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Real Name: Derek Hoffman

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: None

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Victoria Anderson, Steve Hoffman, the Vision

Enemies: The Gremlin

Known Relatives: Steve Hoffman (father), unnamed grandfather (deceased), unnamed mother (deceased)

Aliases: De-Man (his internet screenname)

Base of Operations: Queens, New York

First Appearance: Avengers Icons: The Vision#1 (October, 2002)

Powers/Abilities: Derek Hoffman had no superhuman powers, but was knowledgeable on paranormal events and "fantasy" stories. He also was skilled in the use of a camera.

head shotHistory:  (Avengers Icons: The Vision#1) - Soon after moving to Queens, New York, Derek Hoffman began chatting with his friends on the internet about how many horror/sci-fi movies were based on true stories. His father soon came into the room and unplugged Derek's computer, exclaiming that Derek needed to make some real friends instead of living in a fantasy world. Derek angrily claimed that it was somewhat hard to make friends when he was moving every four months. Derek's father announced that it wasn't easy to juggle a career in the Air Force and raise a kid single-handedly. In response to his father, Derek claimed that his dad just had a desk job and it wasn't like he was like his grandfather, who was a real soldier until the "gremlins" got him. Derek's dad then told Derek to stop with the sci-fi stuff and reminded him that his grandfather had been killed during an engine failure aboard his plane. Derek tried to argue back, but Derek's dad told him that he shouldn't believe what his mom had said, as she had not been well during her final years. He then told Derek that he would try to stay in Queens and then he left Derek's room. After the argument with his dad, Derek tried to sleep, but was awakened by the appearance of the Vision on his computer screen saying "Yesterday is tomorrow." Derek then noticed that his computer was still unplugged and, figuring that the Vision's appearance was some sort of paranormal activity, snuck out of the house to get some proof on film. While taking a picture of a graveyard statue, Derek was surprised to hear the Vision's voice. He then followed the voice to an abandoned tent, where he saw a mechanical arm stretch toward him. Terrified, Derek fled through the graveyard until he ran into a support pole under a bridge, breaking it. The broken pole could no longer support the bridge and it came crashing toward Derek below. Derek was then saved by the Vision, who vaporized the falling stone with a blast from his solar gem. Derek, still scared, ran back into the graveyard until the Vision caught up to him and claimed to be the "vision of tomorrow."

 (Avengers Icons: The Vision#2) - The Vision then told Derek that he had to "stop it." Confused, Derek asked what the Vision was talking about and the Vision then repaired Derek's camera, which had been broken when he ran from the Vision. A surprised Derek then asked if the Vision was a ghost, but the Vision said that ghosts were not real and explained to Derek that he was a synthezoid. The Vision also told Derek that his memory had been downloaded and stolen, and that the only memories he did have were the ones with his creator, Phineas T. Horton. Derek then looked down to see Horton's grave and told the Vision that Professor Horton had died. Before the Vision had time to mourn the loss of his creator, an unmanned helicopter attacked both him and Derek. As the Vision destroyed the helicopter, Derek dove out of the way of the falling aircraft. The police soon arrived and their squad car's controls were overridden, causing the car to lose control and crash into the Vision. As Derek commented on how the car had started by itself, an entire group of cars surrounded the duo. The Vision quickly fought his way through the controlled cars to a nearby car that wasn't being controlled. In order to figure out what was going on, the Vision stole the car, which belonged to Derek's father. The Vision explained to Derek that he had to find the one person who could help him without the Gremlin finding out. Not knowing who the Gremlin was, Derek told the Vision that he was going too. Before the Vision could argue, Derek had strapped himself in, while Derek's father watched in horror as he son was "kidnapped." Derek and the Vision soon arrived at Professor Horton's former home, where Derek properly introduced himself to the Vision. While there, the Vision found photos of Horton's granddaughter, Victoria Anderson and Victoria's acceptance letter to Pennsylvania State University. The Vision told Derek that the photos and letter were reassuring data that might help them find Victoria, who could be the only one that could help him stop the Gremlin. Unknown to either Derek or the Vision, the Gremlin overheard their conversation due to the phone that the Vision had accidentally knocked off the hook.

 (Avengers Icons: The Vision#3) - While the Gremlin hijacked a plane to Pennsylvania, the Vision and Derek arrived there via Derek's father's car. Derek tried to talk to the Vision about his beliefs in ghosts, but the Vision replied that he did not believe in them. Arriving at Penn State, the Vision arrived at a fraternity house and scared Victoria Anderson, who was drunk from the party going on within. Derek tried to explain to Victoria that he had warned the Vision not to rush in, but Victoria was chalking the Vision up to too many drinks. While they tried to explain the situation to Victoria, Derek's dad, Steve, had arrived at his military base. As Steve thanked a sergeant for the ride and the assistance in finding his son, he was attacked by the Gremlin. Back at Penn State, the Vision and Derek were still trying to explain their situation to Victoria Anderson. When Victoria backed away, her necklace glowed and activated a dormant program in the Vision's mind. The Vision then projected a hologram of Professor Phineas Horton, which explained what the Gremlin was. Before the hologram could continue, one of the boys from the party entered the room and disrupted the hologram. Angered, the Vision threatened the boy and told the others present to leave. Victoria used the distraction to attempt to leave in her car, but Derek jumped inside the car and asked if she even heard what the hologram was saying. Victoria once again tried to act as if the events were not happening. Derek reminded her that it was happening and that the Gremlins that Professor Horton had spoken about had killed his grandfather. As they argued, the car doors locked themselves and the car started. The car then drove off with Derek and Victoria still inside. It then drove them to the University Park Air Force Base, where Derek was attacked by the Gremlin, who had taken control over Derek's dad. The Vision soon arrived to save his friends and found the Gremlin. The Gremlin then took control over every military vehicle in his vicinity and aimed them at the Vision.

 (Avengers Icons: The Vision#4) - Leaving the Vision to battle the controlled military vehicles, the Gremlin-possessed Steve Hoffman carried Derek and Victoria aboard the B-52 Stratofortress, which it intended to use in a terror campaign. The Vision soon caught up to the Stratofortress and ripped part of the Gremlin from Steve Hoffman, causing the Gremlin to release its grip on Steve and escape to the outside of the plane. While the Vision battled the Gremlin outside, Derek explained to his dad what had been going on. As the Vision destroyed the Gremlin using his own repair systems, Derek managed to help his father land the B-52 Stratofortress. The group landed safely and Derek immediately gave his father a hug. He then hugged the Vision and told him that his mom would have liked him. The Vision responded that he was sure he would have liked his mom too. He then told the Hoffmans that he was happy to know both of them and said his goodbyes. As the Vision left, Victoria asked him to stay in touch, as they were family, in a sense.

Comments: Created by Geoff Johns, Ivan Reis, and Joe Pimental.

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sub-entry imageSTEVE HOFFMAN

    Steve Hoffman was an engineer for the U. S. Air Force who was stationed in Queens, New York, with his son, Derek. He was raising his son alone, as his wife had become ill and died years ago. When he and Derek first moved to Queens, Steve found his son chatting online and unplugged his computer, claiming that his son needed to make real friends. He then argued with son and went to bed. While he slept, Derek snuck out of the house and found the Vision, who was suffering memory damage. Eventually, Steve awoke to see his son get into his own car with the Vision and speed away. Thinking his son had been kidnapped, Steve enlisted the aid of a military sergeant to help find his son. Steve tracked his son to Pennsylvania, where he was assimilated by the Gremlin. While under the Gremlin's control, Steve grabbed Derek and Victoria Anderson. With them in tow, Steve hijacked the B-52 Stratofortress and prepared to embark upon a terror campaign. The Vision soon arrived and removed the Gremlin from Steve's body. As the Vision battled the Gremlin, Steve asked his son to help him finding the emergency controls for a manual landing of the Stratofortress. Thanks to his son, Steve landed safely as the Vision destroyed the Gremlin. Steve then thanked the Vision for his assistance and hugged his son.

--Avengers Icons: The Vision#1 (#1, 2, 3, 4,





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Avengers Icons: The Vision#1, p13, pan1 (Steve Hoffman)

 p21, pan7 (Derek Hoffman, fullbody shot)

Avengers Icons: The Vision#2, p16, pan7 (Derek Hoffman, headshot)

Avengers Icons: The Vision#1-3 (October, 2002-December, 2002)

Avengers Icons: The Vision#4 (January, 2003)

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