Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Human mutant? (see comments); distant past thru modern era

Occupation: Hermit

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: None

Enemies: Denny and Shiela

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: "This One"

Base of Operations: An abandoned house;
     formerly a subterranean cave

First Appearance: Tower of Shadows#2/3 (November, 1969)

Powers/Abilities: The Hungry One appeared to be a mutant with the ability to feed off sound.  As time went on, its body devolved into a tentacled blob that emitted a glowing light when it fed off sound. 


History: (Tower of Shadows#2/3) - <prehistoric era> - A member of a tribe of cavemen was hunted down by the others when they learned of his mutant powers. They chased him into a cave where he hid.  There, he stayed for an untold number of centuries, feeding off the sounds of the waterfall that flowed over the cave.

(Tower of Shadows#2/3) - Over time, the prehistoric mutant's food source ran out as the waterfall dried up. In need of a new food supply, the Hungry One returned to the surface, where it somehow caused an explosion in a forest, which destroyed a large circular area. It eventually found its way into the forest, where it fed on the local sounds, and into a nearby abandoned home.

(Tower of Shadows#2/3) - Denny and Shiela were walking about when they found the old house and decided to check it out. There, Denny's leg broke through a rotten floorboard, and the Hungry One emerged from nearby, hoping to glean food from the two. As Shiela screamed, the now-bloblike creature glowed, and Denny realized it fed off sound. He played his guitar long enough to distract it for Shiela to free his leg, and the two fled. They ran into the area of land that the Hungry One had destroyed, and it chased them there, hoping they would scream again as it began to die. Trapped, the two turned to see the almost-dead creature reach out one last time, hoping to cause Shiela to scream once more. Whether she did or not, or if the Hungry One survived or perished, is unknown.





Comments: Created by Neal Adams and Dan Adkins.

    He's only referred to as the Hungry One on the cover. Most of the time, he refers to himself as "This One."

    Slightly confusing story, but a fairly sympathetic monster in a weird way.

Profile by Madison Carter


The Hungry One has no known connections to

Denny and Shiela

Two young people who encountered the Hungry One. It chased them, trying to elicit sound from them for it to feed and survive.

--Tower of Shadows#2/3

Tower of Shadows#2, cover (main image)
    story 3, page 2, panels 2-3 (original form)
    story 3, page 4, panel 2 (Denny and Shiela)

Tower of Shadows#2 (November, 1969) - Neal Adams (writer/penciler), Dan Adkins (inker) and Stan Lee (editor)


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