Real Name: Jake Jones

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: Freelance photographer, paparazzi

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Hardly anybody in the world likes him, perhaps not even his own mother

Enemies: DeNatale, Spider-Man

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: "DJ" (Dirty Jake)

Base of Operations: Mobile

First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man I#262 (March, 1985)

Powers/Abilities: Jones is a egotistic, egocentric, self-serving man, only motivated to help others if he gets something out of it himself. He probably would sell his old mother if anyone would pay him money for her.

History: (Amazing Spider-Man I#262)- At Newark International Airport, paparazzi photographer "DJ" Jones accidentally bumped into a lady. "DJ" managed to apologize to her and steal her billfold at the same time. He walked into a dark baggage room to get rid of the evidence, and stumbled upon Spider-Man changing from his superhero costume to his civilian identity. Jones quickly used his camera to get a picture of the unmasked superhero, and escaped with Spider-Man after him. Spider-Man chased after Jones in the airport, but Jones managed to escape. Later, Jones considered selling the picture to the Kingpin or other criminal elements.

Peter Parker, at the Daily Bugle, tried to find a way to locate the photograper. He went to Ben Urich, who told him that the photographer was named "Dirty Jake" Jones, and he also had his address.

Jones went to "Scurvy Jack"'s Tavern to try to sell Spider-Man's "secret identity" for a million bucks. No one at the tavern believed him and they threw him out.

At the back room of "Scurvy Jack", the men told their boss, DeNatale, about Jones. DeNatale wanted to learn if Jones really had the information, and sent his men out to get him.

DeNatale's men went to Jones' apartment, and began to beat Jones to get the information. Suddenly Spider-Man came crashing through the window, and began to fight DeNatale's men. Meanwhile, Jones tried to get away, but as soon as he was outside, the rest of DeNatale's men captured him. Spider-Man watched as the men were about to beat Jones, and tried to decide whether or not he should save him. But after thinking about his Uncle Ben, he decided to beat the criminals, and Jones once more tried to get away, but this time Spider-Man captured him, and threatened to beat him up if he didn't hand him the pictures. Jones agreed.

The next day, Jones was out in the streets, thinking he had to leave New York City for a while, since DeNatale and his men would probably be out on bail later the same day. Jones decided he would leave town, but probably come back in a few years, trying to look-up Spider-Man again and revealing his true identity, for as he put it "How hard can it be to find a single face?"

Comments: Created by Bob Layton.

by The Beetle

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Amazing Spider-Man I#262, p2, pan6 (main image)

Amazing Spider-Man I#262 (March, 1985) - Bob Layton (writer/pencils), Carlos Garzon (inks), Tom DeFalco & Danny Fingeroth (editors)

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