(Superhelden Special)

Real Name: Peter Parker

Identity/Class: Extradimensional/alternate reality (see comments) anthropomorphic canine mutate

Occupation: Adventurer;
    former film adviser

Group Membership: Formerly Duckfilms

Affiliations: Dewey Duck, Huey Duck, Louie Duck, Spider-Duck (Donald Duck), unidentified Duckfilms employers

Enemies: Pillowpal (Gus Goose), Barbed Hatter (Scrooge McDuck)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Unrevealed (see comments)

First Appearance: Donald Duck Superhelden Special#1 (May, 2015)

Powers/Abilities:Spider-Man has superhuman strength, agility, and he can stick to solid surfaces. He also has a spider-sense that warns him of imminent danger and spider-sight ("spider-eyes") that allows him to see that which ordinary beings can't see such as radiation emissions.

    Spider-Man uses mechanical web-shooters to move around the city on lines of chemical webbing.

Height: 5'10" (by approximation) (see comments)
Weight: 167 lbs. (by approximation) (see comments)
Eyes: Black
Hair: Brown

History: (Donald Duck Superhelden Special I#1 (fb) - BTS) - Peter Parker was a dog, one of the many anthropomorphic animals that inhabited his world. At some point, he gained superpowers and became a superhero, Spider-Man. When Duckfilms started the development of a Spider-Man film, Parker became an adviser. The announced film attracted the attention of Donald Duck, who was eager to get the main role, training himself to websling in costume using web-shooters created by Gyro Gearloose.

(Donald Duck Superhelden Special#1) - While visiting the Duckfilms building in Duckburg, Peter Parker told the studio executives that his spider-sense had warned him of danger. The executives, however, did not take his words seriously and began to joke, noticing that Parker was often distracted, and they advised him to focus on the film. Peter stated that the day was very hot outside as a huge comet approached Earth. He commented that with his spider-sight, he was able to see the radiation that the comet emitted. Donning his Spider-Man costume, Parker announced his intention to try to prevent a catastrophe by slinging the approaching comet into a different orbital path. The studio bosses considered the superhero's plan stupid, commenting that his web couldn't hold the "giant fireball" and would not bring any results, so they contacted the army via telephone. The army general refused to cooperate with Spider-Man, however, calling him "a little amateur" and claiming that "the army eats comets for breakfast." Mockingly recommending Parker to go help grannies cross the road, the general hung up the phone.

   The army subsequently split the comet into two pieces with the help of a rocket, but the comet fragments fell into Duckburg and, due to their radioactive nature, mutated Gus Goose and Scrooge McDuck into rampaging monsters, the Barbed Hatter and Pillowpal. An attempt to stop them was made by Donald Duck in his "Spider-Duck" costume.

    While unrest reigned over the city, Huey, Dewey and Louie Duck went to the Duckfilms building to persuade Spider-Man to intervene. Having dumped the responsibility onto the army, the superhero refused to help, expressing his opinion that the mutates appeared only because the army refused his help and figuring the army could deal with their own consequences. The children then showed Peter Parker a video of their uncle Donald in the similitude of Spider-Duck. Spider-Man, realizing that Duckburg could not cope without him, decided not to stand aside. He then came to the rescue of Donald and provoked a fight between the mutated Gus and Scrooge, causing the mutates to smash each other and return to their former appearances.

Comments: Created by Evert Geradts, Jordi Alfonso and Comicup Studio.

   Donald Duck Superhelden Special was a licensed Netherlands-exclusive comic published by Sanoma, Disney's old European partner.

   Spider-Man's physical stats were approximated from his Earth-616 counterpart.

   Spider-Man was apparently normally based somewhere other than Duckburg, since a character watching the battle on TV expresses surprise that he fighting monsters "En dat in onze eigenstad" ("And that in our hometown"). Presumably he was in Duckburg visiting the studio.

   It's interesting to note that Spider-Man is apparently not the only Marvel character with a counterpart in this reality. At the film studio there is a poster for an Iron Man (Iron Duck?) film (see image at right).

   And it's nice to see that there is also the obligatory Stan Lee cameo, when Spider-Duck accidentally crashes through his window while battling Barbed Hatter (see image at left).

The subprofiles in this profile are reflective of the characters' interactions with Spider-Man. Obviously, each of them have considering more appearances in their own books outside of any direct ties to Marvel. --Proto-Man

Which reality is this? Like Marvel, Disney has been published across the world and has had new stories created by and for local audiences. Unlike Marvel, there's been zero effort to try and keep these consistent/a single reality. To make it harder to be sure which reality a given story is in, stories created in one country are frequently reprinted in many others, and all feel free to cherry pick characters and ideas introduced in other continuities while gleefully ignoring or contradicting any elements that don't suit. The two most notable continuities are the Barks Universe, named for Carl Barks, the writer/artist whose work was most influential on US comics, introducing characters such as Scrooge McDuck and Gyro Gearloose, and the Italian Duck Universe, which originated Donald's superhero alter-ego Papernik and introduced supporting cast members such as Fethry Duck who were later adopted into American comics, but many more countries than just these two produce new material. The US Disney comics reality would probably be considered the "main" Disney comic reality, in terms of where Disney is based if not in terms of which countries originate the most stories. Originating in the Netherlands, this story arguably only happened in the Dutch Disney reality. --Loki

Profile by Mike Castle.


This reality's Spider-Man should not be confused with his alternate reality counterpart:

This reality's Spider-Man has no known connections to:


A resident of Duckburg, Donald Duck is the grandson of Grandma Duck, the nephew of Scrooge McDuck, the cousin of Gus Goose and the uncle of the triplets Huey, Dewey, and Louie Duck. Hearing that Duckfilms were planning a Spider-Man movie, Donald became eager to win the title role of Spider-Man, asking his scientist/inventor friend Gyro Gearloose to design web-shooters, then practicing webslinging, wall-walking and acrobatics with them. He even made friends with spiders, communicating via a flute.

   At the same time as Donald was training, his girlfriend Daisy Duck had her own concerns, noticing that her flowers were wilting despite her watering them. Believing Donald more computer savvy than herself and thus better suited to researching a solution online, she visited Donald's house, but once inside she knocked over a box releasing a torrent of spiders. Terrified, she ran out screaming, and was rescued from the pursuing arachnids by Donald in his Spider-Man costume, who snared her with webbing, threw her to the roof, and then hooked her to a tree branch until he could direct the spiders back indoors with his flute. Lowering Daisy to the ground, he explained his bizarre get-up and actions to Daisy. Unimpressed, she insisted he sort out her problem first, dressed as himself and with no "Tarzaning around." Putting his Spider-Man suit in his backpack, Donald accompanied Daisy back towards her house, but on the way he witnessed a flash in the sky. Unknown to either Donald or Daisy, this was a comet that had been on a collision course for Earth being blown up by an army missile. Two remaining comet chunks landed in Duckburg, mutating Scrooge McDuck and Gus Goose into monsters, Barbed Hatter and Pillowpal respectively, who began rampaging through the city streets. Encountering first Pillowpal's snoozing victims and then Pillowpal himself, Donald and Daisy fled only to come upon Barbed Hatter. Seeing the second monster easily defeat the police, Donald concluded that he would have to stop the creatures, donning his costume and rebutting Daisy's fear that he was putting his life at risk by pointing out that this would prove he deserved to play Spidey in the movie. Calling himself Spider-Duck, he rushed into battle, but Barbed Hatter sent him flying with one hit. Though he broke through an apartment window to the resident (Stan Lee)'s shock, he stopped himself with webbing and swiftly returned to the fight, his heroics caught on bystanders' phones and uploaded live to YouToob. Military fighter jets also tried to stop the rampage, but Barbed Hatter used the webbing left from Spider-Duck's attempts to restrain him to snare one, and another crashed into Pillowpal's arm when Spider-Duck inadvertently tugged the monster's appendage into its path with his webbing. Undaunted, Spider-Duck kept fighting until the real Spider-Man came to his aid after being contacted by Huey, Dewey and Louie. While Spider-Duck used webbing to redirect Barbed Hatter, Spider-Man did the same with Pillowpal, redirecting the monsters towards one another. The pair immediately attacked one another, while the heroes stood aside and let them duke it out until they burned themselves out and reverted to their normal forms.

   After the fight, Donald had a dialogue with the Duckfilms bosses, asking if he had won the role. Complaining that everyone had now seen him fighting two monsters, the producers stated that no one would now be satisfied with the single monster planned for the film, meaning they would have to rewrite it from scratch and include at least four monsters just to compete. Telling Donald to maybe come back in a year, they sent him on his way. When Spider-Duck was returning home, Daisy called him and told him to come by her house and bring his spiders. As it turned out, Daisy's flowers were "sick" due to an infestation of Brutopian springbeanlice, which spiders would swiftly devour. With Daisy filming and uploading to YouToob as he directed the spiders with his flute, Spider-Duck consoled himself that at least this meant he would still be starring in a movie.

Comments: In Disney Comics' continuity it isn't a huge stretch for Donald to become an acrobatic costumed adventurer using gadgets created for him by his inventor friend Gyro Gearloose, because all of that is already the case, and has been since 1969, when Italian Disney Comics introduced his alter ego Papernik, known in English translations as the Duck Avenger. So basically this story is in some respects like revealing that Bruce Wayne has decided to audition to play Spider-Man.

--(as Spider-Duck) Donald Duck Superhelden Special#1


Gustave "Gus" Goose is Donald Duck's country cousin, a member of the extended Duck family, and is employed as a farmhand on Grandma Duck's farm; to say he "works" there, would, however, be inaccurate, due to his extreme laziness and fondness for sleeping on the job.

   Gus was snoozing under a tree on Grandma's farm, resting his head against its hard trunk and dreaming of having something softer to lean on, when he was woken by Grandma Duck; annoyed at his laziness, she sarcastically asked if he wanted a pillow, but missing the mockery, he merely accepted her offer, prompting her to storm off determined to teach him a lesson. He instantly fell asleep again, and before she could return a piece of comet crashed to Earth in front of Gus. Rather than shock or fear, Gus was annoyed to have his slumber again disturbed, mere seconds before Grandma, having missed the comet's arrival, returned and blasted him with a hose. Soaked by both cold water and strange comet radiation, the enraged Gus transformed into a giant pillow monster driven by the single-minded desire to make everyone sleep. Though a terrified Grandma managed to hide from him, Gus wandered into the streets of Duckburg, his slightest touch putting everyone he encountered instantly to sleep. Now calling himself Pillowpal and growing ever larger, he soon ran into Donald and Daisy with him in pursuit. After seeing a second monster, the Barbed Hatter, Donald became Spider-Duck and tried to stop both of them. Standing atop a building, Spider-Duck snagged Pillowpal's arm with webbing, finding him incredibly light despite his immense size, but this accidentally caused a military jet sent to destroy the monsters to crash into Pillowpal's arm; though his body cushioned the impact, it also incapacitated the aircraft. Assisted by the newly arrived Spider-Man, Spider-Duck lured Pillowpal in Barbed Hatter's direction. Instant enemies on sight, the pair's resultant battle burned out their powers, returning them to normal, with no recollection of their actions while transformed. Gus returned to the farm, where to his surprise Grandma immediately greeted him with pillows and told him he should rest.

--(as Pillowpal) Donald Duck Superhelden Special#1

Barbed Hatter

Scrooge McDuck was a businessman and multi-billionaire.

In his Money Bin, the vault that housed his vast wealth, Scrooge reflected that his life was extremely hard, beset as it was by the constant fear of being robbed by criminals such as the Beagle Boys, forever trying one method or another to breach his vault. Exhausted by several days without sleep due to the stress, he concluded he really should just surround the entire building with barbed wire, but worried that even that would not suffice. Moments later a fragment of comet smashed through the roof, initially causing the paranoid Scrooge to assume it was a fresh robbery attempt. Calming upon realizing this was not the case, Scrooge examined the brightly glowing rock, and was mutated by the energies it was emitting. Shaped by his recent thoughts, he transformed into a living creature composed of barbed wire, dominated by the single-minded desire to protect his Money Bin by scaring off all potential intruders. Leaving the vault and calling himself the Barbed Hatter, he began snaring everyone he encountered with his wires, which he could prehensilely project. A police car proved no match for the ever growing monster, the vehicle as easily ensnared in wire as individual people had been, trapping the cops inside. Witnessing the rampage, Donald Duck tried to stop the Barbed Hatter as Spider-Duck, but the Hatter shrugged off his webbing and batted Spider-Duck away. When a military jet subsequently tried to attack him, Barbed Hatter trapped it in the remains of Spider-Duck's webbing and wandered off, carrying it like it was merely a toy. Eventually however, the newly arrived Spider-Man lured Barbed Hatter towards another rampaging comet mutate, Pillowpal, with Spider-Duck's help. Instant enemies on sight, the pair's resultant battle burned out their powers, returning them to normal, with no recollection of their actions while transformed.

Returning to his vault, a suitably shielded Scrooge was delighted to be informed by a scientist that the comet fragment was full of the extremely rare Newdiscoverium, and thus worth a fortune, a discovery enhanced further by the news that there was another, similar chunk on his sister Dora's farm (see comments).

Comments: The comet on Dora's farm is the one that mutated Gus into Pillowpal. Scrooge's comment that this is his sister Dora's farm is slightly confusing for those used to the American continuity, where Scrooge and Grandma are unrelated (his sister Hortense is married to Grandma's son, Quackmore; Hortense and Quackmore are Donald's parents), and Grandma's given name is variously Elvira or Abigail, not Dora. However, in the slightly different European continuity, Grandma is Dora and Scrooge's older sister.

--(as Barbed Hatter) Donald Duck Superhelden Special#1

Huey, Louie and Dewey

Huey, Dewey, and Louie Duck saw their Uncle Donald's battle with the monsters on the internet and rushed to call Spider-Man for help, since Duck could not defeat them. Spider-Man initially refused, since the army had already rejected his aid in the rudest terms, but he later agreed. Taking the kids with him, he swung towards the battle. While the superhero, along with Spider-Duck, pitted the mutates against each other, Huey, Dewey, and Louie watched the battle until the mutates seemingly vanished. The boys were shocked to find Gus and Scrooge lying among the monsters' remains, but didn't question a cameraman who had also witnessed the conflict when he suggested the pair must have been victims of the creatures.

-- Donald Duck Superhelden Special#1

images: (without ads)
Donald Duck Superhelden Special#1, p13 pan2 (Main image)
Donald Duck Superhelden Special#1, p5 pan3 (Peter Parker)
Donald Duck Superhelden Special#1, p13 pan5-8 (Spider-Man and Spider-Duck vs. Gus Goose and Scrooge McDuck)
Donald Duck Superhelden Special#1, p14 pan6 (aftermath of battle)
Donald Duck Superhelden Special#1, p13 pan4 (Iron Duck poster)
Donald Duck Superhelden Special#1, p12 pan6 (Stan Lee cameo)
Donald Duck Superhelden Special#1, p4 pan6 (Spider-Duck)
Donald Duck Superhelden Special#1, p12 pan2 (Spider-Duck unmasked)
Donald Duck Superhelden Special#1, p17 pan7 (Spider-Duck with flute, controlling spiders)
Donald Duck Superhelden Special#1, p10 pan7 (Pillowpal)
Donald Duck Superhelden Special#1, p8 pan6 (Gus Goose)
Donald Duck Superhelden Special#1, p11 pan3 (Barbed Hatter)
Donald Duck Superhelden Special#1, p9 pan4 (Scrooge McDuck)
Donald Duck Superhelden Special#1, p16 pan6 (Huey, Dewey, Louie)

Donald Duck Superhelden Special I#1 (May, 2015) - Evert Geradts (writer), Jordi Alfonso (penciller), Comicup Studio (inker), Dimitri Heikamp, Joan Lommen (editors)

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