Real Name: Hunger

Identity/Class: Interdimensional parasite

Occupation: Devourer of realities

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: None

Enemies: Galactus, Pip, Thanos, countless unidentified victims

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mobile throughout countless realities

First Appearance: Thanos#1 (December, 2003 ) 

Powers/Abilities: Hunger is an interdimensional parasite: Once Hunger enters a dimension, he begins to absorb it and consume that reality. Essentially, Hunger eats realities. He absorbs that reality until he is all in that dimension and encompasses it. Then he finds a new dimension and begins to transfer himself into that one, absorbing it as well. 

    When first entering a dimension, Hunger is temporarily vulnerable to extreme physical and energy attacks, but almost instantaneously adapts to whatever force is being applied to it and begins to absorb that force as well. 

    Hunger also has formidable mental faculties, able to mentally influence even cosmic entities such as Galactus from a reality away. Hunger also taught itself how to speak 106 of the languages of the dimension of Earth 616. 

    Hunger is able to breach parallel dimensions effortlessly, the way we walk from one room to another, but has great difficulty breaching "spherical" realities. In order to breach a "spherical" reality, there must be an opening on both sides of the dimensional barrier.

History: (Thanos#4 (fb) / Infinity Gauntlet#1-6 - BTS / Infinity War#1-6 - BTS) - Hunger has consumed countless realities. It had just gotten finished consuming a dimension when it first noticed Reality-616. What caught Hunger's attention was the immense energy from the Infinity Gauntlet affair. However, before Hunger could locate Reality-616, the Gauntlet was taken away from Thanos and the gems were dispersed, so then Hunger knew that this reality was out there, but could not pinpoint its location. 

(Thanos#4 (fb) / Infinity War#1-6 - BTS) - When the Infinity Gauntlet was assembled again by the Magus, Hunger again sensed Reality-616 and managed to locate it as well. 

(Thanos#4 (fb) -BTS) - Unable to enter Reality-616 because it was a "spherical" reality, Hunger needed an opening on both sides of the dimensional barriers. Hunger could open a portal to our world, but someone would need to open it from the other side as well. 

    Hunger manipulated Galactus to this end. On board Galactus' ship, Hunger caused the vibratory patterns of the Infinity Gems and the biospheric energy Galactus derived from consuming planets to be identical  (the energies throughout the universe remained markedly different). Hunger also mentally influenced Galactus' system of logic so he could not see how this plan had obvious flaws.

(Thanos I#3 (fb) - BTS) - While categorizing vibratory energy patterns,  Galactus concluded that the energies of the Infinity Gems were identical to that which he obtained by consuming the bio-spheric energy of planets, allowing him to exist without consuming planets. 

    For months, Galactus studied this phenomenon, seeming confirming its actuality and seeking to fully exploit the possibilities. Settling on a modality, he resolved to gather the components.

(Thanos I#3 (fb) - BTS) - Galactus acquired four of the Infinity Gems (most likely the Mind, Power, Reality, and Time Gems; definitely not including the Soul Gem; see comments).

(Thanos I#3 (fb) - BTS / Thanos I#4 (fb) - BTS) - To acquire the fifth Infinity Gem (presumably the Space Gem; see comments), which was located in Reality-93060 (the "Ultraverse"), Galactus plotted to utilize the power of star 1857-C, the sun of Rigel-18.

(Thanos I#2 (fb) - BTS) <Three days before the main story> - Galactus arrived on Rigel-18 and began setting up his equipment.

(Thanos I#1 (fb) - BTS) - Following his recovery after sacrificing the power of the Heart of the Infinite in the process of recreating the universe he had destroyed, Thanos transported Adam Warlock (acting as his advisor) and himself to New Rigel-3, offering to be of service to them to make amends for his Thanosi doppelganger's devastation of the previous Rigel-3.

(Thanos#1) - Observing as Thanos offered his help to the Rigellians in order to make amends for his past misdeeds. Hunger commented, "So it begins!"

(Thanos I#2 - BTS) - The Grand Commissioner noted that a problem had arisen on Rigel-18 a few days ago that would require great power and guile. Thanos opened a teleportational window, though which he, Warlock, the Grand Commissioner, and an unidentified Recorder passed, arriving on Rigel-18.

(Thanos I#2) - After Thanos, Adam Warlock, the Grand Commissioner, and an unidentified Recorder arrived on Rigel-18 and observed Galactus' presence, Hunger noted that they were all there now and considered that all went as planned.

    After Thanos noted that Galactus did not tend to linger over a meal (meaning he did not typically wait days before consuming a planet's life energies), Warlock further noted that the urge that had led him to cross paths with Thanos had quieted, indicating that Rigel-18 had been his destination. Despite the magnitude of the threat, Thanos noted that he would honor his pledge to the Rigellians. 

(Thanos I#3 - BTS) - Via assistance from Moondragon (Heather Douglas), Thanos met with Galactus on a psychic plane, seeking to learn the purpose of his actions. When Galactus resisted divulging this information, Thanos tried to psychically overwhelm him, but Galactus cast him out.

(Thanos I#3 (fb) - BTS) - Thanos' meeting with Galactus delayed Galactus sufficiently that the Rigellians could be evacuated from Rigel-18.

    Additionally, Thanos had Pip the Troll, who retained teleportational powers from his previous possession of the Space Gem, plant a number of recording devices on Galactus' ship.

(Thanos I#3) - Thanos' involvement caused Galactus to hasten his course of actions, and he activated his array. Observing this remotely, Thanos noted how Galactus had tapped into Rigel-18's molten core, releasing and directing unidentifiable energies into his orbiting parabolic transmitter. Thanos knew not what the energies were being converted into, but he watched with fascination as the transformation appeared to be complete and the energies were transmitted into the heart of Rigel-18's sun. Appreciating that the energies were radically altering the star's structural integrity and causing its mass to increase dramatically, Thanos concluded that Galactus was causing the star to go nova. Thanos then had his ship, Sanctuary, rapidly depart the star system, just before the sun went nova.

    As Thanos watched, Galactus transported himself to the core of the exploding star. Thanos then had his computer conduct a full spectrum scan of the star 1857-C, which allowed him to detect an interdimensional aberration materializing at the dying star's heart. Thanos then appreciated that the star had been chosen as it was a pulsar with highly unique qualities, and he reasoned that this opening could only be created under strictly limited conditions. 

    Galactus then reached through the portal into Reality-93060 and retrieved the skeleton of Rune, with an Infinity Gem (apparently the Space Gem) on its sternum, after which Galactus teleported back into his ship. Background radiation prevented Thanos from identifying what Galactus had obtained.

    Frustrated that Galactus' swift actions had prevented him from saving Rigel-18, Thanos nonetheless resolved that the affair was yet to be concluded.

(Thanos#3) - Hunger observed Thanos, Pip, and Warlock discussing their plans regarding Galactus and his destruction of Rigel-18. Hunger then noticed someone watching him (SEE COMMENTS) and decided it would be a waste of time to pass up such an unusual opportunity. Hunger then began to talk to whomever it was that was aware of Hunger's existence.

(Thanos#4) - Hunger explained its history to whomever was observing it. 

(Thanos I#4 - BTS) - After Thanos deciphered Galactus' files, he discovered Galactus' goal but also realized that Galactus was mistaken about the energies being identical.

    Galactus' Punishers then assaulted Thanos' ship and ultimately stole the Soul Gem from Adam Warlock -- both leaving Warlock incapacitated and giving Galactus the sixth and final Infinity Gem -- and destroying Thanos' ship. Thanos, Pip, and Warlock escaped this destruction. 

    Galactus subsequently had his robotic drone UB--747, place the Soul Gem in its proper positon on the Focusing Crux, and he prepared to activate it.

(Thanos#4) - Hunger watched on as Galactus took the Soul Gem away from Adam Warlock and prepared to open the portal that would allow Hunger to devour this reality.

(Thanos I#6 (fb) - BTS) - Thanos placed a "sizable nuclear arsenal" on old Rigel-3.

(Thanos I#5 - BTS) - Realizing the magnitude of whatever led someone to manipulate Galactus, Thanos had Pip transport them both aboard Galactus' ship, where Pip planted strategic explosive charges while Thanos sought out Galactus via his ship's scanners.

(Thanos I#6 (fb) - BTS) - Thanos arranged a timed cut-off of Galactus' craft's power.

(Thanos I#5 - BTS) - Thanos futilely sought to convince Galactus to shut down his Focusing Crux. His logic affected by Hunger's manipulation, Galactus forced a confrontation, and Thanos was unable to stop him. 

(Thanos I#5) - Ultimately, Hunger began to emerge through the portal opened by Galactus. Taking control of Galactus' ship, Hunger prevented Galactus from shutting down his craft. Thanos instructed Galactus to unleash his cosmic power at Hunger. Galactus did so, and though Hunger recoiled for a few seconds, it quickly adapted to Galactus' power and absorbed it as well. Nonetheless, Thanos learned of Hunger's abilties from this display, and it occupied time to get to the next part of Thanos' plan.

    The charges placed by Pip then devastated Galactus' ship, causing it, Thanos, Galactus, and Hunger, to crash on Rigel-18. Hunger placed a force field around the Crux, preventing Thanos or Galactus from destroying it, and continued to pour into Universe-616. He then taunted Galactus, thanking him for allowing Hunger entrance into his dimension.

(Thanos I#6) - Hunger continued to pour into the Earth-616 dimension, continuing to absorb it until Hunger completely encompassed the area surrounding Galactus and Thanos for miles around. Rather than absorb Thanos and Galactus along with their surroundings, Hunger taunted them with their impending doom as well as the doom of their reality. Hunger was intrigued that Thanos still had a plan for survival. 

    Thanos then had Pip transport Galactus some distance away from Hunger, but still on Rigel-18. Thanos's prearranged timed cut-off of Galactus' ship's power then took effect, deactivating the Crux and preventing Hunger from continuing to bring his full self into Universe-616. After reclaiming the Soul Gem from the Crux, Thanos then used the Rigellian planetary defense system to transport the devastated Rigel-3 into close proximity with Rigel-18).

    Having placed the nuclear arsenal at Rigel-3's point of impact, Thanos allied the gravitational pull to cause the two planets to crash together, and the nuclear explosion seemingly destroyed Hunger.

    However, unseen by Thanos or Galactus, Hunger had survived, though only a couple inches of its being were left. It flew off into space, perhaps to one day grow once more into its former colossal stature and threat.

    Galactus also survived this explosion, after which Thanos lectured him on acting rashly.

Comments: Created by Jim Starlin and Al Milgrom.

    Hunger has allegedly consumed over 1000 realities.

    In issues number three and four, Hunger is talking directly to the reader of the book.

    Also, Galactus acquired one of the Infinity Gems from Ultraverse's Rune.

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Clarifications: has no known connections to

images: Thanos#4 page 1 (full page)
               Thanos#5 page 22  (full page)

Thanos#1 (December, 2003) - Jim Starlin (writer/pencils), Al Milgrom (inks), Tom Brevoort (editor)
Thanos I#2 (January, 2004) - Jim Starlin (writer/penciler), Al Milgrom (inker), Marc Sumerak & Andy Schmidt (assistant editors), Tom Brevoort (editor)
Thanos#3-6 (February-April, 2004) - Jim Starlin (writer/pencils), Al Milgrom (inks), Tom Brevoort (editor)

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