms that she wished Colt had been the man he was going to marry her to.

Comments: Created by Ernie Hart and Russ Heath.

This is a very economical story, considering it's merely 4 pages long.

Profile by Prime Eternal.

Priscilla Purdy should not be confused with:

Sharps Danby

Sharps Danby was in love with Priscilla Purdy. When he heard she was going to marry Jim Torgan, he became murderously vengeful and plotted to bushwhack her from a cliff side using his rifle. However, Kid Colt chanced upon Sharps just after he had killed Priscilla's horse and Colt shot Sharps to death while he was lining up his next shot.

--Best Western I#58/3

Chance Purdy

Chance Purdy was Priscilla's father. When Jim Torgan invaded the Purdy Ranch, he had Chance tied up so that he could not interfere with his cattle rustling and he threatened Chance's life in order to coerce Priscilla into marrying. Kid Colt set Chance free and together they broke up Torgan and Priscilla's wedding, killing Torgan and his men. One of Torgan's men was left alive so that he could attest to Torgan's cattle rustling activities, thus repairing the Purdy's good name.

--Best Western I#58/3

Preacher Thoms

Preacher Thoms was the minister hired by Torgan to officiate over his wedding to Priscilla Purdy. Just as Thomas was nearly finished with the ceremony, Kid Colt and Chance Purdy burst in and killed Torgan and his men. Afterwards, as Kid Colt rode away, Priscilla said to Thoms she wished Kid Colt had been the one he was going to marry her to; Thoms agreed that Colt was the sort of man "who'd make any young gal's heart skip a beat!"

--Best Western I#58/3

Killer Jim Torgan

Killer Jim Torgan was a bank robber. Once when robbing Amarillo City, he was chased by a posse but sent them after Kid Colt instead.

Torgan took over the Purdy Ranch and held Chance Purdy as a prisoner. Torgan began rustling cattle from neighboring ranches and sought to wed Priscilla Purdy so that he would become the legal owner of the ranch.

However, Priscilla happened to encounter Kid Colt and he recognized Torgan from their earlier encounter. Investigating, Colt discovered where Chance was held and freed him. Colt and Chance invaded Torgan's wedding with blazing guns and killed him along with most of his men.

--Best Western I#58/3

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Best Western I#58/3, page 1, panel 5 (main)
Best Western I#58/3, page 4, panel 3 (face)
Best Western I#58/3, page 1, panel 5 (Danby)
Best Western I#58/3, page 3, panel 7 (Chance)
Best Western I#58/3, page 4, panel 1 (Thoms)
Best Western I#58/3, page 2, panel 3 (Torgan)

Best Western I#58/3 (June, 1949) - Ernie Hart (writer), Russ Heath (artist), Stan Lee (editor)

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