Classification: Extraterrestrial humanoids

Location/Base of Operations: Planet Zeraphon, Milky Way Galaxy; briefly Lindville, USA (a group of exiles)

Known Members: Neeg (leader of Zeraphon exiles), Darg (fellow exile)

Affiliations: Henry Daniels (briefly)

Enemies: Brick, an angry mob in Lindville

First Appearance: Journey into Unknown Worlds#51 (November, 1956)

Powers/Abilities: None revealed.

Traits: Most Zeraphon are extremely bigoted, filled with hatred towards outsiders - even among their own kind. Neeg's group were exiled for their peaceful and tolerant idelogies. The Zeraphon are highly advanced in the sciences, interstellar space travel, engineering, and agriculture.

   They are ruled by a tyranny.

Type: Humanoid
Eyes: Two
Fingers: Five
Toes: Unrevealed (probably five)
Skin color: Green
Average height: Approximately 6'

(Journey into Unknown Worlds#51/6 - BTS) - Zeraphon is a planet described as being over two million light years away. It was ruled by tyranny and hate. The Zeraphon, having reached high levels of science and interstellar space travel, still showed racial bigotry and hatred towards outsiders - even among their own kind.

(Journey into Unknown Worlds#51/6) - A peaceful group of exiles numbering 200 led by Neeg, fled Zeraphon and landed on Earth in the outskirts of the American town of Lindville. Seeking a new home where they could live in peace, their representatives, Neeg and Darg relayed their story to real estate agent Henry Daniels who sold them some empty lots along the highway ten minutes outside of town for a bag of gold. Using their advanced engineering and agricultural sciences they began to quickly build a small settlement.

(Journey into Unknown Worlds#51/6) - The Zeraphon were attacked and repelled by a drunken bigoted mob led by Brick using stun weapons.

   The Zeraphon exiles, after several days of being harassed and mocked by suspicious townsfolk, told Henry Daniels they were leaving and boarded their ships and departed Earth to find a new world that would accept them and their peaceful ways.

Comments: Created by uncredited writer & John Forte (artist).

The closest star in our galaxy is Proxima Centauri which is 4.2421 light years away. It remains unknown why a small group of Zeraphon were exiled other than they were persecuted by their own race for having peaceful philosophies. Were they forced to flee Zeraphon in fear of being killed or were a group that decided rather than fight for their freedom in a civil war they just packed up and left. Maybe the planet Zeraphon was undergoing a civil revolt and Neeg along with his fellow pacifists decided that it was in their best interest to find a new planet that was willing to accept them. This story written in the 1950's still resonates today with the views of world wide racial bigotry and fear of foreign immigrants spreading their different ideas and values and nations losing their own cultural identity.

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The Zeraphon have no known connections to:


(Journey into Unknown Worlds#51/6 - BTS) - Exiled for his peaceful philosophies he and a group numbering 200 left Zeraphon to seek a new place to live.

(Journey into Unknown Worlds#51/6) - Neeg and his small group landed their saucer ships in the outskirts of the town of Lindeville USA feeling American ideals such as liberty and freedom were much like their own. They approached real-estate agent Henry Daniels and purchased property ten minutes from town for a bag of gold nuggets. Neeg and a few others fended off a small mob of hate fueled residents riled by a drunken bigoted man named Brick from Lindeville using their stun weapons to repel them. After spending a week building their small community and experiencing constant harassment and bigotry from Lindeville residents, Neeg ordered his group to pack up and leave Earth in search of a new home that would accept them.

--Journey into Unknown Worlds#51/6


(Journey into Unknown Worlds#51/6 - BTS) - Darg was exiled from Zeraphon along with Neeg and others for their peaceful philosophy.

(Journey into Unknown Worlds#51/6) - Darg was present when Neeg purchased property from Henry Daniels and gave him a bag of gold nuggets for payment. Later Darg may have helped Neeg fend off an attack from suspicious and bigoted Lindeville residents by using a stun weapon to repel them. Darg and the rest of the exiled Zeraphon left Earth to seek a new planet to live where they would be accepted.

--Journey into Unknown Worlds#51/6

Henry Daniels

Journey into Unknown Worlds#51/6) - He was a real-estate agent in the town of Lindeville USA and was approached by Neeg and a couple of other Zeraphon that wished to purchase land and settle due to their being exiled from their world for their peaceful philosophies. Selling them land ten minutes out of town for a bag of gold nuggets, he then spoke to Brick about them. After learning the Zeraphon were being constantly harassed by the citizens of Lindeville that were incited by the hateful Brick, he felt saddened by their desire to leave and seek a new planet that would accept them. He scolded Brick and a mob armed with guns about the peaceful Zeraphon and what their science and technology could have done to help humanity after they returned from a now empty settlement where the aliens once dwelled.

--Journey into Unknown Worlds#51/6


(Journey into Unknown Worlds#51/6) - He ran a sewer draining business. Introduced to the Zeraphon by realtor Henry Daniels, the bigoted and closed-minded Brick, who feared mixing with the strange green men, went to a bar and incited a mob of drunken Lindeville residents wielding clubs to run the Zeraphon out of town. Being routed by the Zeraphon's superior stun weapons, Brick formed a new mob a week later this time armed with guns. Arriving at the Zeraphon settlement he was surprised to see they had departed and was scolded by Henry Daniels for his actions saying the peaceful aliens could have helped provide a better way of life with their advanced technology.

--Journey into Unknown Worlds#51/6

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Journey into Unknown Worlds#51, p22, pan1 (Zeraphon main image)
Journey into Unknown Worlds#51, p25, pan7 (saucer ships)
Journey into Unknown Worlds#51, p23, pan3 (Neeg)
Journey into Unknown Worlds#51, p22, pan2 (Darg)
Journey into Unknown Worlds#51, p23, pan5 (Henry Daniels)
Journey into Unknown Worlds#51, p24, pan3 (Brick)
Journey into Unknown Worlds#51, p24, pan6 (repelling mob)

Journey into Unknown Worlds#51 (November, 1956) - John Forte (artist), Stan Lee (editor)

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