Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Normal human

Occupation: Criminal

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Mark Mason;
    formerly Gloria Vance (ex-lover)

Enemies: Gloria Vance

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: New York City, USA

First Appearance: Blonde Phantom#14/5 (Summer, 1947)

Powers/Abilities: The Ox was bulkier and stronger than a normal man, but had no superhuman powers.

(Blonde Phantom#14
/5 (fb) - BTS) - The Ox was a well-known criminal. He was a brute and a killer, but was very much in love with his girlfriend, Gloria Vance.  When he was condemned and sent to prison, he never forgot her. Meanwhile, Gloria married a rich man who knew nothing about her past which she wanted to keep secret.

(Blonde Phantom#14/5) - Some years later, after being released from prison, the Ox looked for Gloria, but could not find her, so he hired private investigator Mark Mason to find her. Soon found a lead to Mervin Doy, dance director at the Broadway Palace. Doy told Mason that Gloria was dead and had Mason beaten by Harvey and Gus, his two henchmen. Fortunately for him, the Blonde Phantom was following the same tracks and helped Mason escape. Blonde Phantom found another clue and disguised herself as showgirl performer and friend of Gloria's, and she met Mamie Hart, an actual "colleague" of Gloria's.
    The Blonde Phantom gave the information to Mason about where to find Mamie. The private investigator contacted the Ox and they ran to Mamie's house. However, Gloria Vance had already arrived and shot Mamie to keep her past secret and then intended to also shoot the newly arrived Blonde Phantom, but Mason and the Ox arrived, stopping the attempted murder. Gloria angrily confessed to her ex-boyfriend that she had married a millionaire and that the Ox would spoil her wealthy position. Astounded and confused, the Ox approached the woman, who shot him without mercy. But he was too a strong man to die immediately, his hands clutched on her long, fine neck and strangled her, even after two more gunshots from her. When he realized that his loved one was dead, the Ox was ready to die.

Comments: Creators unrevealed.

I never read "Farewell, My Lovely" (1940) by Raymond Chandler, but I have watched "Farewell, My Lovely" (1975) a couple of times. In the film, Philip Marlowe is played perfectly by Robert Mitchum, years after the couple Mason/Blonde Phantom. The Ox immediately 
recalls Jack O'Halloran as Moose Malloy. Great movie! Go get it!

Profile by Spidermay.

The Ox has no known connections to

Gloria Vance has no known connections to 

Mamie Hart has no known connections to

Mervin DoyMervin Doy

A friend of Gloria, Mervin Doy worked as dance director at the Broadway Palace. After Gloria met her millionaire boyfriend, she paid Doy to hide her past, especially her relation with a killer like the Ox. Later, Doy lied to the investigator Mason, saying that Gloria was dead, and Mason believed him, but Doy also menaced the private investigator. Doy ordered his two henchmen, Harvey and Gus, to take care of the intruder. He likely informed Gloria Vance that someone was looking for her. The day after, Doy auditioned several dancers, and accepted Louise Grant among the performers. 

--Blonde Phantom I#14/5

Harvie and GusHarvey and Gus

Harvey and Gus were two thugs, helpers of Mervin Doy, and executed his orders without conscience. They dragged Mason out of the Palace and started "mussing" him when the Blonde Phantom intervened and helped Mark to knock them down and escape in the night.



--Blonde Phantom I#14/5

Mamie HartMamie Hart

Mamie Hart worked as a showgirl at the Broadway Palace. She worked there when Gloria Vance worked in the show and knew that she had found a lucky break. Some years later, she met Louise Grant, a new dancer who claimed to be one of Gloria's friends and who was looking for Gloria. Mamie had her address in her "little black book" at home so invited Louise to pass by her that night. Unfortunately for her, Louise called Mark Mason to inform him about Mamie, and during the call she was overheard by Gloria Vance hidden nearby. Louise spotted someone and, foreseeing troubles, donned her Blonde Phantom dress and ran to Mamie's address. But Gloria was quicker; she arrived moments before and fired two bullets into Mamie, closing her lips forever.

--Blonde Phantom I#14/5

Gloria VanceGloria Vance

Gloria was a chorine at the Broadway Palace when she was the Ox's girlfriend. When the hulking brute was hauled off to the "big house" (prison), she had a tough time until she met a millionaire. Afraid that her past with a criminal could spoil her relationship, she never told him about the Ox, and married the rich man. To make sure that the Ox would not find her, she used her money to pay her friends to keep the secret, friends like Mervin Loy and Mamie Hart. Obsessed, Gloria skulked in the Broadway Palace when overheard the Blonde Phantom's call to investigator Mark Mason: Mamie Hart was about to reveal her secret. So Gloria ran to Mamie's house and killed her. The Blonde Phantom, aware that someone had listened her call, arrived at Mamie's house too late to save her. Gloria was about to shoot the Blonde Phantom, but was surprised by Mark Mason and Ox, her shot missed the two men by only inches. Angered, she confessed her plan to the Ox, and shot him. The hulking killer strangled Gloria and died few seconds after her.

    Later, Gloria Vance's rich husband gave to Mark Mason a present of $10,000 for having shown him what a fool he was.


--Blonde Phantom I#14/5

Blonde Phantom I#14/5, p3, pan2 (the Ox stumbling into Louise Grant)
Blonde Phantom I#14/5, p3, pan6 (the Ox, head shot)
Blonde Phantom I#14/5, p10, pan1 (Gloria Vance shooting at the Ox)
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Blonde Phantom I#14/5, p5, pan2 (Harvey and Gus beating Mason)
Blonde Phantom I#14/5, p6, pan3 (Mamie Hart) 

Other appearances: None

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