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Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Norse magical entity

Occupation: Sorceress

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Dr. Curtis Nolan

Enemies: Deadpool (Wade Wilson), Odin Borson, Thor Odinson

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Unrevealed;
formerly Asgard, Broxton, Oklahoma;
formerly Asgard

First Appearance: Deadpool Team-Up I#887 (November, 2010)

Powers/Abilities: Den Vakre was a Norwegian magical entity who sought to possess those of great beauty. She used her abilities to possess anyone she wishes, human and god alike. While possessing a host, Den Vakre created a mirage to make others believe they would see her. Some, like Thor and Deadpool could see through her mirage with some concentration. Den Vakre could transform into a mighty polar bear, it seems likely she could transform into other Scandinavian creatures as well (similar to Alpha Flight's Snowbird). While imprisoned in the Asgardian amulet she needed permission to possess another, which granted her freedom.

Height: Variable
Weight: Variable
Eyes: Black
Hair: Green


(Deadpool Team-Up I#887 (fb) - BTS) - Den Vakre was a Norse magical entity who always craved beauty, taking possession of those she deemed beautiful.

(Deadpool Team-Up I#887 (fb) - BTS) - Den Vakre came to blows with the Asgardian Odin who managed to trap her in an Asgardian amulet, rendering her powerless.

(Deadpool Team-Up I#887 - BTS) - Years passed during which Ragnarok caused many gods to perish and what was left of Asgard to appear on Earth, specifically Broxton, Oklahoma. An event that became known as Siege caused the city of the gods to eventually crash land on Earth rendering the city to rumble.

(Deadpool Team-Up I#887) - The amulet, Den Vakre's prison was found by archeologist wannabe Dr. Curtis Nolan in the ruins of Asgard. Nolan had bribed the guards to take the day off to search for artifacts in the hopes of becoming rich. Nolan stumbled upon Deadpool who had the same idea but accidentally gained the attention of Thor. While Thor fought Deadpool, Nolan realized there was something in the amulet as Den Vakre revealed her presence. As a genie in a bottle, Vakre offered Nolan his deepest desires prompting the clumsy archeologist to ask for money and good looks. Den Vakre then asked if she could enter him, Nolan accepted, thus releasing Vakre from her Asgardian prison as she took possession of Nolan.

Freed from her imprisonment, Den Vakre realized Thor was Odin's son when she smelled his blood. Eager to exact her revenge Vakre transformed into a mighty polar bear and attacked both Deadpool and Thor. Easily defeating Thor, Vakre wanted him as her new host and tried possessing the Asgardian prince. Deadpool, however, ruined the process when he threw the Asgardian amulet at them, trapping a part of Vakre. Without an host, Vakre tried to possess Deadpool until she saw his scarred face, scared of his ugliness she once again possessed Nolan. Now without her full power, Deadpool and Thor knocked Nolan unconscious and trapped Vakre in the amulet.

Comments: Created by Rob Williams and Matteo Scalera.

Vakre means beautiful in Norwegian.

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Profile by MarvellousLuke

Den Vakre has no known connections to

Dr. Curtis Nolan

  Dr. Curtis Nolan was an archeologist wannabe that was thrown out of archeology college. Looking to show them he meant business, Nolan planned to search the ruins of Asgard in Broxton, Oklahoma for Asgardian treasures. To do so he bribed the guards to take the day off to search for artifacts but stumbled upon Deadpool and his pilot-for-hire, Tan. Their interaction lead Nolan to stumble upon an ancient Asgardian amulet, which in reality was a prison of Norse magical entity Den Vakre. Releasing Den Vakre, Nolan was possessed by her and used her newfound freedom to attack Deadpool and Thor. When part of Vakre was trapped in the amulet during the fight, she sought to return to Nolan's body only to be punched unconscious by the heroes and returned to her prison.

--Deadpool Team-Up I#887

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Deadpool Team-Up I#887, p14, pan1 (main image)
Deadpool Team-Up I#887, p12, pan3 (trapped in an Asgardian amulet)
Deadpool Team-Up I#887, p18, pan1 (as polar bear)
Deadpool Team-Up I#887, p2, pan1 (Dr. Curtis Nolan)

Deadpool Team-Up I#887 (November, 2010) - Rob Williams (writer), Matteo Scalera (pencils, inks), Sebastian Girner (editor)

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