Real Name: Hunger

Identity/Class: Inter-dimensional parasite

Occupation: Devourer of realities

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: None

Enemies: Galactus, Pip, Thanos, nameless billions of its victims

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mobile throughout countless realities.

First Appearance: Thanos#1 (December, 2003 ) 

Powers/Abilities: Hunger is an inter-dimensional parasite: Once Hunger enters a dimension, he begins to absorb it and consume that reality. Essentially, Hunger eats realities. He absorbs that reality until he is all in that dimension and encompasses it. Then he finds a new dimension and begins to transfer himself into that one, absorbing it as well. When first entering a dimension, Hunger is temporarily vulnerable to extreme physical and energy attacks, but almost instantaneously adapts to whatever force is being applied to it and begins to absorb that force as well. Hunger also has formidable mental faculties, able to mentally influence even cosmic entities such as Galactus from a reality away. Hunger also taught itself how to speak 106 of the languages of the dimension of Earth 616. Hunger is able to breach parallel dimensions effortlessly, the way we walk from one room to another, but has great difficulty breaching "spherical" realities. In order to breach a "spherical" reality, there must be an opening on both sides of the dimensional barrier.

History: (Thanos#4 (fb) / Infinity Gauntlet#1-6 - BTS / Infinity War#1-6 - BTS) - Hunger has consumed countless realities. It had just gotten finished consuming a dimension when it first noticed the Earth-616 dimension. What caught Hunger's attention was the immense energy from the Infinity Gauntlet affair. However, before Hunger could locate the Earth-616 dimension, the Gauntlet was taken away from Thanos and the gems were dispersed, so then Hunger knew that our reality was out there, but could not pinpoint its location. However, later on when the Infinity Gauntlet was assembled again by the Magus, Hunger again sensed the Earth-616 dimension and managed to locate it as well. But Hunger still could not enter Earth-616 dimension because it was a "spherical" reality, and needed an opening on both sides of the dimensional barriers. Hunger could open a portal to our world, but someone would need to open it from the other side as well. So in order to enter this dimension, Hunger tricked Galactus into thinking that the vibratory patterns of the Infinity Gems were identical to the kind he consumed from planets. Thus Galactus sought out and began to assemble the Infinity Gems, just as Hunger had planned. Hunger then mentally influenced Galactus into building a device that he thought would take away his need of living planets, but in reality would serve as a portal through which for Hunger to enter our dimension. Hunger also mentally influenced Galactus' logic so he could not see how this plan had obvious flaws.

(Thanos#1) - Hunger observed as Thanos offered his help to the Rigellians in order to make amends for his past misdeeds. As Hunger watched, he commented, "So it begins!"

(Thanos#3) - Hunger observed Thanos, Pip, and Warlock discussing their plans regarding Galactus and his consumption of a Rigellian world. Hunger then noticed someone watching him (SEE COMMENTS) and decided it would be a waste of time to pass up such an unusual opportunity. Hunger then began to talk to whomever it was that was aware of Hunger's existence.

(Thanos#4) - Hunger explained its history to whomever was observing it. Hunger then went on to watch on as Galactus took the Soul Gem away from Adam Warlock and prepared to open the portal that would allow Hunger to devour this reality.

(Thanos#5) - Despite Thanos' best efforts, Galactus opened the portal and accidentally gave Hunger entrance into the Earth-616 dimension. Hunger immediately took control of Galactus' ship, preventing the power to the portal to be shut down, so Hunger continued to pour through the portal into the Earth-616 dimension. Thanos instructed Galactus to unleash his cosmic power at Hunger. Galactus did so, and though Hunger recoiled for a few seconds, it quickly adapted to Galactus' power and absorbed it as well. Thanos then detonated several charges around Galactus' ship, destroying it in an effort to shut down power to the portal through which Hunger was pouring. Thanos also found that Hunger was manually protecting the device keeping the portal open. Hunger commenced pouring into this dimension, quickly spreading, absorbing, and encompassing it. He then taunted Galactus, thanking him for allowing Hunger entrance into his dimension.




(Thanos#6) - Hunger continued to pour into the Earth-616 dimension, continuing to absorb it until Hunger completely encompassed the area surrounding Galactus and Thanos for miles around. Rather than absorb Thanos and Galactus along with their surroundings, Hunger taunted them with their impending doom as well as the doom of their reality. Hunger was intrigued that Thanos still had a plan for survival. Unbeknownst to Hunger, Thanos had already arranged for a timed shut down to Galactus' ship's power, and when the power went out, Thanos seized one of the Infinity Gems from the device that allowed Hunger to pour into this dimension. Though separated from the bulk of its being, Hunger still was incredibly powerful, and prepared to kill Thanos in order to take the gem back and reopen the portal. However, Thanos had also teleported an abandoned planet into the proximity of the planet they were currently on. The two planets crashed into each other with unimaginable force with Hunger in between them. Afterward, Hunger was nowhere to be seen, and Thanos assumed that separated from the vast bulk of its being, it either could not have survived, or was separated from the vast bulk of its being by dimensional barriers and was no longer a threat. However, unseen by Thanos or Galactus, Hunger had survived, though only a couple inches of its being were left. It flew off into space, perhaps to one day grow once more into its former colossal stature and threat.











Comments: Created by Jim Starlin and Al Milgrom

Hunger has allegedly consumed over 1000 realities.

In issues number three and four, Hunger is talking directly to the reader of the book.

Also, Galactus acquired one of the Infinity Gems from Ultraverse's Rune.

Profile by Stunner

Clarifications: has no known connections to

images: Thanos#4 page 1 (full page)
               Thanos#5 page 22  (full page)

Thanos#1 (December, 2003) - Jim Starlin (writer/pencils), Al Milgrom (inks), Tom Brevoort (editor)
Thanos#3-6 (February-April, 2004) - Jim Starlin (writer/pencils), Al Milgrom (inks), Tom Brevoort (editor)

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