Real Name: Renata da Lima

Identity/Class: Human mutant;
   citizen of Brazil

Occupation: Bouncer

Group Membership: None

AffiliationsJisa, Tempo (Heather Tucker)

EnemiesLaolo, other bad boys

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Nata

Base of Operations: Krakoa;
   formerly a disco in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

First Appearance: Muties#4 (July, 2002)

Powers/Abilities: She possessed superhuman strength, speed and durability. Her bones were as hard as steel and her skin as dense as rubber. Her additional fighting skills made her a dangerous opponent.

History: (Muties#4 (fb) - BTS) - Her mutant abilities manifested when she was 13. Because of that her family immediately disowned her and made her leave her home.

(Muties#4) - As the bouncer of a disco in Rio de Janeiro she brought order into the nightly chaos. One night a brawl between two gangs broke out and she had to stop it.
A few weeks later she found Jisa crying on the street. She recognized her as one of Laolo's girls and talked to her for some time. They learned more about each others life and from this day on Nata accompanied Jisa to doctors, bought her food, clothes and generally helped her to get around in her new life. They lived together, became lovers and Nata was the first to feel the kicks of Jisa's unborn child. One night after leaving the club Nata worked in as bouncer, Laolo and his gang waited for her and Laolo demanded her money and Jisa. They attacked her with knives, baseball bats and steel pipes when she didn't give in to Laolo's demands, but she thought back.


(Marauders Annual I#1 (fb) - BTS) - Renata moved to the mutant nation Krakoa where she started dating Tempo (Heather Tucker).

(Marauders Annual I#1) - Renata broke up with Heather after three months because Heather seemed to do her best to move everything in their relationship slowly. Heather at least sped up Renata's breakup speech and then quickly agreed to not waste each other's time and split up. Renata was surprised how fast Heather agreed.

Comments: Created by Karl Bollers & Trent Kanuiga

She was tough, but I wonder if she was able to survive against Laolo and his boys.

The whole story was told by Jisa in a letter/diary/obituary (take your pick).

On Krakoa Renata's former job became apparently her codename.

Profile by Markus Raymond

Nata has no known connection to:

Jisa and Laolo have no known connection to:


She was a naive Brazilian girl, who only knew school and church. Against her parents good advices she dated Laolo. One night she sneaked out from her room to go to a disco with him where Nata was bouncer. Afterwards she returned to her home with Laolo and her father (a very religious man) told her to never come back if she wanted to stay together with Laolo. So Jisa and Laolo went to the beach and made love. The next morning Laolo showed her his home, gave her some clothes to wear and everything went for three weeks. At that time another girl spat in Jisa's face at the market because she wore her clothes and that evening Laolo told Jisa that it was just his sister (sure). Soon after that Jisa learned that she was pregnant and Laolo wanted her to abort the child. Jisa returned home, but her family didn't want her back. Nata saw her cry and from this day on Nata took care of her and they became lovers. Jisa was going to have her baby and through Nata she once again had something to believe in and she wrote her feelings down.




Laolo was a nineteen year old bad guy. He had many girlfriends and didn't care about anything else than sex and violence. One night he went with Jisa to a disco and participated in a brawl with an opposing gang until the bouncer Nata stopped it. Later that night Laolo seduced Jisa at the beach. The next morning he gave her something to wear and from this day on she lived with him. He lied to her about other girls and asked her to abort when Jisa told him that she was pregnant. Jisa left him and it took Laolo some time to find out where she was, but when he saw her and Nata at the market he knew it. Not too long after that he waited with his gang for Nata in front of her working place. Laolo wanted her money and told her to leave Jisa alone, but Nata rather fought them all then to give in to Laolo's demands.




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Muties#4, p16, pan4 (Nata head shot)
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Muties#4 (July, 2002) - Karl Bollers (writer), Trent Kanuiga (artist), Mark Powers (editor)
Marauders Annual I#1 (March, 2022) -

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