Membership: Nomad (Edward Ferbel), Operative M, Pupil (Lyke Dekker/Ameridroid), Teacher (Johann Shmidt/Red Skull), numerous others referred to as “brothers” and “sisters”

Purpose: To defame Captain America

Affiliations: Will Brynner

Enemies: Benny Bernhart, Billie, Captain America (Steve Rogers), Suzanne Dimmbulb, Falcon (Sam Wilson) (who was unaware he was being watched by them), Mr. Hunkley, Joe, Wally Lombego, Lt. Cal Lummbo, Morty, Leonard Spellman, Jason Staid

Base of Operations: The defunct Democracy Studios lot in California, USA

First Appearance: Captain America I#261 (September, 1981)


(Captain America I#263 (fb) – BTS) – The Red Skull, using the disguise of the Teacher, formed the Nihilist Order in a complex revenge plot against Captain America.

(Captain America I#263 (fb)) - As part of his plan, the Red Skull hired stuntman Edward Ferbel to pose as Nomad, an identity once used by Captain America. Knowing Captain America could not resist investigating someone else using his old identity, the Red Skull planned to use Nomad to lure Captain America into a trap in California.

(Captain America I#262 (fb) – BTS) – The Red Skull paid television news reporter Will Brynner to praise Nomad and discredit Captain America.

(Captain America I#261 (fb)) – The Nihilist Order staged several attacks along the United States west coast and made themselves appear to be defeated by their own member Nomad while Will Brynner did his job promoting Nomad. In one such attack by the Order, Nomad rescued actress Suzanne Dimmbulb.

(Captain America I#261) – After Captain America and the Falcon left Cap’s brownstone to go to Avengers Mansion, the Nihilist Order's Operative M reported their leaving to the Pupil (actually Lyle Dekker the Ameridroid). At Avengers Mansion, Captain America learned that Galactic Pictures was planning a movie about his life and, upon seeing the new Nomad on television, decided to take Galactic Pictures up on their offer to aid in the promotion of the film. Twenty-four hours later, Cap arrived at Los Angeles International Airport where he was attacked by the Nihilist Order. Nomad quickly appeared as well, making hidden attempts to fumble Captain America up. Following the Nihilist Order agents' defeat, Captain America was introduced to Galactic Pictures production assistant Wally Lombego as Nomad escaped. Back at the Nihilist Order’s headquarters, Ameridroid gloated about how Captain America had no idea of the Nihilist Order’s true intent and the Teacher decided that it was time for Ameridroid “therapy” session. On the way to the therapy chamber, the Teacher found one of the Order’s agents asleep and struck her awake before tossing her against a wall. Demanding that she recite the Order’s purpose for existence, the Teacher let her be and took Ameridroid to the therapy chamber. Shortly thereafter, as Captain America was doing a press conference for the Cap film, a Nihilist Order agent disguised as a reporter shot Galactic Pictures producer Leonard Spellman. Captain America quickly caught up to her but she feigned helplessness and claimed that she was forced to attack. She then had Nihilist Order agent Brother fire upon Captain America from a helicopter, which she used in an attempt to escape. Nomad then arrived on the scene and secretly used an electromagnet to throw off Cap’s shield before kissing the woman he saved from Cap’s “runaway shield.” Nomad then fired a gun at Captain America, claiming he was helping Captain America against the Nihilist Order, causing Cap to leap from the helicopter’s ladder and allowing the Nihilist Order to escape. Following the battle, Captain America grew suspicious of Nomad’s intentions while Teacher and the Ameridroid watched on a video screen. Nomad soon returned to the Teacher, who knocked Nomad to the ground for his failure to stop Captain America.

(Captain America I#262) – Will Brynner continued his attempts to discredit Captain America while the Teacher ordered Nomad to train harder for his final battle with Captain America. A few days later, as Captain America was about to speak about the film at a charity show, the Nihilist Order attacked onstage comedian Benny Bernhart. Captain America immediately leapt into action, grabbing the Order’s bomb, but Nomad showed up once again, magnetically drawing the bomb into his own hand. Realizing what Nomad’s plan was, Captain America followed the Nihilist Order, but was tripped up by one of their disguised agents, allowing Nomad to once again gain the glory from the Nihilist Order’s defeat. Three days later, the Nihilist Order prepared for their upcoming attack on the Captain America parade. During the parade, the Nihilist Order attacked the civilians and Captain America once again jumped into battle against the Nihilist Order and the Ameridroid. Nomad soon staged a fight against the Nihilist Order himself but was stunned when Ameridroid called him by his real last name of Ferbel. When he asked Ameridroid what he was doing, Ameridroid shot Nomad dead under the orders of the Teacher, who had decided Nomad had outlived his usefulness. As Will Brynner reported Nomad’s death, Ameridroid captured Captain America and took him back to the Teacher. As the Teacher and Ameridroid watched the captive Captain America, Cap reminded Ameridroid of the truth of his android body and how Dekker had placed himself in the android body. Realizing that the Teacher had manipulated him into fighting Captain America, Ameridroid turned on the Teacher, who knocked Ameridroid out and revealed himself as the Red Skull.

(Captain America I#263) – The Red Skull explained his entire plan to lure Captain America into the trap by using Nomad and the Nihilist Order as pawns. When Ameridroid began to come to, the Red Skull proved his complete mental control of him by forcing him to kill Captain America. Eventually breaking through the Red Skull’s conditioning, Captain America reminded Ameridroid that every man had the right to be free. Ameridroid then busted through the wall between himself and the Red Skull, but seemingly died fighting through the Red Skull’s force field. As Captain America battled the Red Skull, who was revealed to be in a robot body, Will Brynner was arrested by Lt. Cal Lummbo when half a dozen Nihilist Order agents turned themselves in to the police and revealed Brynner’s part in the Red Skull’s plans. Trying to locate the true Red Skull, Captain America searched the Nihilist Order’s Democracy Studios headquarters before being attacked by an army of Nihilist Order agents. Defeating them all, Captain America was led to a train by another robot Red Skull and after following the robot to an elevator, Captain America was stunned to learn that the Red Skull was secretly behind Galactic Pictures. The Red Skull then revealed his plan to use Galactic Pictures’ Captain America documentary to hypnotize the American public into a violent frenzy using film treated with the Red Skull’s own hypno-chemical. As the Red Skull gloated, the severely damaged Ameridroid burst in and fell atop the Red Skull, defeating him and causing an explosion that destroyed the top floors of the Galactic Pictures building. Captain America then rushed to the KMBC television studio and burned the Red Skull’s Captain America documentary.

Comments: Created by J. M. DeMatteis, Mike Zeck and Quickdraw Studios.

Lt. Cal Lummbo was an obvious parody of television detective, Columbo.

Profile by Proto-Man.

The Nihilist Order has no known connections to

Benny BernhartBenny Bernhart

Benny Bernhart was a stand-up comedian who was doing an act for a charity benefit and he appeared onstage prior to Captain America’s time onstage. During Bernhart’s act, the Nihilist Order attacked him despite pleas from the comedian that the act was for charity and he had no money on his person. Bernhart was quickly rescued by Captain America, who pursued the fleeing Nihilist Order.




--Captain America I#262

Will BrynnerWill Brynner

Will Brynner was an Eyewitness News 8 television news reporter who was being paid by the Red Skull to promote Nomad’s supposed heroism while downplaying Captain America’s. He interviewed Nomad after Nomad rescued actress Suzanne Dimmbulb and was on hand later when Captain America defeated the Nihilist Order at Los Angeles Airport, promoting Nomad’s part in their defeat over Captain America’s. Later, when Nomad “aided” Captain America against the Nihilist Order during a press conference, Brynner had his cameraman Morty get a closeup on Nomad kissing a rescued civilian woman while Cap pursued the Nihilist Order’s helicopter. Brynner then tried to interview Nomad again after the conflict but Nomad dashingly fled away when Captain America began to question Nomad. Shortly thereafter, Brynner went on television promoting Nomad while attempting to get his audience to question the usefulness of Captain America. Later, when the Nihilist Order attacked a Captain America parade promoting the upcoming Galactic Pictures Captain America movie, Brynner was on hand when Nomad was shot dead by the Ameridroid, attempting to turn the audience’s opinion toward the death of the “heroic” Nomad instead of Captain America’s defense of the parade civilians. As Brynner continued to report Nomad’s death, he was approached by police Lt. Cal Lummbo, who arrested Brynner for his overall part in the Nihilist Order’s activities.

--Captain America I#261 (262, 263

Suzanne DimmbulbSuzanne Dimmbulb

Suzanne Dimmbulb was a television actress rescued by Nomad from the Nihilist Order, who was trying to upstage Captain America to ruin his image. Following Dimmbulb’s rescue, Nomad was interviewed by Will Brynner.

--Captain America I#261 (seen only on a video screen)

Mr. HunkleyMr. Hunkley

Mr. Hunkley was a news reporter who attempted to interview Nomad after the Nihilist Order’s defeat at the hands of Captain America during a charity benefit. Hunkley continued his interview with Nomad while Captain America pursued the Nihilist Order.

--Captain America I#262

Joe & BillieJoe & Billie

Joe and Billie were reporters who attempted to report the news of Nomad’s death alongside Will Brynner. When Brynner was arrested by Lt. Cal Lummbo, Billie and Joe realized that Nomad was a phony. Joe then told Billie that when he got back to his offices at the Trib, the whole world would know the truth.





--Captain America I#263 (both)

Cal LummboLt. Cal Lummbo

Police Lt. Cal Lummbo was a police officer attempting to track down the Nihilist Order. While Captain America dealt with the Order’s leader, the Red Skull, Lt. Lummbo and a small group of police officers arrested Will Brynner for his role in the Order’s activities.




--Captain America I#263


Morty was one of Will Brynner’s cameramen. When the Nihilist Order attacked a Captain America press conference and Nomad arrived to "help", Brynner had Morty get a closeup of Nomad kissing the rescued civilian woman. After doing so, Morty and his fellow cameraman turned their attentions toward Captain America’s daring pursuit of the fleeing Nihilist Order.


--Captain America I#261

Operative MOperative M

Operative M was a member of the Nihilist Order who was disguised as a homeless woman. She kept a watchful eye on Captain America and reported her findings to the Ameridroid. When Captain America and the Falcon left Captain America’s brownstone for Avengers Mansion, she reported their leaving to Ameridroid.




--Captain America I#261

images: (without ads)
Captain America I#262, p12, pan3 (Nihilist Order, main image)
Captain America I#262, p9, pan6 (Nihilist Order rushing the stage)
Captain America I#262, p9, pan7 (Benny Bernhart)
Captain America I#261, p11, pan3 (Will Brynner)
Captain America I#261, p7, pan5 (Suzanne Dimmbulb)
Captain America I#262, p11, pan6 (Mr. Hunkley)
Captain America I#263, p9, p6 (Joe & Billie)
Captain America I#263, p9, pan4 (Lt. Cal Lummbo)
Captain America I#261, p20, pan1 (Morty)
Captain America I#261, p6, pan3 (Operative M)

Captain America I#261 (September, 1981) – J. M. DeMatteis (writer), Mike Zeck (pencils), Quickdraw Studios (inks), Jim Salicrup (editor)
Captain America I#262 (October, 1981) – J. M. DeMatteis (writer), Mike Zeck (pencils), Quickdraw Studios (inks), Jim Salicrup (editor)
Captain America I#263 (November, 1981) – J. M. DeMatteis (writer), Mike Zeck (pencils), Quickdraw Studios (inks), Jim Salicrup (editor)

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