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Real Name: Kenneth Reese

Identity/Class: Human spirit

Occupation: Heir

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Doctor Brack, Edward

Enemies: Augustus Reese, Duncan and Lawrence

Known RelativesAugustus Reese (step-father), Duncan (step-brother), Lawrence (step-brother)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Unrevealed

First Appearance: Spellbound#12/5 (February, 1952)

Powers/Abilities: As a ghost Reese was invisible and undetectable by most people. He could appear and speak to some persons, the ones closest to him in life. His body appeared vaguely ethereal but projected a shadow. After his death, his aspect became the one of a cadaver, it was more ghastly and his perceptions were altered.


(Spellbound#12/5 (fb) - BTS) - Kenneth Reese was heir to a fortune. His step-father was old and he only waited for him to die to collect his heritage. Kenneth's insane, cruel and dissoluted behaviour led his father to disinherit him, giving his part to the other brothers, Duncan and Lawrence.

    The following quarrel between Kenneth and his family was terrible and Kenneth swore vengeance claiming that his ghost would return to haunt and kill them all.

(Spellbound#12/5 - BTS) - Actually Kenneth had a pact with Doctor Brack. Kenneth would fake a car accident and Brack would claim he was dead. Kenneth would be free to appear whenever he wanted, disguised as a ghost, to kill his brothers and his father.

(Spellbound#12/5) - That afternoon Kenneth set up the false car accident. Dr. Brack arrived on the scene and Duncan Reese was with him. Brack took a syringe but injected a poison into Kenneth and Kenneth died. Kenneth had been betrayed by his only friend.

    But his curse worked! Kenneth became a ghost, but he felt strange; he felt as he lived in a nightmare but he still believed to be alive and continued to follow his original plan. Days later he appeared before his brother Lawrence, in the middle of the street, and had him die in a car accident. Lawrence died telling his father that he had seen Kenneth's ghost.
    After a week Kenneth visited Duncan in his bedroom. Terrorized, Duncan was pushed backward by Kenneth's figure until he fell from the balcony. He died 10 minutes later as well. This time he told Augustus Reese about Kenneth's ghost as well.
    The revelation left Augustus horrified. His heart was strained. When that same night Kenneth visited him as well the shock was too strong and he died, completing Kenneth's revenge.
    Two hours later Kenneth appeared in Dr. Brack's studio. Brack was not scared and soon confessed to Kenneth that he was actually dead because he had poisoned him. Kenneth understood that Brack was right and assaulted him. Surprised, the doctor stumbled backwards, hit a coffin and fell through a window to his death. Kenneth Reese was there, intangible and invisible to the eyes of others.

Comments: Created by unknown writer and Tony di Preta (pencils and inks).

    Why did Brack kill Kenneth Reese? Did he want to protect the rest of the family from Kenneth's insane revenge? But why did he accept Kenneth's plan and then betray him? My guess is that he was the closest friend of the family and probably a minor heir to the fortune. Without the Reeses he would become the only heir. His reaction at seeing the ghost of Kenneth, even suspecting that he was a ghost, was nonetheless too calm.

Profile by Spidermay.

Kenneth, Augustus, Duncan and Lawrence Reese have no known connections to

Augustus Reese

Augustus Reese was a wealthy old man who had adopted Kenneth Reese when he was a child. He had two other sons, Duncan and Lawrence.

    The family matters never went so well when Kenneth was involved. Augustus watched Kenneth growing up, becoming evil, insane and cruel. One day, after a harsh quarrel, Augustus disinherited Kenneth.

    Kenneth's revenge plot however was already in motion. Kenneth cursed his father and his brothers and when he died took revenge on Duncan and Lawrence within a few days, killing them. Augustus was terrified by the curse and was so impressed at hearing that the ghost of his son was looking for revenge. It was too much for his heart and Edward, the butler, brought him home.
    The final stroke to his heart was given by Kenneth the same night of Lawrence's death. Augustus was resting in his bed when he saw Kenneth's ghost move toward him. Augustus had a heart attack and died.


Dr. Brack

Dr. Brack was a friend of the Reese family and was the only friend of Kenneth.

    Brack and Kenneth Reese had a plan to steal the inheritance from Augustus Reese. Kenneth had to fake his death and Brack had to certify his death, enabling Kenneth to play the part of the ghost. The ghost would kill his family, in particular his father. Then Kenneth could collect the inheritance the only heir and divide it with Dr. Brack.

    When Kenneth Reese set up the false car accident, Brack only played part of his role. He knew that Kenneth was not dying, with Duncan as witness and told Kenneth he was injecting some morphine to him, but actually poisoned Reese, killing him.

    Brack was present at Kenneth's funeral. Over the following weeks Brack heard about the revenge of the ghost on his brothers. Brack suspected what had happened to Kenneth.

    Finally Brack visited Augustus, a few minutes after his death, verifying that he died looking at something horrible. Going back to his office Brack found Kenneth's ghost, who still did not know that he was a ghost. Quietly Brack confessed that he had killed him and only then Kenneth realized the truth. Surprised by Kenneth's assault Brack stumbled backward into a coffin and fell through a window.
    The people thought that Dr. Brack had committed suicide because of the love of the Reeses.


Lawrence Reese

Lawrence was a son of Augustus Reese, Duncan's brother and Kenneth's step-brother.

    Lawrence was the first hit by Kenneth's revenge. He was driving by night when the ghost appeared in the middle of the street. He steered, but hit a tree with his car, and was seriously injured. Before he died he could tell his relatives that he had seen Kenneth's ghost.


Duncan Reese

Duncan was s son of Augustus Reese, Lawrence's brother and Kenneth's step-brother.

    Duncan was with Dr. Brack when they saw Kenneth's car crash into a tree. He saw his brother die, while pronouncing his curse again. He also saw Dr. Brack trying to save his brother, but actually he was killing him.

    A few days later Duncan saw another brother dying in car accident: Lawrence.

    One week later at night he was visited by Kenneth's ghost. Terrified by this ghastly aspect, trying to avoid his hands, Duncan fell from the balcony.
    He did not die immediately. Policemen, his father and Edward tried to help him, but he could only report the appearance of the apparition. Then he died.



Edward was the butler of Augustus Reese, and a family friend.

    Edward was present when Duncan died and took care of Augustus when he felt ill.

    That same night Augustus died and Edward called Dr. Brack.
   A few hours later he was called to witness the death of Dr. Brack as well. He assumed that Brack committed suicide because of his love for the Reeses.


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Spellbound#12/5, p2, pan7 (Dr. Brack)
Spellbound#12/5, p4, pan3 (Lawrence)
Spellbound#12/5, p2, pan5 (Duncan)
Spellbound#12/5, p6, pan8 (Edward)

Spellbound#12/5 (February, 1952) - Tony DiPreta (artist), Stan Lee (editor)
Vault of Evil#5 (September, 1973) - reprint

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