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Real Name: Hamand

Identity/Class: Normal human (Hyborian Era) (see comments)

Occupation: King, conqueror

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Abarac

Enemies: Druid King, any who opposed him

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Cybernia

First Appearance: Tower of Shadows#8/1 (November, 1970)

Powers/Abilities: Hamand was a ruthless and aggressive leader. He was also a skilled swordsman.


(Tower of Shadows#8/1 (fb) - BTS) - Hamand conquered the ancient kingdom of Cybernia in the face of considerable resistance from its inhabitants.

(Tower of Shadows#8/1 (fb)) - Although conqueror, he did not rule and was told by a captured insurgent that he would not be accepted as ruler until he wore the crown of the ancient kings buried at Dragonhenge. The bound rebel told Hamand of the location in trade for his life, but Hamand had him executed anyway. Although Abarac warned him of a possible curse with the crown, the next day Hamand found and entered the underground caverns of Dragonhenge. Abarac cautiously chose to stay behind while the new king ventured forth deep into the long-dead and abandoned subterranean city until he reached the tomb of the Druid Kings. He removed the coronet from one of the petrified figures there, but its eyes opened as the crown was taken. Hamand quickly returned to his fort but saw that had been followed.

(Tower of Shadows#8/1) - His stronghold was attacked but the forces were beaten off. Weary from the battle, Hamand rested but was confronted by the petrified form of the Druid King, who demanded that the crown's theft be avenged. The would-be king cried out for help but when he looked again, he saw the form of Abarac (actually the Druid King disguised as the real Abarac had been secretly killed at the tomb). Thinking he had been dreaming, Hamand resolved to complete his fort finished with a great tower. The Abarac impersonator helped in this endeavor by casting a spell that would make the tower stand forever. However, several nights later, Hamand dreamt that he was being attacked from overhead by demon warriors on flying lizards so a roof was quickly installed and again mystically fortified by the sorceror. The next night, Hamand ran off into his tower after dreaming that a pack of goblin-like creatures had broken through the earth. Abarac recommended that the tower be cut off from the rest of the castle and sealed with a secret door that only the occupant could open. Once completed and inside the room, Hamand killed all the workers involved and likewise slashed at Abarac, who instead morphed into the form of the Druid King. The petrified figure revealed his plan to trap the conqueror, having forced Hamand to dream the attacks. Hamand screamed in terror as the secret door would not open for him. Hearing their lord's cries, his loyal vassals tried in vain to break open the room. Eventually, they could no longer stand the screams of terror and abandoned Hamand's castle.

Comments: Created by Wally Wood (writer and art).

This story was reprinted Conan I#47 (February, 1975) and this is where the images are from. 

I've slotted this tale into the Hyborian Era only because it was reprinted in Conan.

Profile by Grendel Prime.

Hamand has no known connections to:



Abarac was the wise magician in the court of Hamand. He loyally offered his king advice and warned him of the potential curse of Dragonhenge. He accompanied Hamand to the tomb but died there, unknown to Hamand. He was later impersonated by the Druid King.

The image is actually of the Druid King accurately impersonating Abarac.


--Tower of Shadows#8/1

Druid King

Druid King

The Druid King had been entombed in Dragonhenge and pursued Hamand to avenge the theft of the ancient crown. He took on the form of Hamand's trusted adviser, Abarac, and encouraged the construction of the tower that would eventually trap the would-be king. He finally revealed himself and his devious plan, leaving Hamand screaming in terror.

The opening paragraph indicated that the Druid King was not human.

--Tower of Shadows#8/1

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Conan I#47/2, p1, pan1 (main image)

p4, pan2 (head shot)
p5, pan4 (Abarac)
p2, pan3 (Druid King)

Other Appearances: None

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