Real Name: Unknown

Identity/Class: Human, Conventional Weapons User

Occupation: Assassin

Affiliations: Yi Yang (of Earth-Nocturne), Noose

Enemies: Night Raven (of Earth-Nocturne), Nocturne (Graham "Gray" Poldark), Mischief

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: London, England, United Kingdom, Earth-Nocturne

First Appearance: Nocturne#3 (August 1995)

Powers: Dragonpaw presumably possesses peak human to low level superhuman strength. He uses a sword.

History: Dragonpaw worked for the Asian crimelord Yi Yang.

(Nocturne#3) Yi Yang charged Dragonpaw and Noose with carrying out the task of kidnapping George Jenkins and defeating Nocturne (Gray Poldark).

(Nocturne#4) Dragonpaw and Noose attacked Nocturne in London. He defeated them, but Yi Yang's hulking agent Hatemare defeated him in turn.

Mischief came to Poldark's rescue, freeing him from imprisonment on Yi Yang's boat. Mischief then helped him defeat Noose and Dragonpaw. They then faced Hatemare-but Poldark received a shocking vision from his armor. Hatemare was in fact Night Raven, whom Yi Yang had brought back as a revenant in the manner she had done with Doctor Hurt/Suture. Hatemare then remembered his past life as Night Raven, and then confronted Yi Yang. Yi Yang's boat exploded, but Mischief and Nocturne survived-presumably Noose and Dragonpaw did not.

Comments: Created by Dan Abnett and Jose Fonteriz.

The Nocturne limited series cannot have taken place on Earth-616 for several reasons. The history of Night Raven on Earth-616 is well dealt with elsewhere on this site, even up to what he did in the pre-modern era, and it is remarkably different.

Besides this, Nocturne#1 has a very odd piece of dialogue in which a policeman states "Like these super-heroes, do you, sir? Can't stand them, me. Thank Jiminy there aren't any real ones, eh?". For Earth-616, this piece of dialogue would not work, even in the pre-modern era, since metahuman adventurers such as the Human Torch, the Sub-Mariner, and so forth were publicly active circa World War II till the 1950's, and various pre-modern metahuman adventurers were active in later decades.

The last panel of Nocturne#3 stated that the next issue's story would be "To the Dragon, a Daughter...." an homage to the Dennis Wheatley novel (later Hammer film) To the Devil a Daughter. In fact, issue#4's story was called "Trade Secrets".See Suture entry for more info on Earth-Nocturne.

Dragonpaw has no connection to:
any other "dragon" characters.

Mischief should not be confused with:
, Asgardian god of mischief, @ Venus#6

The Night Raven of Earth-Nocturne should not be confused with:
Night Raven, of Earth-616, @ Hulk Comic#1

Nocturne should not be confused with:
Nocturne, Angela Cairn, Spider-Man ally, @ Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #13
Nocturne of the Exiles, Talia Joseph "TJ" Wagner, daughter of an alternate dimensional counterpart of Nightcrawler, @ Blink#1, Exiles#1

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