Membership: Pablo Enrile, Virgilio Mendez, Antonio MorenoLotus Newmark (leader), Prince (Fernando Torres), Jesus Ramos, Roberto Rodriguez, Ramone Santos, Slice, numerous others

Purpose: To terrorize the neighborhood and get whatever they want, as well as make money via drug deals

Affiliations: Auggie Slater, indirectly Reynaldo Cortizar, Paula

Enemies: The Avengers (Hawkeye, Mockingbird, U. S. Agent, Vision, Wonder Man), Elena, Anita Guiterrez, Monica Guiterrez, the Mode Blanks (a rival gang), the Terminizer (Luis Guiterrez), Doctor Willis (he helped Hawkeye get better after they attacked him), Officer Zamora

Base of Operations: Los Angeles, California

First Appearance: Avengers Spotlight#30 (March, 1990)

History: (Avengers Spotlight#30) - As Clint and Bobbi Barton exited a theater where they had just seen Lethal Bat 2, four members of the Stone Perfs gang drove by and opened fire on the crowd outside the theater, killing six, wounding six, and leaving the others with minor injuries. Demanding to know what the gang's motive was, Clint and Bobbi suited up as Hawkeye and Mockingbird and followed the foursome, eventually causing their car to crash using an incendiary arrow. While the duo captured three of the four, the one known as Slice escaped. The next day, Hawkeye went down to the police station and questioned the Stone Perf known as Prince Charming about the drive-by shooting to no avail. The escaped Slice made his way back to Lotus Realtors, where he reported to the leader of the gang, Lotus Newmark. Angered at Slice for drawing the Avengers into their quarrels, Lotus scratched Slice with her fingernails. She then ordered Slice to kill Hawkeye in order to keep the Avengers focused on the gang, keeping them from discovering her involvement. That night, the Stone Perfs drove by the Avengers Compound and dumped a dead man on their doorstep as a warning for Hawkeye to stay out of their business. Hawkeye immediately left the Compound to find information about the gang, only to find that no one in downtown Los Angeles would give him information out of fear from the gang. Hawkeye soon caught eye of one of the gang members, who made a run for it to distract Hawkeye, while the other Stone Perfs plotted on a local building roof. Once the diversional Stone Perf went into an alley and Hawkeye followed, the Stone Perfs cornered him and shot him multiple times. A young boy named Luis saw the shooting and called 9-1-1, allowing the ambulances to arrive in time to save Hawkeye's life. Weeks later, after Hawkeye had somewhat recovered and outfitted himself with a suit of armor, he captured one of the Stone Perfs and threatened the member into giving the address of one of the gang's hideouts. Making his way, Hawkeye confronted the Stone Perfs and warned them that any act of violence they committed would be met with consequences.

 (Avengers Spotlight#31/1) - The Stone Perfs pulled a drive-by shooting at the home of Luis Guiterrez as a warning for him to stay out of their business. Soon after, the Stone Perf Prince Charming was released from the police station to await further evidence. He was ushered back to Lotus, who explained that he would now be chauffeuring Reynaldo Cortizar around town. When he asked why he would have to do so, Reynaldo explained that they both wanted Hawkeye dead. Later that evening, Reynaldo attacked Hawkeye, but was killed himself by the Terminizer.

 (Avengers Spotlight#32/1) - A group of Stone Perfs went to investigate the Terminizer's calling card of a spray-painted circle T logo. The group was soon surprised to see the Terminizer right behind them, to which they responded with taunts until he shot every one of them. Elsewhere, Prince destroyed a car that was seen by both Hawkeye and the Terminizer under order from Lotus Newmark. He then returned to her, where she informed him about his failure to watch over Reynaldo. She warned him that she commanded respect and stabbed him with her fingernails when he scoffed. Later that night, two Stone Perfs attempted to rob a local woman of her purse, only to be stopped by Hawkeye. After Hawkeye departed the scene, the Terminizer appeared and shot the two downed Perfs to death, leaving his circle T insignia on the scene. Minutes later, Hawkeye found a Stone Perf trying to deal drugs and halted the deal. He then punched the Perf unconscious and left the scene, not noticing that the Terminizer arrived on the scene and killed the Perf afterwards. Not long after, Hawkeye found two other members of the Stone Perfs attempting to rob a tobacco store, where he stuck them to the ground with a putty arrow. After he departed, the Terminizer once again arrived and killed the Perfs. Hawkeye then found another Perf trying to break into a car. He stopped the thug with a sonic arrow and the Terminizer soon arrived behind Hawkeye to kill the thug. The next morning, Hawkeye discovered on the news the thugs' deaths.

 (Avengers Spotlight#33/1) - During the funeral for those killed by the Terminizer, the Stone Perfs were attacked by a rival gang, the Mode Blanks. The Mode Blanks were stopped by the arrival of Hawkeye and Mockingbird, but the Stone Perfs mistakenly blamed Hawkeye for the deaths of their gangmates. Before they could attack Hawkeye, Officer Zamora of the L. A. P. D. arrived and fired a gun to gain their attention. He explained to them that all of these deaths were just payback from what they did to others and that perhaps they should rethink their lives. Not long after, Lotus Newmark disguised Prince and had him set up a trap for both Hawkeye and the Terminizer, using the Stone Perfs as bait. That night, the Stone Perfs gathered together and discussed meeting at the Korman Quarry. Luis Guiterrez was nearby and overheard their discussion, calling his mother on the phone in the hospital, who, in turn, phoned Hawkeye and Mockingbird to give them a heads-up.

 (Avengers Spotlight#34/1) - When the Stone Perfs gathered at the Quarry, Hawkeye and Mockingbird arrived as predicted and engaged the gang in a battle. As the Stone Perfs began attacking back, an unmarked helicopter flew on the scene and the two individuals inside it dumped incendiary bombs into the Quarry, killing the thirty Stone Perfs inside it. After Hawkeye and Mockingbird avenged the deaths by stopping the two responsible, Prince emerged from hiding and spray-painted a circle T design on the Quarry. He looked down into the Quarry and saw only carbon piles in the vague shape of humans. Sickened, he left and returned to Lotus Newmark, who commended Prince on a job well done. Afterwards, Prince was shown a lab owned by Lotus that manufactured cocaine.

 (Avengers Spotlight#36) - Lotus took Prince to her mansion, where she explained how she became the ruthless, pragmatic person she was. The next day, during Luis Guiterrez's birthday party (which was attended by Hawkeye), Luis noticed Prince and pointed him out to Hawkeye. Hawkeye immediately began questioning Prince until he pulled a gun on Hawkeye. Prince fired, but Hawkeye managed to get the gun away from Prince. Unfortunately, the stray shot hit Luis's sister, Anita, killing her. Prince then hit Hawkeye with the gun, turned and shot the approaching police officers, and then stole Hawkeye's Sky Cycle to make his escape. Prince then returned to Lotus, who ordered him away from her. Hawkeye eventually caught up to Prince and pressured him into admitting that he had lured the Stone Perfs to their deaths. Before Prince could pull another gun on Hawkeye, he was killed by the Terminizer. Finally meeting the Terminizer face-to-face, Hawkeye discovered that the one who had been killing the Stone Perfs was none other than Luis Guiterrez himself. Luis asked Hawkeye if he had stooped to their level and whether Hawkeye was going to arrest him. Hawkeye began to tear up and told Luis that there would be no questions and to go home to his mother.

Comments: Created by Steve Gerber, Al Milgrom, and Don Heck.

The names of Stone Perfs Ramone Santos, Virgilio Mendez, Pablo Enrile, Antonio Moreno, Jesus Ramos, and Roberto Rodriguez were only revealed during their funeral. When they actually appeared on panel, there names were not given. I have assigned the names to the six Perfs that the Terminizer killed in Avengers Spotlight#32 based on chronological order. Whichever Perf was mentioned first during the funeral was the Perf who was first killed by the Terminizer, and so on and so on.

Profile by Proto-Man


The Stone Perfs had no known connection to


Reynaldo Cortizar was an associate of Lotus Newmark, head of the Stone Perfs. He was formerly a bodyguard to Enrique Moreno, a major drug supplier from Medellin until the Colombian government drove him into exile. Unemployed, Reynaldo was contacted by Lotus Newmark to kill Hawkeye with the help of the Stone Perf known as Prince Charming. That night, Reynaldo attempted to kill Hawkeye with a rocket launcher but was killed by the Terminizer during the fight.

--Avengers Spotlight#31/1 (#31/1d,


Elena was a waitress who was attacked by Ramone Santos and Virgilio Mendez of the Stone Perfs. She was saved by Hawkeye, but ran away when the Terminizer arrived to kill them.

--Avengers Spotlight#32/1


Pablo Enrile was a member of the Stone Perfs who acted as a drug dealer for the gang. During one of his deals, Hawkeye fired a gas arrow at him and then knocked him out. After Hawkeye left, the Terminizer arrived and gunned down Pablo, whose funeral was interrupted by an attack by the rival gang the Mode Blanks.

--Avengers Spotlight#32/1 (#32/1d, #33/1 (funeral),


Virgilio Mendez was one of the Stone Perfs who attempted to rob the waitress, Elena. He was stopped by Hawkeye, who used an electro-shock arrow to immobilize Virgilio. After Hawkeye left, the Terminizer arrived and killed Virgilio and his partner-in-crime, Ramone Santos.

--Avengers Spotlight#32/1 (#32/1d, #33/1 (funeral),


The Mode Blanks were a rival gang who attacked the Stone Perfs during the funeral of the six gang members killed by the Terminizer. Their attack was stopped by Hawkeye and Mockingbird and the gang was later interrogated by Hawkeye following the massacre of the Stone Perfs.

--Avengers Spotlight#32/1 (#32/1, #36,


Antonio Moreno was a member of the Stone Perfs who attempted to rob a tobacco outlet with fellow gang member Jesus Ramos. Their robbery was halted by Hawkeye, who used a putty arrow to stick them to the ground. When he left, the Terminizer arrived and gunned down both Antonio and Jesus.

--Avengers Spotlight#32/1 (#32/1d, #33/1 (funeral),


Paula worked for Lotus Newmark, the head of the Stone Perfs gang. She greeted Lotus and Prince Charming when Lotus took Prince to visit her mansion following the deaths of the Perfs.

--Avengers Spotlight#36


Jesus Ramos was one of the Stone Perfs who attempted to rob a tobacco outlet with Antonio Moreno. They were stopped by Hawkeye with a putty arrow and were soon after executed by the Terminizer.

--Avengers Spotlight#32/1 (#32/1d, #33/1 (funeral),


Roberto Rodriguez was a member of the Stone Perfs who attempted to steal a car. His theft was stopped by Hawkeye using a sonic arrow and he was soon after killed by the Terminizer.

--Avengers Spotlight#32/1 (#32/1d, #33/1 (funeral),


Ramone Santos was one of the Stone Perfs who tried to rob the waitress Elena, only to be stopped by Hawkeye using a bola arrow. When Hawkeye left, Ramone was killed by the Terminizer.

--Avengers Spotlight#32/1 (#32/1d, #33/1 (funeral),


Auggie Slater was the right-hand man for Lotus Newmark, head of the Stone Perfs. When Prince Charming was released from the police station, Auggie met him and explained that Lotus wanted to see him. Back at Lotus's safe house in the Hollywood Hills, Auggie Slater met with Lotus, Reynaldo Cortizar, and Prince to discuss their plans for the death of Hawkeye. After Prince was wounded by Lotus, Slater escorted him to Lotus's personal physician and explained that Lotus saw potential in Prince. He then escorted him to Lotus herself and helped Prince disguise himself to set up the Stone Perfs for a trap. Following the deaths of the Stone Perfs, Auggie Slater showed Prince the drug labs that Lotus was funding.

--Avengers Spotlight#31/1 (#31/1, #33/1, #34/1,


Slice was one of the Stone Perfs who participated in the drive-by shooting outside of the movie theater playing "Lethal Bat 2." While his gangmates were captured, Slice managed to escape back to the Perfs' boss, Lotus Newmark, and explained what had happened. She slashed him across the face with her fingernails for his role in drawing the attention of the Avengers to the Stone Perfs. In retaliation, he led the group that participated in the shooting of Hawkeye. He presumably died in the firebomb that killed the other Stone Perfs.

--Avengers Spotlight#30


After the Stone Perfs shot Hawkeye multiple times, Doctor Willis was the doctor who attended to Hawkeye.

--Avengers Spotlight#30

images: (not counting ads)
Avengers Spotlight#30, p2, pan7 (Slice)
 p14, pan3 (Stone Perfs group shot, with Hawkeye looking up)
 p16, pan3 (Doctor Willis)
Avengers Spotlight#31, p9, pan4 (Reynaldo Cortizar)
Avengers Spotlight#32, p10, pan6 (Virgilio Mendez)
 p10, pan7 (Ramone Santos)
 p11, pan7 (Elena)
 p12, pan1 (Pablo Enrile)
 p12, pan4 (Antonio Moreno and Jesus Ramos)
 p13, pan3 (Roberto Rodriguez)
Avengers Spotlight#33, p3, pan4 (Mode Blanks)
 p12, pan1 (Auggie Slater)
Avengers Spotlight#34, p2, pan4 (Stone Perfs group shot, Main Pic)
Avengers Spotlight#36, p7, pan1 (Paula)

Avengers Spotlight#30 (March, 1990) - Steve Gerber (writer), Al Milgrom (layouts), Don Heck (finishes)
Avengers Spotlight#31 (April, 1990) - Hawkeye story by Steve Gerber (writer), Al Milgrom, Don Heck (artists)
Avengers Spotlight#32 (May, 1990) - Hawkeye story by Steve Gerber (writer), Al Milgrom (pencils), Hajek Satter Lee (inks)
Avengers Spotlight#33 (June, 1990) - Hawkeye story by Steve Gerber (writer), Al Milgrom, Don Heck (artists)
Avengers Spotlight#34 (July, 1990) - Hawkeye story by Steve Gerber (writer), Al Milgrom, Don Heck (artists)
Avengers Spotlight#36 (September, 1990) - Steve Gerber (writer), Al Milgrom, Don Heck (artists)

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