Real Name: Dr. Kishi Oramosha

Identity/Class: Human Technology user

Occupation: Businessman; Lecturer; Insurrectionist

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Being Japan’s most respected businessman, Deadline presumably has a number of public as well as private connections

Enemies: Honey Lemon, Lumina (became Sunpyre), Sunfire

Known Relatives: None known

Aliases: None known

Base of Operations: Science Building on Tokyo University Campus; otherwise mobile

Appearances: Marvel Comics Presents I#32/4 (November, 1989)

Powers: All his powers derived from his technology. He used an exo-skeleton to enhance his physical abilities which he concealed under his business attire. He also used a large machine, his doomsday device, that could focus the energy of the sun onto large portions of the earth’s surface much like a giant magnifying glass. He also wore goggles that provided protection from the blinding glare created by the energy output of the doomsday device or any other source of brightness.

Weaknesses: Deadline rather hoped that Sunfire would stop his scheme, he seemed to want to be defeated, which certainly qualifies as a mental weakness of some kind.

Physical Description: Deadline is a sixty plus year old Japanese businessman. He dresses in brown suits and favors bow-ties. Not exactly on top of the villain heap, is he?

History: (Marvel Comics Presents I#32/4) - Dr. Kishi Oramosha was Japan’s most respected businessman, providing the funds necessary to erect a new science building at Tokyo University at one point in his career. During his speech at the opening ceremony for the structure, he let the crowd know of his anti-global economic viewpoints. While the crowd was confused by his comments, he activated his secret doomsday device which was incorporated into the construction of the new science facility. The disconcerted drove was further dazed by the blinding output of the doomsday device while Oramosha dubbed himself "the Deadline" for the survival of the world that would unite under his destructive threat- the annihilation of Japan. He choose Japan as the first target, not because it was his homeland, but because it had "no super-heroes to oppose him".

A student of his happened to be Japan’s champion, Sunfire, who confronted Deadline. Deadline attacked Sunfire and threw him into a indoor fountain after several well-placed punches and kicks with his exoskeleton. But Sunfire ignored Deadline, and went straight for the doomsday device, destroying it by drawing out its power and then releasing it. Afterwards, the authorities collected Deadline. Deadline claimed his real scheme all along was to make people aware of his concerns and to see the youth of this country oppose him.

(Big Hero 6#2: Sunpyre) - Deadline attacked Big Hero 6's HQ and took control over it. During the attack Honey Lemon fled through her purse to the Microverse planet Luminar, where she met Princess Lumina.

(Big Hero 6#4/2 (fb) ) - Deadline used the technology at BH6's HQ to build a new doomsday device and activate it.

(Big Hero 6#2: Sunpyre) - Lumina and Honey Lemon defeated Deadline upon returning to Earth.

(Big Hero 6#4/2 (fb) - BTS) - BH6's Hiro Takachiho upgraded security at BH6 HQ so Deadline could never take control over it again (and it didn't work).

(Big Hero 6#3/2) - Deadline attacked Big Hero 6's HQ once again. To his surprise he ran into former BH6 member Sunpyre, who he knocked out with his blaster. Ebon Samurai wasn't far behind to to face Deadline as well.

(Big Hero 6#4/2) - Ebon Samurai rendered Deadline's heat blaster unusable and it exploded shortly after Deadline tossed it in Ebon Samurai's direction. Retreating into the lab he broke Deadline attempted to activate his doomsday decive, stored at the lab, but Ebon Samurai escaped the blaster's explosion and confronted him. Deadline used BH6 villain Kuro Gaki's adhesive gun against him, but missed, giving Ebon Samurai the opportunity to fling his his wakazashi blade at him, after listening to Deadline's speech about how he wants to save the world. Sunpyre overheard Deadline's speech as well, and believing she could save Honey Lemon's life by helping Deadline save the world like he promised, she melted Ebon Samurai's blade before it hit Deadline, and fought Ebon Samurai to buy Deadline enough time to activate his doomsday machine. Unfortunately Ebon Samurai buried Sunpyre beneath rubble and returned to the lab. He destroyed the adhesive gun and cut off Deadline's hand when he attempted to activate the doomsday device. Controlled by the demonic forces in his katana Ebon Samurai nearly killed Deadline, but Sunpyre helped him regain control over himself before he did. Ebon Samurai trapped Deadline in glop using another adhesive gun of Kukro Gaki. Ebon Samurai and Sunpyre left, leaving Deadline behind in BH6's HQ.

Comments: Created by Scott Lobdell and Don Heck.

Clarifications: Deadline has no known connection to:

The Deadline Doom, sort of an enemy if you squint, @ Howard the Duck I#16
any other characters with 'dead' or 'death' in their names

Profile by: Kyle Smith

Marvel Comics Presents I#32/4 (November, 1989) - Scott Lobdell (writer), Don Heck (pencils), Dave Cockrum (inks), Terry Kavanagh (editor)
Big Hero 6#2 (December, 2008)
Big Hero 6#3-4 (January-February, 2009) - Jordan D. White (writer), Jhazmine Ruiz (pencils), Mark Paniccia (editor)

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