Real Name:  (First name unrevealed) Zamora (see comments)

Identity/Class:  Human

Occupation:  Police officer

Group Membership:  Los Angeles Police Department

Affiliations: Anita Guiterrez, Monica Guiterrez, Hawkeye, the Los Angeles Police Department (see comments), Mockingbird

Enemies:  Reynaldo Cortizar, Mode Blanks, Stone Perfs (especially Prince), the Terminizer

Known Relatives:  None

Aliases:  None

Base of Operations:  Los Angeles, California

First Appearance:  Avengers Spotlight#30 (March, 1990)

Powers/Abilities:  Officer Zamora had no superhuman powers, although he was a skilled police officer and was not afraid of criminals. He also carried a gun that he was trained to use.

head shotHistory:  (Avengers Spotlight#30) - After Hawkeye confronted the Stone Perf known as Prince Charming at the Los Angeles police station, he spoke with Officer Zamora, who warned him not to get involved with gang conflicts. Weeks later, after Hawkeye was shot and had gotten a suit of armor to protect him, Officer Zamora helped him capture one of the Stone Perfs by arresting him when Hawkeye led the Perf to the police station.

 (Avengers Spotlight#31) - Officer Zamora visited the hospital room of Monica Guiterrez, along with her children, Luis and Anita, as well as Hawkeye. After they left, Zamora once again warned Hawkeye to stay out of gang conflicts, as too many people get hurt. Hawkeye then asked him if he had any luck finding the van that Luis Guiterrez had described earlier, but Zamora sadly replied that he wasn't able to get the crime a top priority status because no one had been killed. Hawkeye told Zamora that he didn't have to explain police paperwork, but Zamora told Hawkeye he was glad to get any help he could get.

 (Avengers Spotlight#32) - Following another attack on Hawkeye's life by Reynaldo Cortizar, Officer Zamora visited him and Mockingbird to show them what the police had found on the scene. He explained to Hawkeye who Reynaldo Cortizar was and how the police had found a circle-T design spray-painted near Reynaldo's body. He then explained to Hawkeye that it wasn't just the Stone Perfs who wanted him dead, but someone higher up in the drug trade. When Hawkeye asked if it was a drug problem or a gang problem, Zamora replied that it was both. As he left, he once again warned Hawkeye that if he was going to continue his crusade against the Stone Perfs gang, he needed to have a better plan.

 (Avengers Spotlight#33) - When a fight broke out between the Stone Perfs and the Mode Blanks during a mass funeral for some of the fallen Perfs, Officer Zamora broke up the fight by firing his gun into the air. He then explained to both gangs that Hawkeye was not responsible for the deaths of the fallen Perfs and that Hawkeye had actually saved the remaining Stone Perfs from death at the hands of the Mode Blanks. He then told the Perfs to go back to the preacher who was presiding at the funeral, in hopes that maybe some of the Perfs might change their ways after hearing the padre grieve. After the Perfs returned to the funeral, Zamora spoke with Hawkeye and Mockingbird about how the police department had found no clues leading to the identity of the mysterious Terminizer who had been killing members of the Stone Perfs. When Zamora left, Hawkeye told Mockingbird how he wondered if Zamora himself was the Terminizer.

 (Avengers Spotlight#36 - BTS) - When the Terminizer killed the former Stone Perf known as Prince, he appeared before Hawkeye. Hawkeye told him not to take off his mask, but Hawkeye knew from the build of the Terminizer that it was Luis Guiterrez, clearing Hawkeye's suspicions that the Terminizer was actually Officer Zamora.

Comments: Created by Steve Gerber, Al Milgrom, and Don Heck.

In an issue of the Los Angeles Post seen in Avengers Spotlight#33, the Chief of Detectives of the L. A. P. D. was Tom DeFalco, so it's possible that Officer Zamora had a "work friend" relationship with Marvel's former editor-in-chief. The entire credits of this issue's story was given in the credits of the L. A. Post, so it's also very probable that every person listed in that issue was just a funny way of presenting the credits. However you'd like to look at it, I suppose...

Another thing of note. In the first page of Avengers Spotlight#32, Officer Zamora was miscolored as a Caucasian (also in a panel of #33). He seemed to be of Hispanic heritage in all other panels.

Also, various internet websites have Officer Zamora's first name listed as "Pete," but nowhere in the "Stone Perfs" storyline could I find where his first name was revealed. If anyone out there can point me to a page/panel combination where it was revealed, I'd love to hear it.

Profile by Proto-Man


Officer Zamora has no known connections to

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