Real Name: Nor-Atz

Identity/Class: Human (Pre-Cataclysmic Era) magic user

Occupation: Former servant

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Demon Shade;
    formerly Morgara

Enemies: Kull, Laralei, Morgara

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Grondar, pre-Cataclysmic era

First Appearance: Kull the Destroyer#23 (October 1977)

Powers/Abilities: Nor-Atz was large and relatively strong, but demonstrated no particular fighting skills. Though appearing to be mentally deranged and possibly challenged as well, he was shrewd enough to come up with a plot to deceive both Kull and Laralei. He had a limited amount of magical knowledge and the ability to concoct certain drugs.
    He suffers from Kyphosis, more commonly known as hunchback.

(Kull the Destroyer#23 (fb)) - Nor-Atz was the servant to the hermit sorcerer Morgara, who discovered an ancient map to Torranna and sent Nor-Atz to visit the city. Upon entering the city, Nor-Atz saw such sights that he was driven mad.

(Kull the Destroyer#24 (fb) - BTS) - Nor-Atz murdered Morgara.

(Kull the Destroyer#23) - Nor-Atz observed Kull and Laralei and, entranced by Laralei's beauty, drew closer to them. They questioned him about a giant devil condor which had abducted their ally Ridondo, and Nor-Atz told them that he had seen such birds leaving a nearby city. However, he pretended to not remember the city's location, luring them back to his hut where he had a map. In his hut, Nor-Atz gave them some wine, which Kull sampled first, but the wine contained a drug that was designed to only affect females, and Laralei lapsed into a coma. Nor-Atz then told Kull that only a certain flower could revive Laralei and sent Kull to get the flower before she died. However, Nor-Atz had duped Kull, and Laralei revived shortly after Kull left. Nor-Atz told Laralei that Kull would not be returning and that he wanted her to be his lover.
    However, as Nor-Atz had intended, when Kull plucked the flower, he activated a spell which revived the Demon Shade which attacked him.

(Kull the Destroyer#24) - Nor-Atz advanced on Laralei, who forced herself to overcome her revulsion to violence; she stabbed him with a sword killing him. Kull returned to find Nor-Atz dead, after which they found Morgara's body and map, and they left for Torranna.



Comments: Created by Don Glut, Ernie Chan, and Yong Montao.

Profile by Snood.

No known connection to:

None of these characters have any connection to anyone outside the pre-Cataclysmic era unless otherwise specified

Demon Shade


    A shadow creature of unknown origin, it remained contained within a rock outcropping in the vague shape of monstrous head. Regardless of the time of day, the outcropping cast a shadow across only one area, creating an outline of a monstrous creature. In the location of the shadow's heart a flower grew; picking that flower revived the Demon Shade, a monstrously strong creature existing in the shadow. It was immune to injury as most attacks passed right through it, but it was able to grab and strike solid objects. Destruction of the rock outcropping eliminated its shadow and caused the Demon Shade to vanish.


--Kull the Destroyer#23 (24












    A hermit sorcerer, he was served by Nor-Atz until the hunchback was driven mad by what he saw in the city of Torranna. Nor-Atz slew Morgara at some point after this and took his hut from himself.


--Kull the Destroyer#23 (23(fb)










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Kull the Destroyer#24 (December 1977)

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