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Real Name: Olga Petrov

Identity/Class: Human mutate (1950s; citizen of an unidentified communist country)

Occupation: Underground activist, posed as politician

Group Membership: Underground movement; formerly High Council

Affiliations: None

Enemies: Dictator, Sveli

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Unidentified communist country

First Appearance: Journey into Mystery I#43/2 (February, 1957)

Powers/Abilities: Olga Petrov could become invisible at will and turn her clothes invisible as well.

History: (Journey into Mystery#43/2 (fb) - BTS) - In a communist country where a Dictator cheated the High Council, an underground organization worked to help the people.
    When an "invisible woman" started striking and assaulting people, the Secret Police was reinforced, acquiring more power to counter the menace. As fear spread among the people, the underground scientists studied a way to create their own invisible human being. After years of study, the serum was tested by Olga Petrov. She drank the serum and acquired the power to become invisible.
    She played the part of a little fool with interest in politics, waiting for the right moment to strike.

(Journey into Mystery#43/2) - The Dictator's plan worked. He, Sveli and some of his men had invented the "invisible woman" story and twisted the evidences so that Anna Rojik, a woman of the High Council, was arrested. The High Council missed a female member, so the Dictator decided to give the position to a harmless woman, someone he could cheat. He chose Olga Petrov.

    When Olga Petrov was admitted into the inner chamber of the Dictator she immediately recognized the documents and the papers of the Dictator's personal accounts, which proved the Leader's dishonesty. She revealed herself as a member of the underground organization, grabbed the documents and became invisible, escaping from the well guarded palace.

Comments: Created by unknown artists.

    It is rather logical that the serum which mutated Olga Petrov acted on her whole body, but why did her clothes become invisible at will, and the sheets and the gun did not? The only supposition I can do is that the invisibility has something to do with transpiration, and/or body warmth and/or other factors not immediately detectable.

Olga was pre-dated by another Invisible Woman (Claire Maynard) (Mystery Tales#13 (7/53) The Invisible Woman) who was a criminal. Plus, the men in Olga's family would be called Petrov and the women in her family would be called Petrova.
The Invisible Woman has a Russian name so perhaps the communist country in this story is one of the fictional Marvel Universe former USSR countries that count Russian among the languages its citizens speak: Carnelia, Sorenia, and Vorozheika.

Seems like the writer of this story didn't know about naming policies in Russia.
--Markus Raymond

Profile by Spidermay.

The Invisible Woman has no known connections to

Dictator and Sveli

    The Dictator was also chief of the Secret Police and member of the High Council, Sveli was his aide.

    The Dictator was not interested in the people he governed. He had earned money illegally draining it from the treasury and deposited it on his bank accounts.
    A danger for them was Anna Rojik, the only woman in the High Council and a very respected member of it.
    In order to get rid of her, the Dictator and Sveli created the "invisible woman" with magical tricks, strong propaganda and false evidence.

    Their plan worked, they arrested Anna Rojik, and chose Olga Petrov as a substitute, believing that she was a fool. Instead, Olga Petrov had played her part as well, and succeeded in taking the evidence of the Dictator's crimes.

--Journey into Mystery#43/2

Anna Rojik

    Anna Rojik was a normal woman.
    She was a powerful member of the High Council and a respected member of the people.

    Anna Rojik was a problem for the Dictator, who suspected her she could find out what dirty business he did with the treasury funds. Unfortunately for her, the Dictator had false evidence planted against her so the Secret Police arrested her.

--Journey into Mystery#43/2

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Journey into Mystery I#43/2, p4, pan8-9 (Invisible Woman, main images)
    p4, pan7 (Olga Petrov, head shot)
    p3, pan7 (The Dictator and Sveli)
    p2, pan3 (Anna Rojik)

Journey into Mystery I#43 (February, 1957) - Stan Lee (editor)

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