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Real Name: Dr. Hellen Rachelson

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: Scientist

Group Membership: Maggia, Project N (Dr. Archibald Stancheck, Professor Kenneth Sturdy, Dr. Withers, two unidentified scientists)

Affiliations: Ani-Men (Ape-Man/Gordon "Monk" Keefer, Bird-Man/Henry Hawk, Cat-Man/Townshend Horgan, Dragonfly/Veronica Dultry, Frog-Man/Francois "Frog" LeBlanc), Lethal Legion (Living Laser/Arthur Parks, Power Man/Erik Josten, Whirlwind/David Cannon), Count Nefaria

Enemies: None

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Basement laboratory inside Count Nefaria's home in uptown New York City, New York

First Appearance: X-Men I#94 (August, 1975)

Powers/Abilities: Dr. Rachelson possessed no known superhuman abilities, she was a gifted scientist with an expertise in genetic engineering and metahuman augmentation and duplication.

Height: Unrevealed, impossible to determine
Weight: Unrevealed, impossible to determine
Eyes: Unrevealed, impossible to determine
Hair: Brown

(X-Men I#94 - BTS) - Rachelson and her fellow scientist Archibald Stancheck came under the employment of Count Luchino Nefaria.

(Avengers I#166 (fb) - BTS) - Nefaria was approached by Professor Kenneth Sturdy who had once worked for Baron Zemo on the ionic augmentation process that had led to the creation of Wonder Man. Sturdy claimed to have perfected the procedure and offered to make Nefaria powerful, for a price. Realizing the opportunities having actual superpowers could provide him, Nefaria accepted and commenced Project N.

(Avengers I#164 (fb) - BTS) - Sturdy and his team, including Stancheck and Rachelson set up an elaborate lab underneath Nefaria's New York townhouse in preparation for their plans.

(X-Men I#94 (fb)) - Using his Maggia connections, Nefaria had Ape-Man, Bird-Man, Cat-Man, Frog-Man, and new ally Dragonfly mutated by Rachelson and her fellow scientists. In their new, animalistic forms they set out to blackmail the world as the Ani-Men.

(Avengers I#164 (fb) - BTS) - Because Nefaria was now unable to provide Rachelson and the other scientists with the financial compensation promised to them, they abandoned the project. With Nefaria's finances just about drained, he convinced Rachelson and her people to return to work, promising them he'd sort out their payments shortly. To do so, he secured the services of Living Laser, Power Man and Whirlwind, promising them riches and power if they agreed to work for him as his Lethal Legion.

(Avengers I#164) - While Nefaria's Lethal Legion were robbing the bank, Nefaria met with Rachelson and the team of scientists who praised the count on his new superpowered lackeys who would be ideal subjects for Project N. Luchino ignored Doctor Wither's backhanded compliments, telling them all he was sick and tired of relying on others and failing because of the errors of others. He went on to assure the scientists he'd dismiss them as well as soon as they completed their work. When Sturdy piped up to remind the count he still had to pay them the promised "Fuhrer's ransom", Nefaria activated a camera feed that showed Whirlwind and his associates arriving home with the cash. Nefaria immediately summoned them to the underground lab where Project N began in earnest.

(Avengers I#166 (fb) ) - The Lethal Legion was unaware what was going on when they entered the underground lab where Nefaria introduced them to Rachelson and her colleagues.

(Iron Man I#153 (fb) - BTS) - Rachelson and the scientists started work on Living Laser.

(Avengers I#166 (fb) ) - While Rachelson and the others continued to work on the Lethal Legion, the criminals believed Nefaria's claims the procedure would permanently increase their powers substantially. That increase was actually merely a temporary side effect of the process. Sturdy had their cell structures analyzed to make energy templates with which he could duplicate their powers into Nefaria's body, only a hundred times stronger. After the scientists had finished their work, the revitalized Lethal Legion left, eager for a rematch with the Avengers. Nefaria allowed them to go, knowing full well they'd soon run out of steam.

(Avengers I#166 (fb) - BTS) - After Rachelson and the others empowered Nefaria, the villain thanked them by destroying his underground lab. Only Sturdy survived the attack.

Comments: Created by Chris Claremont, Len Wein (writers), Dave Cockrum (pencils), Bob McCleod (inks).

Dr. Archibald Stancheck and Dr. Hellen Rachelson's appearances in X-Men I#94 (August, 1975) was revealed in the Official Index to the Marvel Universe: Uncanny X-Men. The Official Index to the Marvel Universe: The Avengers revealed all scientists including Rachelson and Stancheck died in Avengers I#166. Hellen's last name was revealed in Iron Manual Mark 3's Ani-Men profile. Rachelson's face has never been seen on panel.

Profile by MarvellousLuke

Dr. Rachelson has no known connections to

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Avengers I#164, p10, pan1 (main image)
X-Men I#94, p12, pan5 (working on the Ani-Men)
Avengers I#166, p10, pan1 (working on the Lethal Legion)

X-Men I#94 (August, 1975) - Chris Claremont, Len Wein (writers), Dave Cockrum (pencils), Bob McCleod (inks), Len Wein (editor)
Avengers I#164 (October, 1977) - Jim Shooter (writer), John Byrne (pencils), Pablo Marcos (inks), Archie Goodwin (editor)
Avengers I#166 (December, 1977) - Jim Shooter (writer), John Byrne (pencils), Pablo Marcos (inks), Archie Goodwin (editor)
Iron Man I#153 (December, 1981) - David Michelinie, Bob Layton (writers), John Romita Jr. (pencils), Bob Layton (inks), Jim Salicrup, Bob Budiansky (editors)

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