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Real Name: Sardeth

Identity/Class: Human, magic user, possibly Asian

Occupation: Sorcerer

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Phil, Knight-Demon, a Demon of the Caves

EnemiesSolomus, the Thing (Ben Grimm), Spider-Man (Peter Parker)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: New York;
    formerly an unknown place in the past, probably the Middle Age.

First Appearance: Marvel Two-in-One#90 (August, 1982)

Powers/Abilities: Sardeth had various magical powers. He could transfer his own consciousness into another body through space and time, possessing the host body; animate things; transmogrify persons and animals; fly or levitate; and summon demons.

History: (Marvel Two-in-One#90 (fb)) - Sardeth was an evil Sorcerer in a past era where the magicians fought each other. He had an ancient enemy, Solomus.

    After years, Solomus managed to break Sardeth' reign of terror, defeating him in a magic battle. unable to speak because of a muteness spell cast by Solomus, Sardeth sent his spirit to search other realms for a help. He found Phil, in the modern Era, a boy who had mumbled the words of the right spell. Sardeth' spirit journeyed through space and time and joined to Phil's person, taking control of his body.

 (Marvel Two-in-One#90) - Once in the body of the young man, Sardeth understood he had arrived in a different era.
    He tested his magic powers on a maypole, giving it life. The Thing intervened to save the people put in danger from the animated stripes and Sardeth mistook him for a demon. Believing that another, hidden sorcerer was driving the demon's actions he thought that a challenge was called for.
    Sardeth transformed an actor Knight and his horse into a Demon Knight forcing him to attack the Thing. Spider-Man also joined to the fight, and the two heroes managed to defeat the Demon Knight.
    Sardeth saw himself menaced by Spider-Man so he ran to the street, and levitating, summoned a Demon of the Caves>. The enormous green beast rose from beneath the street terrorizing the people and scaring the two heroes.
    Seeing Spider-Man fleeing, Sardeth became too self-confident and pursued him. With an acrobatic swing, Spider-Man knocked Sardeth while flying, but when he touched the Sorcerer's aura he was electrocuted. The Thing managed to grab and entrap the falling Sorcerer.
    Sardeth did not want to abandon Phil's body but, scared from the squeezing grab of the Thing, let the boy free, dying another time.

Comments: Created by Jan Strnad (scripter), Alan Kupperberg  (pencils), Jim Mooney (inks).

The spell cast by Phil was supposed to open a pair of handcuffs: "DALLAS TORKUM, MORKUS ORKUM, GUMMUS STRICKUM, MALTHUS THICKUM"; but it did not work.
    Phil re-tried also spelling: "NATTERIUS NABOBIUS, EVICTUS STRICTUS, WATTIUS DOPIUS"; and, again it did not work.
    The words of the third spell were unheard, it is unknown if the trigger of the "transport and possession" spell was only the third mumbling, or if it was only its final part, joined to one of the previous parts pronounced, yet.
    I supposed that Sardeth and Solomus belonged to the Middle Age because of their dresses and of the language of Phil's spells, which had a slight resemblance with Latin mixed to English.

Profile by Spidermay.

Sardeth has no known connections to
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Solomus was a human, skilled in the use of magic.
    His magic powers were possibly very vast. Surely could he create magical webs and force a person to muteness.

    Solomus and Sardeth lived in an era where the sorcerers fought each other. 
    Solomus opposed himself to the Sardeth' reign of terror and they became enemies for a long time.
    Eventually, he dueled with Sardeth in a long battle, then managed to entrap the evil Sorcerer in a giant web and to cast a spell of muteness over him. He was sure he had beaten his ancient enemy, but Sardeth was saved by Phil, and his spirit escaped in a flash of fire.
    Solomus saw Sardeth' body burn but when the flame extinguished he understood that the Sorcerer was gone.

--Marvel Two-in-One#90


main imagePhil the Magician

    Phil was a normal human boy with a little knowledge of some magic spells.

    Phil and her girlfriend participated to the Annual Renaissance Fair in Central Park. Phil impersonated a magician and tried to do some simple tricks for the children but he failed with great embarrassment and humiliation. After some minutes, he mumbled some other magic words and suddenly, the world around him vanished and he could observe what happened in the last moments of the life of Sardeth in a far past. Sardeth' search for a savior, joined to the magician boy's spell transported Sardeth' spirit through time and space and Sardeth' will took control of Phil's body.

    Later, when Sardeth abandoned the body of Phil, the boy re-acquired his consciousness

--Marvel Two-in-One#90

main imagePhil's girlfriend

Phil's girlfriend was a normal human girl.

    She helped Phil in doing his tricks and supported him also when he failed some simple games. She understood that something changed in Phil, after Sardeth took control of his body, but she was so poorly treated by the Sorcerer that she decided to leave him alone.

    Later, when Sardeth (in Phil's body) was held in the Thing's crushing grasp, she run to help her lover worried for his life. Sardeth, afraid of the Thing's menaces, abandoned the body of the boy. The girl and Phil went away together.

--Marvel Two-in-One#90


The Knight Demon

    The Knight Demon were actually a normal human wearing the costume of a Knight and his horse, transmutated in a more demonic form. The Demon had at least Peak Human Strength, and an Enhanced Level of invulnerability. He was surrounded by a magic aura which electrocuted and blinded who disrupted it. With his sword he could cut a street-lamp.

    The Knight Demon fought the Thing and held back Spider-Man for a while. Eventually he was knocked out by a powerful blow by the Thing. Then he reverted to the human, original form.

--Marvel Two-in-One#90



The Demon of the Caves

The Demon of the Caves was a green giant monster.
    He was Superhumanly Strong (class 10). He was "ageless" and "timeless", so was probably immortal or very long-life spanned.
    It is unknown if the Caves were under New York or if they were an Extradimensional realm from which the Demons could be recalled.

    The Demon of the Caves replied quickly to Sardeth' call. Shaking the ground he crushed the street and was confronted by the Thing. Grimm managed to entangle him using the metallic tubes under the street. Sardeth was defeated shortly after, the Demon didn't disappear. 

--Marvel Two-in-One#90







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Marvel Two-in-One#90 (August, 1982) - Jan Strnad (writer), Alan Kupperberg (pencils), Jim Mooney (inks), Jim Salicrup (editor)

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