Membership: Baron Brimstone, Duke Dawson, Hammer Harrison, Snake Marston

Purpose: To assist Baron Brimstone in his criminal goals

Affiliations: None

Enemies: Machine Man, Pamela Quinn

Base of Operations: Mobile in New York area

First Appearance: Machine Man I#16 (August, 1980)

History: (Machine Man I#16) - The Satan Squad was gathered by the fake sorcerer Baron Brimstone, who needed allies within the underworld as part of his plot to mass-produce the Sol-Mac device he had stolen. Initially, some of the criminals gathered, including Duke Dawson, refused to follow Brimstone. Brimstone's top two lieutenants, Snake Marston and Hammer Harrison, roughed up those who opposed their orders.

The Satan Squad aided Baron Brimstone in his plots to collect the parts he needed. When Duke Dawson tried to go Delmar Insurance's Pamela Quinn about Brimstone's plans, he was killed by Snake Marston, and Pamela was taken captive. As they collected a golden bell from the cathedral of St. Gabriella of the Highlands, Machine Man interfered with their operations and defeated the entire Satan Squad, then went on to defeat Baron Brimstone as well.

(Machine Man I#17) - Stragglers from the Satan Squad tried to escape the police with a hallucinogenic grenade, but Machine Man returned to deal with them and quickly bested their numbers.

Comments: Created by Tom DeFalco and Steve Ditko.

by Prime Eternal




Duke Dawson was a New York criminal who was among those gathered by Baron Brimstone to serve in the Satan Squad. When he questioned Brimstone's fitness to lead, Hammer Harrison and Snake Marston beat on him and other like-minded criminals. Duke later tried to leak details of Brimstone's plot to Delmar Insurance's Pamela Quinn, but Hammer and Snake caught them, and Snake crushed him to death.

--Machine Man I#16

Images taken from:
Machine Man I#17, page 2, panel 6 (numbered)
Duke- Machine Man I#16, page 15, panel 3 (numbered)

Machine Man I#16-17 (August-October, 1980) - Tom DeFalco (writer), Steve Ditko (artist), Dennis O'Neil (editor)

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