These profiles represent (for the most part) individuals. Certain collective beings may be found here as well. Heroes and Villains, Cosmic entities, and civilians are the major examples.

Pace, Cody (Hero: Warrior of the Mystic Realms) - by Madison Carter

Pace, Jacob (X-Student, Spirit)

Pacer (Gene Dogs)

Pachamama (Gaea, Earth-Mother goddess)

Pachter of Earth-91600

Pacifico (officer, Daredevil character)

Pacifico (Matt Murdock character)

Pacifier (Dr. Doom's robot) - by Prime Eternal

Packer, Artie (Rom character) - by Grendel Prime

Packer, Bert (Packrats)

Packer, Dick (Morbius victim)

Packer, Hubie (Bert's brother, Packrats)

Pacle, Maht (Obliterator)

Paco ?? (nurse, Daredevil character)

Padraic (leprechaun of Cassidy Keep) - by Proto-Man

Paen-Umbra (Deadpool foe) - by MarvellousLuke

Paffenroth, Arnold (Tatterdemalion)

Pagan (Avengers foe) - by Proto-Man

Page, Dr. (Master Form, Project Lazarus)

Page, Karen (Daredevil's ex-girlfriend/secretary/confidant) - by Chadman

Page, Dr. Paxton (Death's Head, Karen Page's father)

Page, Penelope (Karen's mom)

Pai (Kingpin employee) - by Chadman

Paibok the Power-Skrull (Fantastic Four villain) - by Prime Eternal

Paige Angel (Karen Page)

Pail (Nick Fury ally) - by Prime Eternal

Pain (agent of Gormac, Dr. Strange/Ghost Rider foe)

Pain (Hemingway, Gene Nation)

Paina, Edmondo (Mondo Pain)

Pain-Broker (Razorhead)

Paine (Kingpin operative, kidnapped Mindy Bolton) - by Chadman

Paine, Captain (Darkstar)

Paine, Robert William (Black Fox)

Paine, Thaddeus (Doctor Paine)

Paingiver (Tyrannicals)

Paingloss (Biphasia, Werewolf character)

Painkiller (Psychobabble personality)

Painter (of 1000 Perils, Human Torch and Spider-Man foe)

Pak, 3X Moo Shu (Spider-Man foe)

Pak-Man (Gods for the 80s)

Pako (encountered Tribe of the Moon)

Pako (Cirlio Crisologo, X-Men character) - by MarvellousLuke

"Pal" (Ebenezer Wallaby)

Paladin (mercenary, former Silver Sable & Heroes for Hire operative) - by Chadman

"Paleface" (Roderick Kingsley, Hobgoblin)

Pale Horseman (Agamotto agent)

Pale Horseman (Cadaver)

Pale Little Spider (Black Widow, Yelena Belova)

Palene, Charles (Charles Palentine)

Palentine, Charles (Venom (Brock) foe) - by Proto-Man

Palik (Chosen)

Pallis, Carlyle (S.H.I.E.L.D agent/traitor) - by Loki

Palmer (Daredevil character) - by Chadman

Palmer, Cameron (NYX character) - by Proto-Man

Palmer, Christine (Night Nurse/Nightcrawler character)

Palmer, Felix (Asmodeus Jones' manager)

Palmer, Fred (1950s, mind control device invetor) - by Ron Fredricks

Palmer, Harry (Brood) - by Darc_Light

Palmer, Ozzie (Asmodeus Jones)

Palmer, Rachel (Avengers character) - by Proto-Man

Palmetto, Jim (Damage Control, Ghost Rider (Ketch) character) - by Proto-Man

"Palooka, Anne Howe" (wife of Joe, based on newspaper strip)

"Palooka, Joe" (boxer, based on newspaper strip)

Palumbo, Gina (Tangle)

Palus (Conan character)

Pam ?? (Merx Pharmaceuticals)

Pam (ant landlady, Ant-Man (Scott Lang) ally) - by Proto-Man

Pampolos (bar owner, Daredevil character)

Pan (Olympian God)

Panapa, Pania (Calico)

Pancake (squirrel, Allene Green ally)

Pancake, Benjamin "Ben" (SpellCheck)

Pancho (guide to treasure hunter Rex Ross)

Pancho Diablo (Old West, Mexican bandit) - by Ron Fredricks

Panda-Mania (Spider-Man foe) - by Minor Irritant

Pandara (Thunderstrike villain) - by Prime Eternal

Pandarus (Trojan War)

Pandemonia (X-Force foe) - by Sammy 7D

Pandemos, Aphrodite (Olympian Goddess)

Pandora (greek myth) - by Madison Carter

Panoptes, Argus (Argus)

Panshin of Reality-791 (xt, Haalmhad)

Panshin, Col. Dmitri Oleg (former KGB assassin)

Panshin, Sergei (Dmitri Oleg's son)

Panshin, Sonya (Dmitri Oleg's wife)

Panther (Two-Gun Kid foe) - by Prime Eternal

Panther (Black Panther foe)

Panther (Gene Dogs)

Panther (T'Challa) of Earth-1119 (Panther's father)

Panther (T'Chaka) of Earth-1119 (Exiles member) - by Grendel Prime

Panthera of Earth-9602 (Amalgam character)

Panther God (Black Panther character, Egyptian God) - by Snood, Zen Harawada & Will U

Panther Goddess (Bast, Panther God)

pantherine (Jack)

Panumdrum, Chancellor (Starjammers character)

Pao Fu (Ghost Rider (Dan Ketch) character) - by Proto-Man

Paolo ?? (friend of Hector Morales)

Paolo ?? (Bullseye character) - by Chadman

Paolo ?? (Daredevil character)

Papa (Captain America character)

Papa Dluga (Elsa Bloodstone character)

Papa Doc (Zombie (Garth) character) - by Markus Raymond

Papa Genoux (1950s, voodoo priest)

Papa Hagg (Defenders character) - by Chadman

Papa Jambo (Brother Voodoo character) - by Julien Vivé

Papa Jaranda (Raymond Coker's great-grandfather, Werewolf by Night foe)

Papamondo, El of Earth-9602 (Amalgam character)

Papa Roberti (magical puppeteer) - by Prime Eternal

Papa Shorty (Zombie foe)

Papillon (X-Student, Sarah Allaire; Watchers on the Wall)

Paprika, Ethyl (wife of Wildfire)

Paprika, Harold (Wildfire)

Paradigm (X-Force foe) - by Norvo

Paradis, Jacques (Numéro Un, Cell Combattre)

Paradox of Earth-80324 (Wolverine character)

Paradox (Dusk)

Paradox (Generation X foe) - by Sammy 7D

Parafino of Earth-6799 (cartoon, Spider-Man foe) - by Thor2000

Paragon (meta-fictional character, Marvel UK) - by Michael Midnight

Paragon (Kismet foe)

Paragon (Kismet)

Paragon (Initiative, Iron Man foe) - by Chadman

Paralyzer (Shocker, Resistants member)

Para-Man (Ant Man/Pym and Wasp foe)

Paranoia (Gods for the 80s)

Paranoia (Mindscape, Sleepwalker foe)

Paranoia (Dusk)

Paranoia (Nightmare character) - by Markus Raymond

Parashurama (Vishnu)

Parasite (Lilin, Morbius foe) - by Markus Raymond

"Parasite of Eternity" (Kleezar)

Paratron (Machine Man foe)- by Prime Eternal

Parcair, Enrique (Captain America character)

Pardo, Don (Saturday Night Live announcer)

Pardo, Vincenzo (Deadpool foe)

Paretta, Vince (Avengers foe)

Pariah (Hulk foe)

Paris (Trojan War)

Parisa (princess, Sinbad character)

Paris, Gail (Moondog the Malicious victim)

Paris, Mr. of Ultraverse (pawn of Atalon)

Parish, Angela (runaway, Mister Hyde ally)

Parisi, Domenic "Don" (Jade's father)

Parisi, Jade (X-Men character) - by MarvellousLuke

Park, Hongdo (Juggernaut)

  • Parkedcar, Peter of Earth-53931 (Spider-Mobile, sentient dune buggy)
  • Parker (Hellcat's grandfather)

    Parker, Beckah (Gin Genie, X-Force)

    Parker, Ben of Earth-9511 (son of Peter & MJ)

    Parker, Ben

    Parker, Doctor (pre-FF scientist) - by Madison Carter

    Parker, Dr. Charles (1950s horror) - by John Kaminski

    Parker, Dr. Dawn of Earth-95132 (Johnny Domino's surgeon) - by Proto-Man

    Parker, Joe (encountered Chondu the Mystic)

    Parker, Mary (Peter Parker/Spider-Man's mother) - by Minor Irritant

    Parker, Mary Jane

    Parker, May

    Parker, May (child of Peter & Mary Jane)

    Parker, Ms. (teacher of Catiana)

    Parker, Mr. (Ra the Avenger victim)

    Parker, Penelope "Penny" (Spider-Girl) of Earth-11

    Parker, Peter (Spider-Man)

    Parker, Richard (Peter Parker/Spider-Man's father) - by Minor Irritant

    Parker, Tony (Namor character)

    Parkerov of Earth-31886 (Comrade Arachnid, Russian defender of the proletariat) - by Loki

    Parkes, Dr. (encountered Un-Human)

    Parkhurst, Chief (Namor character)

    Parks, Arthur (Living Laser)

    Parlini, Ralph (Maggia hitman)

    Parmenter, Carolyn (Bruce Banner's Hulkbusters)

    Parnall, Eileen (Wendigo victim)

    Parnall, Joe (Eileen's husband)

    Parnall, Tommy (Eileen's son)

    Parness, Jeff (reporter, encountered Marko the Great)

    "Parns" (Parnell Jacobs)

    Parody of Earth-982 (MC2, J2 foe) - by Grendel Prime

    Parquagh, Peter of Earth-311 (Spider-Man counterpart)

    Parrington, Malicia Biederman (Samantha's mother)

    Parrington, Reginald (Samantha's father)

    Parrington, Samantha (Valkyrie host)

    Parris, Betty (Salem Witch Trials) - by Spidermay

    Parrish, Max (Fantastic Four, Ghost Rider character) - by Zerostar

    "Parrot-face" (Binary Beings)

    Parsnip (Warpies)

    Parson of Counter-Earth (Franklin) (Rebel foe)

    Parsons of Earth-84041 (Generic Antagonistic Peer)

    Parsons, Mr. (GA, Mad Monk's brother)

    Parsons, Angelica of Earth-9031 (Judith's mother)

    Parsons, Judith of Earth-9031 (accidentally killed by FF)

    Parsons, Penelope (GA, Mad Monk's niece)

    Parsons, Rudolf (WW2, Mad Monk)

    Parsons, Sue (Sue Craddock)

    Parsons, Trevor (Daily Bugle staff) - by Chadman

    Parthenos, Athena (Olympian Goddess)

    Pasco, Victor (Kleenex) of New Universe

    Pasha Emit Erut-Uf (Marvel Boy (Grayson) foe) - by John Kaminski

    Pasko, Elliot (Fortknight company employee, scientist)

    Paskuniak, Jake (GA, Vagabond character)

    Passed-Out Hobo (Alley Behind a Closed-Down Laudromat Comic Con guest)

    Passim, Eddie (Daredevil character)

    Passing Cloud (Hulk character) - by Loki

    Past Master (Scarlet Witch foe) - by Markus Raymond

    Pasternak, Edward (Tower)

    Pastor Wildmoon (She-Hulk foe)

    Pat ?? (policeman, NYX character)

    Patane, Sebastian (Cat-Man, Ani-Men)

    "Patch" (Past Assassins)

    Patch (crew of the Serpent's Crown)

    Patch (canine non-victim of the Elf with a Gun)

    Patch (Hellhouse, Deadpool character) - by Patrick D Ryall

    Patches Malone (squirrel, Squirrel Girl ally)

    Patchwork (Doc Samson foe) - by Stunner

    Patel (Hardnose's sister)

    Patel, Alexander (Hardnose, Metahumes)

    Patel, Jawaharal (Calculus, Young Gods)

    Paterson, Danny (Mach 1, Marvel RPG character)

    Paterson, Martha (Sir)

    Pathfinder (Berserkers)

    Pathir (Tetra)

    Patience Drew (Namor character) - by Markus Raymond

    "Patient in Room 3D" (pre-FF character) - by John Kaminski

    Patilio, Eugene Paul (Frog-Man, Vincent's son)

    Patilio, Vincent "Vinnie" (Leap-Frog)

    Patriarch (Fallen)

    Patricia ?? (Janice Lincoln victim)

    Patricia ?? (criminal turned Pleasant Hill resident) - by Proto-Man

    Patrick the Frost Giant (Jotunheim giant, Squirrel Girl foe)

    Patrillo, Alphonso "Fonzie" (Patrillo Family)

    Patrillo, Nico (Patrillo Family)

    Patrillo, Richie (Patrillo Family)

    Patrillo, Rocco (Patrillo Family)

    Patrillo, Rosala (Patrillo Family)

    Patrillo, Sonny (Patrillo Family)

    Patrillo, Tomasino "Tommy" (Patrillo Family)

    Patriot of Earth-8610 (Captain America/Jeff Mace, Gates of What If?)

    Patriot of Earth-8610 (Captain America/Jack Monroe, Gates of What If?)

    Patriot (Blade character) - by Markus Raymond

    Patriot Missile (right-wing extremist) - by Loki

    Patroclus (Trojan War)

    Patterson (detective, Generation M character) - by Chadman

    Patterson, Paul (Spider-Man foe) - by Proto-Man

    Patti (Andrea Rodgers)

    Patti ?? (Ghost Dancer character)

    Pattinson, Dylan (SHIELD, Hulk character)

    Patton, Jess (Thousand host)

    Paul ?? (encountered Gomdulla)

    Paul ?? (charge of Sister Angelique)

    Paul ?? (Carol Danvers friend) - by Spidermay

    Paul ?? (Philip le Guin friend)

    Paul ?? (New American Revolution)

    Paul ?? (reporter at Karen Page's trial)

    Paul, Lt. Nathan (Silverfang)

    Paula ?? (Lotus Newmark ally)

    Paula the Comic (X-Factor character) - by Norvo

    Paulie ?? (Junk-Food Junkies)

    Paulie ?? (Blade character)

    Paulie ?? (Punisher foe)

    Paulie ?? (Jack Murdock character) - by Chadman

    Paulo ?? (Mirror Modeling)

    Paulo ?? of Earth-Daredevil Killed the Punisher

    Pauls (Damon Dran henchman) - by Chadman

    Paulsen, Marissa (Tailhook)

    Paulve, Anton (Shang-Chi character) - by the Beetle

    Paura, Frankie "Fear" (Daredevil foe)

    Pau-Styss (Conan foe)

    Pavane (Shang-Chi character) - by the Beetle

    Pavane (Quicksilver foe)

    "Paw" (gigantic xt, encountered "Bugs" astronauts from Earth)

    Paw (Family)

    Pawn (Hulk foe)

    pawn shop owner of Earth-691 (31st Century, Asylum)

    Pax, Carrington (Roxxon)

    Paxton, Chris (Cardiaxe)

    Payat (Werewolf character) - by Grendel Prime

    Payback (Punisher character)

    Paydirt (Initiative/Point Men member) - by Norvo

    Payge, Reeva (Hellfire Club)

    Payload (Zoo, Gun Runner foe)

    Paymaster (Swamp City)

    Payne (Inhuman, Kree foe)

    Payne, Cory (Devil-Slayer's wife) - by Chadman

    Payne, Edward (son of Michael Payne & Phoebe Marrs)

    Payne, Eric Simon (Devil-Slayer)

    Payne, Margo (Silhouette's constant companion)

    Payne, Mia (daughter of Constrictor) - by Prime Eternal

    Payne, Michael (ex-husband of Phoebe Marrs)

    Payton, Ben (Seeker 3000, scientist) - by Prime Eternal

    Payton, Valida (Seeker 3000, second-in-command) - by Prime Eternal

    Pazuzu (demon, Nightcrawler character) - by Snood & Will U

    Pazuzu, Suzi (Amulet of Pazuzu)

    Pazz-Ko of Earth-691 (31st Century, Courg)

    Peabody (Daredevil foe)

    Peabody, Garrison (Mysterio ally, Daredevil foe) - by Chadman

    Peabody, General (Avengers character) - by Proto-Man

    "Peabody, John" (Corruptor)

    Peace (Justice Peace)

    Peacekeeper (Daredevil character)

    Peacekeeper-General Mduul (M'Ndavian, Charter Federation)

    Peacelok of Earth-10511 (Deathlok)

    Peacelok of Earth-10511 (General/Deathlok)

    Peace Monger (American Eagle/US Agent foe) - by Cisco and Prime Eternal

    Peacock, Giles (Fantastic Four character) - by Norvo

    Peahl, Jon (Smasher)

    Peanut (Seraphim/Warpies, Excalibur foe)

    Peanuts McCoy (Sun Girl foe) - by AvatarWarlord72

    Pearla (Fantastic Four character)

    Pearson, Andrea (councilwoman, Matt Murdock client)

    Pearson, Jennifer of Ultraverse (Siren, Eliminator's daughter)

    Pearson, Rick of Ultraverse (Eliminator)

    Peavey, Agent (Inhumans character)

    Peccary (Warpies)

    Peck, Dale (FBI agent)

    Peck, Dexter (Milton Whitestone's attorney)

    Peck, Mr. (Namor character)

    Pecos (Spit-Second Squad)

    Pecos, Rose (Gemini, Spider-Man Magazine)

    Peculo, Bobby (Maggia)

    Peddler of Earth-75011 (Officer Demin, Slow Glass) - by Jean Marc Lofficier

    Peddler of Doom (1940s, Miss America (Joyce) foe) - by Ron Fredricks

    Pedro ?? (Old West, Mexican bandit)

    Pedro ?? (Black Tarantula character)

    Peel, Emma (Avengers...of British TV fame) - by Loki

    Peeper (Occult, Mutant Force/Resistants member) - by Chadman

    Peepers (Peeper)

    Peeping Tom (Parasites member)

    "Peeping Tom" (X-Student, Beanpole/Mike Galbraith)

    Peg (Expatriate)

    Pegas (Thor character)

    Peg-Leg Martin (Eternal Brain foe)

    Peking Duck of Earth-58472 (Howard the Duck cousin)

    Peking Man (Jovian, Thor)

    Peko (Fu Machu's monkey) - by Prime Eternal

    Pel of Earth-950108 (Searchware of the Clave)

    Pele (Pacific Overlords)

    Pele (Hawaiian Goddess) - by Will U

    Peleus (Thor foe)

    Peliali (volcano goddess, Avengers character) - by Proto-Man

    "Pelirojo" (R.U. Reddy)

    Pelletier, Nicos (Hydra, Guillotine)

    Pelops (Blackwulf)

    Peloso, Ava (Ambush)

    Pelps, Armand (Sangre foe) - by Prime Eternal

    Pelt Man of Earth-9602 (Amalgam character)

    Peltier, Paul (Captain Granbretan)

    Pemberton, Frederick (Crack, Drug Lords)

    Penance of Earth-92131 (X-Men '92 cartoon reality) - by MarvellousLuke

    Pendleton Asquint (Shang-Chi character) - by the Beetle

    Pendragon, Arthur (King Arthur)

    Penfold (attended Saturnyne's trial on Earth-622)

    Penguin of Earth-74425 (Baravelli advertisements)

    Penkovsky, Zhenya (Black Widow character)

    Pennant, David (Highwayman)

    Pennsu (xt god, Thor/Hercules foes) - by Donald Campbell

    Penny ?? of Earth-8107 (Nephilia manipulator) - by Proto-Man

    Penny Panzer (Übermädchen)

    Pennypacker, J. Pennington (Almighty Dollar, Happy Campers)

    Pennysworth, J.C. (Supreme Serpent, Sons of the Serpent) - by Prime Eternal & Chadman

    Pennysworth, Joaquin (SHIELD agent, possible Defenders member) - by Chadman

    Penrose, Lili (Gambit foe)

    Penrose, Morgan (Lili's uncle, Gambit foe)

    Penrose, Noel (Kitty Pryde foe)

    Penskiyov, Marya (Number 1, Espionage Elite member) - by Chadman

    Pentecost, Paxton (Designed F.A.U.S.T.)

    "Pentt" (Deviant Horde)

    Pepper (Manny Sabatine's aide)

    Pepper (Green Goblin (Urich) foe, partner of Salt) - by Minor Irritant

    Peppermill, Ragland T. (Warriors Three character)

    Peregrin Took (Iron Fist character) - by Markus Raymond

    Peregrine (French superhero) - by AvatarWarlord72

    Perez (attorney, Daredevil character)

    Perez, Detective Cecilia (Sleepwalker character)

    Perez, Paco (X-Force character) - by Proto-Man

    "Perfect man of today" (Dynamic Man)

    "Perfect Sportsman" (1950s, Chuck Blayne)

    Peri (Pathfinders)

    Perilous Painter (Avant Guard)

    Perkins (Sir Baskerville employee, Sherlock Holmes character)

    Perkins (Hulk character)

    Perkins (Desmond Marrs' chauffer)

    Perkins (SHIELD agent)

    Perkins, Mrs. (Purple Man victim)

    Perkins, Nancy (Scott's wife)

    Perkins, Scott (White Tiger (Ayala) character) - by Chadman

    Perkins, Seth (Purple Phantom foe)

    Perlmutter, Andrew (failed Weapon VII test subject)

    Perlongetti, Louie (Speedball character)

    Pernicious Plantman (Plantman)

    Perone (priest, Devil-Slayer character)

    Perricone, Noah (Pisces, Zodiac Cartel)

    Perrikus (Dark Gods) - by Stunner

    Perril, Arnold (Bluebeard)

    Perry, Arthur (Elektra foe)

    Perrywinkle, Diane (Gamma Base personnel) - by Spidermay

    Persephone (Olympian Goddess) - by Will U and the Squid

    Persephone (Spinsterhood)

    Pershing, Ronald (Klaw)

    Personification of the double edge of Ultraverse (Double Edge)

    Persuader (Ernest Evans, Cloak & Dagger character)

    Persuader (Roland Rayburn, Spider-Man foe) - by Minor Irritant

    Pertierra, Ferdinand "Foxy" (Mop Man foe)

    Perun (Russian god, People's Protectorate) - by Will U

    Pesca, Carmine (Daredevil character)

    Pester (Morlock) - by Darc_Light

    Pestilence (Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse)

    Pestilence (Plague, X-Factor/X-Men foe) - by Norvo

    Pestilence (Hungry)

    Pestilence of Earth-92131 (ancient Egyptian mutant, X-Men '92 cartoon) - by MarvellousLuke

    Pestilence of Earth-5701 (Spider-Man)

    Pet (feline Mojoverse servant of Mojo II) - by Proto-Man

    Pete ?? (robber, scared away by Ned Flanders)

    Pete ?? (encountered "Night Watcher")

    Pete ?? (Ghost Rider/Blaze character)

    Pete ?? (Speedball character)

    Peter ?? (Namor character)

    Peter ?? (Blackheart victim)

    Peter (Colossus' son) - by Norvo

    Peter (Excalibur foe) - by Loki

    Peter ?? (called Paige Angel radio show)

    Peter ?? (Inhumans character)

    Peter ?? (mutant, Northstar and X-Men character) - by Zerostar

    Peter ?? (Mysterion hostage, told stories about Squirrel Girl)

    Pe'te'r Z (Skrull)

    Petere (Makesh resident)

    Peters (alien editor) - by Future

    Peters, Capt. (US Army, Old West)

    Peters, Freddie (fled from Mole-Men)

    Peters, Nan (Captain Peters' daughter)

    Peters, Shanna (Tok)

    Peters, Mr. (Killer Dick's father)

    Peterson (S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, Ms. Marvel character)

    Peterson, Dwight (Black Tarantula character) - by Chadman

    Peterson, Gary (Generation M character) - by Chadman

    Peterson, Mike (Slapstick's best friend) - by Patrick D Ryall

    Peterson, Milton (Obituary)

    Peterson, Molly (Thermal)

    Peterson, "Porkchop" ("Foggy" Nelson fraternity brother) - by Chadman

    Petey ?? (criminal, Daredevil foe)

    Petey ?? (Underworld character)

    Pethnan, Alaisa Ruantha (Avatar)

    Pétion, Josué (Doctor Friday)

    Petite Jean (Taker of Heads)

    Petra (X-Men member) - by Norvo

    Petrachnus (Avengers foe) - by Prime Eternal

    Petras (Inhuman, Gorgon's son) - by Chadman

    Petrie (Roxxon, Bagmom)

    Petrie, Derek (Shadow-Captains)

    Petrie, Dr. James (Shang-Chi character) - partial entry

    Petrie, Salia (Ms. Marvel character) - by Spidermay

    Petril (Dimension Z)

    Petrocelli, Vincent (mobster, Daredevil character)

    Petros of Earth-311 (Quicksilver counterpart)

    Petros, Dominic (Avalanche)

    Petrov, Mikhail of New Universe (Mindwolf)

    Petrov, Olga (Invisible Woman)

    Petrovic, George (Cloak & Dagger/Mayhem character)

    Petrovic, Dr. Howard (surgeon, Owl foe/reluctant ally) - by Chadman

    Petrovich, Ivan (Black Widow character) - by Chadman

    Petrovich, Yuri (Crimson Dynamo/Outcast)

    Petrovitch, Ivan (Ivan Petrovitch)

    Petrovitch, Yuri (Crimson Dynamo/Outcast)

    Pettine, Vincent (depowered mutant)

    Pettishford (Sheik Ibn Bheik employee)

    Petty, Steve (Phreak)

    Petunia Grimm (Thing's aunt)

    Pevely, Laslo (Terror, Golden Age hero) - by Ron Fredricks

    Peyer (Gladiator (Potter) victim)

    Peyer, "red" (Wizard of the West)

    de Peyraud, Renee (Shang-Chi character) - by the Beetle

    Pfaffenberger, Stu (X-Men character) - by Norvo

    Pfenner (Dr. Strange foe)

    Phadion (Tuk the Caveboy's father) - by MarvellousLuke

    Phaeder (Inhuman, Maelstrom's father) - by Prime Eternal-- check your obscure-ometer!

    Phaedra (Seeker 3000, leader of Pathfinders) - by Prime Eternal

    Phaedra (Death's Head character)

    Phage (Venom (Brock) foe) - by Minor Irritant

    Phalanx (Punisher character)

    Phalen, Robert (criminal, Daredevil foe)

    Phal'kon (Rook'shir)

    Phalkon, Seth (Seth the Immortal)

    Phan-Ku (Hisssarlion, Serpent Men)

    Phantasm (Paladin foe) - by Spidermay

    Phantazm of Eurth (Wonder Man or Vision counterpart) - by Proto-Man

    Phantom (Phantom Bullet)

    Phantom (Iron Man foe)

    Phantom (Spider-Man foe, Kenner See-a-Show cartoon slide) - by Proto-Man

    Phantom (wielder of the Evilizer)

    Phantom Blonde (She-Hulk ally) - by Will U

    Phantom Bullet (Golden Age hero) - by MarvellousLuke

    Phantom Eagle (WW1 hero, Freedom's Five) - by Prime Eternal

    Phantom Eagle (Savage Land, Ka-Zar/Skaar character)

    Phantom Hound of Cardiff Moor (Golden Age, Captain America foe) - by John Kaminski

    Phantom of 42nd Street (Power Man (Cage) foe) - by Spidermay

    Phantom of Gamma Ray Flats (Ephraim Soles)

    Phantom of Gramercy Park (Judge)

    Phantom of the Farm (1950s "living strawman", World of Fantasy) - by Ron Fredricks

    Phantom of the Underworld (Golden Age hero) - by LV

    Phantome (Vengeance foe) - by Markus Raymond

    Phantom Raider (Old West, Kid Colt foe) - by Prime Eternal

    Phantom Reporter (Golden Age hero, Twelve member) - by Norvo

    Phantom Rider (Carter Slade, Old West hero) - by Prime Eternal

    Pharao (Ra the Avenger)

    Pharao (Ahmet Abdol, Living Pharao)

    Pharao Rama-Tut the First (Rama-Tut, Marvel Adventures)

    Pharlopa D'zenn (V'mira Z'han, Conan foe)

    Phaser (Radian/Christian Cord, New Warriors member)

    Phat (X-Statix member) - by Proto-Man

    Phay (Troll Associates)

    Pheasant Man of Earth-61613 (Peter Parker, Spider-Man Magazine) - by Proto-Man

    Phee (Troll Associates)

    Pheiffer, Stanley (former Matt Murdock client)

    Phelch (Space Turnip)

    Phelix (Troll Associates)

    Phelps (Morbius foe)

    Phelps, Denton (Hellrazor)

    Phelps, Filbert (1960s time traveler, Journey into Mystery) - by Ron Fredricks

    Phelps, Joe (horror character) - by John Kaminski

    Phelps, Willy (1960s, time traveler) - by Ron Fredricks

    Phemous (demon-lord, Magik character)

    Pherecydes of Syros (Triumvirate of Mages)

    Phiend (Troll Associates)

    Phil ?? (encountered Trull the Unhuman)

    Phil ?? (Monsteroso character)

    Phil ?? (Doctor Doom employee)

    Phil ?? of Earth-84444

    Phil ?? (Church of the Saved)

    Phil ?? (Jaime Rodriguez's co-worker) - by Proto-Man

    Phil ?? (Merx Pharmaceuticals)

    Phil of Earth-93121 (Knights of Justice)

    Phil ?? (homeless, Daredevil character)

    Phil ?? (X-Men foe)

    Phil the Magician (Spider-Man/Thing character)

    Phil the Snake of Earth-1211 (Others)

    Philbert ?? (Goliath/Wasp character)

    Philbert, Mr. (robbed by Unus & Blob)

    Philip ?? (civilian, encountere Dreadnought)

    Philip ?? (Namor character)

    Philip ?? (Scarlet Spider (Wade) foe)

    Philip ?? (Bullseye foe) - by Chadman

    Philips, Philip (1950s, slain by extradimensionals) - by Ron Fredricks

    Philips, Philip (would-be boyfriend of Gamma-Burn)

    Philippe ?? (servant of Lullaby)

    "Philistine-era Ghost Rider" (Ghost Rider character) - by Loki

    Phillip ?? (Children of Heaven)

    Phillipe ?? (charge of Sister Angelique)

    Phillips, Sir Gordon (former Lord Imperial of Hellfire Club) - by MarvellousLuke

    Phillips, "Handsome" Harry (Terrible Trio)

    Phillips, Ice (Punisher character)

    Phillips, John (Flapper, partner of Hogman)

    Phillips, Lewis Freedom of Ultraverse (Anything)

    Phillips, Morty (Spider-Man character) - by Will U

    Phillips, Roger (Number 5, Espionage Elite member) - by Chadman

    Philly (Phillip Dylan)

    Philo, Jimmy (WSAP reporter, interviewed Foggy Nelson) - by Chadman

    Philoctetes (Trojan War)

    Phimister, Ellie (Negasonic Teenage Warhead)

    Phineas (Fifth Dimension)

    Phineas (Phobius)

    Phineas T. Coroner (Demon-Fire)

    Phipps, Hinton (Speedball character)

    "Phishy McPhish" (Brotherhood character)

    Phit (Troll Associates)

    Phlegm (Troll Associates)

    Phlopp (Troll Associates)

    Phobia (Nightmare character) - by Markus Raymond

    Phobius (minion of Maelstrom) - by Prime Eternal

    Phobos (Olympian God, Dr. Strange foe)

    Phobos, Pieter (Professor Phobos)

    Phoebus (Ares foe) - by Proto-Man

    Phoenix (Rachel Summers)

    Phoenix of Earth-9112

    Phoenix (Jean Grey)

    Phoenix (Rook'shir)

    Phoenix Force of Earth-2182 (possessing Colossus' empty shell)

    Phoenix Kid (Old West gunfighter) - by Grendel Prime

    Phoenix-Martian Manhunter of Earth-9602 (Amalgamated)

    Phoenix-Prime of Ultraverse (Prime)

    Phone Ranger (telephone super-hero) - by Prime Eternal

    phony Spider-Man of Earth-8107 (Carnival of Crime member) - by David Lawrence

    Phopp (Troll Associates)

    Phorcys (Elderspawn, Agents of Atlas foe) - by Markus Raymond

    Phork of Reality-81665 ("Kells")

    Phor-Thok (Conan foe) - by Spidermay

    Photofit of Earth-5555 (Death's Head (FPA) foe) - by MarvellousLuke

    Photoman (Hostess ad, Spider-Man foe) - by John Kaminski

    Photon (Spider-Man and Nova foe) - by Peter Kroon

    Photon of Reality-691 (Force, Guardians of the Galaxy foe)

    Phough (Troll Associates)

    Phoyu (Forgotten component, Doctor Strange and the Sorcerers Supreme foe) - by Donald Campbell

    Phra (ancient Martian, Gullivar Jones foe) - by Grendel Prime

    Phraug (Deviant emperor of Pre-Cataclysmic Lemuria) - by Don Campbell

    Phreak (Spider-Man foe)

    Phreak (Black Panther/Deathlok foe) - by AvatarWarlord72

    Phumm (Troll Associates)

    Phy (Troll Associates)

    Phyffe, Julian (Lord Phyffe)

    Phyffe, Augustyne (Dr. Strange character) - by Jean-Marc Lofficier

    Phyla-Vell (Martyr/Captain Marvel, Captain Marvel character) - by Stunner

    Physique (Initiative character) - by Minor Irritant

    Phzzzrrzztlzzzz (Fizzle)

    Pi Yao (Pixiu)

    Piano Player (X-Statix character) - by Proto-Man

    Pica of Earth-1289 (Excalibur character)

    Picaro (Marvel Italia, Euroforce member) - by Wolfhead & Loki with translation aid from Angelo Mammone

    Picaro, Felipe (vengeful scientist, Captain Marvel (Monica Rambeau) foe) - by Proto-Man

    Picaro, Gaylord of New Universe (Pit Bull)

    "Picaroon" (Special Executive)

    Pick Axe (Power Tools)

    Picket (Namor character)

    Pickman (Nick Fury character) - by Prime Eternal

    Pickwick, Ms. (Generation X character) - by MarvellousLuke

    Picolino, Pierre (Fantastic Four character) - by Norvo

    Piecemeal (Hulk character) - by Stunner

    Piecemeal (Gilbert Benson, X-Force/New Warriors character) - by Norvo

    Pied Piper (Mr. P)

    Piel of Reality-829 (Ciegrimites)

    Pierce (WW2 admiral, Terror character)

    Pierce of Ultraverse (Wrath foe) - by Grendel Prime

    Pierce, Donald (X-Men foe) - by Chadman

    Pierce, Jason (judge, Sons of the Serpent, Daredevil foe)

    Pierce, Jimmy (Hit Man Punisher)

    Pierce, Justin (FBI, Donald's nephew) - by MarvellousLuke

    Pierce, Dr. Randall (bio-armor creator, Brute Force)

    Pierce, Ricky (Randall's son)

    Pierce, Sir Waltham (WWI, Hellfire Club member)

    Pierre ?? (Dakota North character)

    Pietra (Conan foe)

    Piezo-electrical Logistic Analytic Tactical Operator (PLATO)

    Pig ('Vores, Rick Jones foe)

    Pigeon (Vulturion, Spider-Man foe)

    Pig Malone (Elektra foe)

    "Pig-Man" (Ani-Men, GLA story)

    Pigman, Nigel (Council of Antiquarians)

    Pigseye of Earth-83138 (Grit, Bullseye counterpart)

    Pigskin (Wolverine foe)

    Pike (Daredevil foe)

    Pike, Cassandra (She-Hulk character) - by the Beetle

    Pike, Charlie (Code: Grey)

    Pike, Christopher (Rus inhabitant....this is a special Star Trek character cameo)

    Pike, David (Brawn, She-Hulk's cousin)

    Pike, Jared (Punisher/Foxfire foe)

    Pike, Joseph "Wall-Eyed" (criminal, pool hustler) - by Chadman

    Pike, Frisco (S.T.A.R.S. mechanic)

    Pilai (Creature from Kosmos)

    Pile-Driver (Triumvirate of Terror)

    Pilgrim (Pilgrimm)

    Pilgrimm (Ru'Tai, X-Men foe)

    Pillar (Neo, X-Men foe) - by MarvellousLuke

    Pilli Natu (Skrull, Spider-Woman foe) - by MarvellousLuke

    Pillinger, John (Tony Stark character) - by Chadman

    Pillowpal of Earth-Superhelden Special (Gus Goose)

    Pillsbury (Claok & Dagger character)

    Pilot (Binary Beings)

    Pilot Korolyev (Major Rychenko's pilot)

    Pinball of Earth-712 (Squadron Supreme foe) - by Norvo

    Pinball Lizard (Howard the Duck/Santa Claus foe)

    Pincus, Joseph (Lonesome Pinky)

    Pingas, Johnny (She-Hulk character)

    Pinhead (Nazi, Miss America (Madeline Joyce) foe) - by Ron Fredricks

    "Pinheaded Killer" (Pinhead/Stefan Halpern)

    Pini, Richard (Ghost Rider (Blaze) characters) - by Luis Dantas

    Pini, Wendy (Ghost Rider (Blaze) characters) - by Luis Dantas

    Pinius (Inhuman, Fantastic Four foe) - by Grendel Prime

    Pinkerton, Percival "Pinky" (Howling Commandos member) - by Prime Eternal

    Pinkerton, Reginald (Percival's brother) - by Prime Eternal

    Pinkerton, Rudy (reporter, She-Hulk character)

    "pink flying creature sorcerer" (winged creature wielding Eye of Agamotto) - by Proto-Man

    Pink Fink (Fantastic Four foe) - by LV

    Pink Lady (Wolverine/Doop character) - by Proto-Man

    Pinkley, Zelda (Dominic Fortune character) - by Prime Eternal

    Pink Mädchen (Pink Lady)

    Pink Pearl (Alpha Flight foe) - by John Kaminski

    Pinkwater, Ella (Daredevil story)

    Pinocchio (Master Form)

    Pinocchio (X-Student, Beast character) - by MarvellousLuke

    Pinpoint (Advocates member)

    Pinstripe (Split-Second Squad)

    Pinto, Jesse (Johnny Blaze character)

    Pinyon (Inhuman soldier) - by Chadman

    Pioneer (Harvesters)

    "Pipe, Gentleman J." (Shanna the She-Devil foe)

    Piper (Savage Land Mutates) - by Chadman

    Piper (Morlock, Power Pack/X-Men character) - by MarvellousLuke

    Piper, Horatio (anthropology professor, Daredevil character) - by Chadman

    Piper, Jeffrey (Code of Honor character) - by Proto-Man

    Piper, Lewis (Jeff's father)

    Piper, Marisa (Jeff's daughter)

    Piper, Michael (Jeff's son)

    Piper, Melissa (Deathgrip's daughter)

    Piper, Dr. Rowden (Deathgrip)

    "Piper of Peril" (Rom foe) - by Donald Campbell

    Piranha (Namor, Thing and Defenders foe) - by SQUEAK

    Piranha-Boy (Dr. Sheri Holman creation, Black Panther character)

    "Piranha" Jones (Cage and Terror foe) - by Omar Karindu

    Piranis (Cult of the Jackal)

    Pirate Queen of Pinghai Bay (Iron Fist/Wu Ao-Shi, 16th century)

    Pirvat, Ditmil (Star Thief)

    Pisces (Zodiac Cartel) - by Prime Eternal

    Pisces (One-Man Zodiac)

    Pisces (Mr. Zodiac)

    Pisces (LMD Zodiac) - by Prime Eternal

    Pisces (Zodiac-Ecliptic member)

    Pisces ("New Zodiac", New Warriors foe)

    Piskas (Inhuman civilian)

    Piston (Harriers)

    Pitbull (Litter)

    Pit Bull of New Universe (DP7 character) - by Prime Eternal

    Pitchfork (Good Boy foe) - by Minor Irritant

    Pithecanthrope Giant (Jovian, Thor)

    Pitiful One (X-Statix foe) - by Proto-Man

    Pit Tippit (Arak foe)

    Pitt, Desmond (Darkoth the Death-Demon)

    Pittman, Bennett (Nth Command)

    Pit-Viper (The Viper's double) - by Prime Eternal

    Pity (Spider-Man character, Spdm: Sinister Six novel trilogy)

    Pixie (First Line member) - by Norvo

    Pixie (Demon's cult)

    Pixie (Morlock, Ghost Rider character)

    Pixie (Punisher character)

    Pixie of Earth-398 (Wasp, Queen's Vengeance)

    Pixil (Lilin, Scarlet Witch foe) - by Markus Raymond

    Pixiu (Heroes for Hire foe) - by Proto-Man

    Pixx of Ultraverse (Ultraforce)

    Pizer (Excalibur character...mentioned anyway) - by Ronald Byrd

    PJ (X-Men character)

    P'kar (Shi'ar, Maximum Security character)

    P'krrd (Shi'ar, Inhumans foe) - by Chadman

    Plague (Pestilence)

    Plague of Earth-1043 (Brotherhood, Millennial Visions)

    Plague (Lucien) of Earth-2182 (living Legacy virus)

    Plague-Bringer of Earth-691 (Bubonicus)

    Plaguedog of Earth-5555 (Death's Head (FPA) foe) - by MarvellousLuke

    Plagueosaur of Earth-7614 (Sword in the Star, Witch-World)

    Plaid Bug (Fight Man/Agent X foe)

    "Plains Indian Ghost Rider" (Ghost Rider character) - by Loki

    Plainsman (Looter foe) - by Minor Irritant

    Planet, Commodore Donny (Moon Knight foe)

    Planet Man (cosmic entity, Spider-Man Magazine) - by Proto-Man

    Planner (Captain America foe) - by Omar Karindu

    Planner (Sgt. Fury foe) - by Prime Eternal

    Planner (Teng)

    Planner (Shadow Consortium member)

    Plant Lady (Cousin Betsy)

    Plant Man (Florus Homo)

    Plant Man (superhero, Spider-Man Magazine) - by Proto-Man

    Plantman (Samuel Smithers, Human Torch/X-Men/Namor/Captain America/Defenders/Spider-Man foe) - by Chadman

    Plantman (Phil, Ant-Man (Lang) foe) - by Minor Irritant

    Planty (Plantman)

    Plasma (Havok/Moon Knight foe) - by Markus Raymond

    Plasmer (Marvel UK)

    Plasmmage (Buel)

    Plasmonster (Plasmer)

    Plastic Man of Forbidden Planet (DC, comic shop ad)

    Plastoid (Daredevil foe) - by John Kaminski & Chadman

    Plastrooper (Plasmer)

    PLATO (Force Works house-computer) - by Markus Raymond

    Plato robot (Mad Thinker's Intellectual Robots)

    Platoon (Spider-Man foe)

    Playback of New Universe (Justice character)

    Playmate (Diabolique creation)

    Plazm (X-Force member) - by Proto-Man

    Plaznik, Igor (1950s vampire)

    Plaznik, Janez (1950s vampire, Igor's brother) - by Markus Raymond

    Plaznik, Majda (1950s vampire, Igor's mother)

    Plaznik, Marko (1950s vampire, Igor's father)

    Plemina (Iron Man character)

    Plethoric Prehistoric (Behemoth Jack)

    Plex Intelligence (Marvel Boy (Noh-Varr) ally) - by Markus Raymond

    Plisken (Broker's slaves)

    Plot-Device Man (Crazy Magazine character) - by Loki

    Plotnick, Lamar (Cloak&Dagger character)

    Plotnick, Pavel (Mr. Rasputin)

    Plunda (Plunderer/Parcival Plunder)

    Plunder, Kevin (Ka-Zar)

    Plunder, Edgar Parnial (Plunderer) - by Chadman

    Plunderer (Parnival Plunder, pirate villain, Ka-Zar's brother) - by Chadman

    Plunderer of Purity (Fangor)

    Plundering Butterfly (Butterfly)

    Plug of Ultraverse (Freex)

    Plug-In Maniac (Fight Man/Agent X foe)

    Plumed Serpent (Kukulcan)

    Plumm, Maxwell (Steeplejack)

    Plummer, Nathan (William Sumner, Third Species)

    Pluto (Olympian God) - by Chadman & Will U

    Pluto Man (primordial being, Spider-Man Magazine)

    Plutonia (Shi'ar Superguardians) - by Grendel Prime

    P!ndyr Champion (Skrull foe) - by Norvo

    Po, Kim (Fantastic Force character)

    Pogo (Inhumans foe)

    Pohlmann, Josef (Malpractive, D.O.A.)

    Poirot, Henri (Black Cat character)

    Poison-Lark (Demon-Fire)

    "Poison Pool Monster" (Jann of the Jungle foe) - by John Kaminski

    Poison Wolverine of Earth-17952 (Poisons hive) - by Julien Vivé

    "Poker Face" (1950s alien) - by John Kaminski

    Pokerface (Power Man (Alvarez)/Iron Fist foe) - by Minor Irritant

    "Pokey" (Skrulls of Kral slave)

    Polaris (Lorna Dane)

    Polestar (Spider-Man foe) - by Omar Karindu

    Polibos (Laois foe)

    policeman (Jubilee character)

    Police Commissioner (Defender character)

    police officer (Wax People)

    Polish (Undergrounders)

    Politus (Amir's husband, Wolverine/Namor character) - by Chadman

    Polk, Deborah (Captain Citrus' sister)

    Polk, Jean (Captain Cirtus' mother)

    Polk, John (Captain Citrus)

    Polk, Martin (Captain Citrus' father)

    Polk, Steven (Cardiac and Code: Blue character) - by Stunner

    Polka Doctor (Fight Man/Agent X foe)

    Polley, Gardner (Fly)

    Pollio, Gaius Asinius (Roman politician)

    Pollock, General (Avengers, Thing, and Fury foe) - by Caesar Godzillatron

    Polly ?? (Beast's great-aunt) - by Proto-Man

    Pollyanna (Crazy Magazine character) - by Loki

    Poltergeist (mutant, Spider-Woman (Drew), Dazzler, and Beast character) - by Will U, Elf with a Gun, and Snood

    Polymer (Dana Holmes, X-Student) - by MarvellousLuke

    Polyphemus (cyclops, Huntsman)

    Ponce (vampire, Legion of the Damned)

    Ponchatrane, Bruno (Daredevil character)

    Pony (Ponygirl)

    Ponygirl (Punisher character, computer hacker)

    Poodle (Litter)

    Poog (Skrulls of Kral)

    Pook, Alfred (Journey into Mystery) - by Future

    Pool Shark (Moon Knight foe) - by Loki

    Poole, Albert (Hulk)

    Poole, Albert (pre-FF character) - by Prime Eternal

    Poole, Elias (pre-FF character) - by John Kaminski

    Poole, Terra (Snaketongue, Gladiators)

    Poole, Wilbur (creator of Elektro)

    "Pop" (served totem pole creatures)

    "Pop" of Earth-8116 (Dreadstar story)

    Pop, Magister (Captain Marvel character) - by Stunner

    Pop Fenton (Daredevil character) - by Chadman

    Pope (Ahura)

    Pope Immortus of Earth-9997 (Kang the Immortal)

    Popeye the Sailor Man (Marvel version, toot, toot) - by Loki

    "Poppa" (Destine Kale)

    Poppa (Poppa's Olympian Palace owner, Daredevil character)

    Poppa Wheelie (U.S 1 character)

    Poppo the Cunning (Defenders foe) - by Chadman

    Poprycz, William (soldier, vamped by Baron Blood)

    Pops (the People, Sub-Mariner character)

    "Pops" (Moon Knight foe)

    Poratine (Watchers on the Wall, Diascar)

    Porcal (Inhuman, Genetics Council) - by Chadman

    Porcupine (Alex Gentry, Ant-Man/X-Men/Captain America/Defenders foe) - by Chadman

    Porcupine (Roger Gocking, Spider-Woman character) - by Chadman

    Porcupine of Earth-28121 (Vennema Multiversal's Hunt Squad)

    "Porcupine Puss" (Negative Zone, Beast foe) - by Grendel Prime

    Porfiry, Svetlana (Harridan, Secret Empire)

    "Porkchop" Peterson ("Foggy" Nelson fraternity brother) - by Chadman

    Porkius the Living Ham-Pire of Earth-7840 (humanoid animals)

    Pork Chops (Crazed Maniac foe, Spider-Man Magazine)

    Porky (minion of Isbisa)

    Porky (Daredevil foe) - by Chadman

    Porky (Porcupine (Alex Gentry) )

    Porter, Ms. (attorney, Daredevil character)

    Porter, Cheryl (Iron Man character)

    Porter V, Derek (Night Nurse foe) - by Prime Eternal

    Porter, Edna (Derek's aunt)

    Porter, Kim (Souls of the Damned, Nikki's host)

    Portman, Lee (Old West, Fat Man)

    Poseidon (Neptune)

    Poser (Morlock, Wolverine character) - by MarvellousLuke

    Positron (First Line member) - by Norvo

    possessed Hellcat (Avarrish involvement only)

    Possessor (Kamo Tharnn, Elder of the Universe; Thor/Silver Surfer/Quasar character)

    Possessor (Bloodstone foe)

    Possessor (Son of Satan foe)

    Possessor of the Runestaff (Possessor/Kamo Tharnn)

    Possum Man (Crazy Magazine character) - by Loki

    Postman (Psychobabble personality)

    Postman (Chicago Morlock) - by Dark_Light

    Postmortem (Blade foe) - by Markus Raymond

    "Potsie" (Cauldron)

    Potter, Albert (Hurricane, Marvel UK)

    Potter, "Dutch" (blind man, lost sight in Vietnam) - by Chadman

    Potter, Li Ling (White Tiger (Del Toro) character) - by Chadman

    Potter, Melvin (Gladiator)

    Potter, Tim (Captain America of the 1950's ally)

    Potters, Kimberly Kristine of Earth-928 (Serpentina)

    Potts, "Pepper" of Earth-8861

    Potts, William (H'ylthri ally)

    Pouncy, Marian (Poundcakes)

    Pound (Black Widow (Romanoff) foe)

    Poundcakes (Grapplers member) - by Nyssane

    Pow, Dr. (Deadline character)

    Powell (teacher, Beast character)

    Powell, Al (1950s big-game hunter)

    Powell, Barry (Zonkers, Punisher foe)

    Powell, Carl (playboy, romance character)

    Powell, Christopher of Earth-9112

    Powell, Nicholas (Chance)

    Power, Alex of Earth-22455 (Power Pack, Millennial Visions 2001)

    Power, Anthony (Professor Power)

    Power, Francine of Earth-84309 (Powerpax)

    Power, Jack of Earth-22455 (Power Pack, Millennial Visions 2001)

    Power, Dr. James imposter (Technocrat agent)

    Power, Julie of Earth-22455 (Power Pack, Millennial Visions 2001)

    Power, Katie of Earth-22455 (Power Pack, Millennnial Visions 2001)

    Power, Margret imposter (Technocrat agent)

    Power, Matthew Aaron (Professor Power's son)

    Power Broker (Curtiss Jackson, Machine Man/Hulk/Captain America foe)

    Power Broker (tech-savvy businessman, empowered criminals) - by Proto-Man

    Power Glove (Shatterfist) - By Prime Eternal

    Powerhouse (Spider-Man/Beast foe) - by Stunner

    Power Man (Carl Lucas/Luke Cage)

    Power Man of Earth-10001 (Danny Rand, Millennial Visions) - by Proto-Man

    Power Man of Earth-82820

    Power Man (Steele)

    Power Man Hector (Power Men)

    Power Man Mac (Power Men)

    Power Man Simms (Power Men)

    Power Man Steele (Cage foe, Power Men)

    Powermaster (Power Man foe)

    Power Princess (zombie clone, Squadron Supreme)

    Power Princess (programmed Zarda Shelton simulacrum, Squadron Supreme of America)

    Power Prism (Krimonn, Dr. Sepctrum)

    Powerpax (X-Force member in an alternate future) - by Madison Carter

    Powers, Cliff (medic, Sgt. Fury character) - by Prime Eternal

    Powers, Jonathan (Jester)

    "Powhatan Ghost Rider" (Ghost Rider character) - by Loki

    Pow Wow Boom Boom Smith (Generation Hex)

    Praed, Jason (Crossbow)

    Prafigliatcheo, Mr. (Malice victim)

    Prafigliatcheo, Mrs. (Malice victim)

    P!rai (X-Men character) - by Chadman

    Prakriti (Gaea, Earth-Mother goddess)

    Predator (Cloak & Dagger foe) - by Markus Raymond

    Preecit of Earth-Shadowline (major, Doctor Zero foe)

    Preeti (Susan Storm Camp for Girls' Leadership attendee) - by Proto-Man

    Prehistoric Platter Puss (Behemoth Jack)

    Prehistoric Punisher (Earth-27135 prehistoric vigilante) - by Loki

    "Pre-history" (Human Torch (Hammond) foe) - by AvatarWarlord72 & John Kaminski

    Prentis (Jim Hudson foe)

    Prentiss, Andrew "Andy" (Illuminator)

    Prentiss, Ayla (Garvey)

    Prentiss, Andrew "Andy" (Illuminator)

    Prentiss, Diane "Didi" (Illuminator's sister)

    Prentiss, Jay (Illuminator's father)

    Prentiss, Joan (Illuminator's mother)

    Prentiss, Nita (Namorita)

    Prentiss, Skip (Illuminator's brother)

    Pra-Eun (sorceror, Conan)

    Precinct Captain Mannheim (Daredevil character)

    Prei-Ying Mantis (Howard the Duck character)

    Prell, Sylvia (Fulmina)

    Prelle, Walter (pre-FF character)

    Prescott, Dr. Taylor of Earth-92131 (Skull Mesa founder, X-Men '92 cartoon) - by Proto-Man

    Presence (Defenders foe) - by Chadman

    Preserver (Vishnu, The Nest)

    Preserver (Spider-Man foe) - by Fatum

    President-For-Life of Earth-460

    President Krang of Earth-1116 (president of Atlanterra)

    President Ronald Reagan of Earth-267

    President X of Earth-9591 (Ruins) (US President, Charles Xavier counterpart)

    "Presidential Kidnapper" (Hulk foe, Kenner See-a-Show cartoon slide) - by Proto-Man

    Presley, Bill (reporter)

    "Presley, Elvis" (based on famous musician, Laughing Horse Bar patron)

    Pressbutton, Axel (Maruthea, Bonjaxx's Bar patron, cyborg assassin)

    Pressman, Max (Wallow, Spirits of Vengeance)

    Pressman, Melinda (Wallow's daughter, Ghost Rider (Ketch) character)

    Pressman, Michael (Wallow's son, Ghost Rider (Ketch) character)

    Pressman, Tim (NFL SuperPro character)

    Press-On (S.P.A.F.O.N. member)

    Pressure of Ultraverse (Freex)

    Prester John (Fantastic Four character) - by Per Degaton, Snood, and Prime Eternal

    Preston, Martin (Master Pandemonium)

    Preston, Rance (Live Wire)

    Preston, Tom (Bile)

    Pretender (Kusoom)

    Pretorious (alternate earth Generation X foe) - By Madison Carter

    Pretorius, Anton (Black Panther foe) - by Markus Raymond

    "Pretty Angel" of "Earth-8116" (Iron Angel)

    "Pretty-Boy" (Jack Norriss)

    Pretty Boy (Undergrounders)

    "pretty pinkity" (Pink Lady)

    Preview (Jessica Vale, X-Student, Paragons member) - by MarvellousLuke

    Prexy of Earth-691 (31st Century, Asylum)

    Prey, Solomon (Black Panther foe)

    Preyy (Killmonger's leopard, Black Panther foe)

    Preyy II (Killmonger's leopard, successor to Preyy)

    Priam (Trojan War)

    Priapus (Cage, Silver Sable, Terror foe)

    Price (SHIELD, Garwood victim)

    Price (Thor villain) - by Prime Eternal

    Price, Bill (Daily Bugle reporter) - by Chadman

    Price, Eddie (Captain Universe)

    Price, Jane (Captain Universe (Eddie) foe)

    Price, Jared (Hydra agent) - by Grendel Prime

    Price, John (Catherine Bradley's father)

    "Price, Kendra" (Eddie's mother)

    Price, Lissa (Lissa Russell)

    Price, Mary (Catherine Bradley's mother)

    Price, Nina (Vampire by Night)

    Price, Roger (Jane's husband)

    "Price, Timothy" (Eddie's father)

    Price Chopper (conman, Daredevil foe)

    Pride, Jubula (Owl's daughter, Daredevil foe) - by Chadman

    Priest (Conan character)

    priest (Carmondians)

    Priest, James (district attorney, Daredevil character) - by Chadman

    Priest, J.B. of Earth-80219

    Priest, Lucy (Butterfly)

    "Priest of Amon-Ra" (Rune)

    Priest of Purity (Rasputin)

    Priest of Sickles (Johan Richter, Kulan Gath servant) - by Proto-Man

    Priest of the Scorpion God (Kull character)

    Priest of the Wild (Connobar)

    priestess of Yog (Conan foe)

    Priestess of Creation (Noyo)

    Priestess of Hate (Nekra Sinclair)

    Priestess of the North (Ursla)

    Priestess of the Rites (Artys-Gran)

    Priestess of the Sea and the Moon (Vivian Morgan)

    Priestess of the Sun (Contraxian race)

    Priestess of the Wilds (Ursla)

    Priestess Selene of Earth-398 (aka Priestess) (Moondragon, Queen's Vengeance)

    Prim, Ms. (Marvel Boy/Martin Oksner Burns' teacher)

    Prima of Earth-751263 (Rejects member) - by Proto-Man

    Prima Donna (Action Pack, Initiative)

    Primal (X-Men ally) - by Prime Eternal

    Primal One (see Maur-Konn, Shogun Warriors character)

    Primate (Alpha Prime member)

    Primax of Earth-69901 (Captain America character) - by Markus Raymond

    Prime of Ultraverse (Kevin Green, Ultraverse hero)

    Prime Evil (Genetix foe)

    Prime Manifester (Anthropomorpho)

    Prime Matrix (Vuk, Avengers/She-Hulk/Wolverine/X-Men foe)

    Prime Mover (Doom's robot) - by Omar Karindu

    Prime Mover (Marvel UK)

    Prime Skrull (original Skrull) - by Prime Eternal

    Prime Thoran (Protector/Thoran Rul)

    primitoid (slave of Skrulls of Kral)

    Primm, Ms. (Shadow Hound of Cardiff Moor neighbor)

    Primo (Avengers foe) - by Stunner

    Primogenitor of Earth-3071 (Mandate, Wolverine foe)

    Primus (Captain Mar-Vell ally) - by Prime Eternal

    Primus (Flb'Dbi, Fantastic Four character)

    Prince (Fu Manchu)

    Prince (Hawkeye foe)

    Prince of Earth-9602 (Amalgam character) - by Skullogeist

    Prince, Chad of Earth-92131 (X-Men '92 cartoon)

    Prince, Diana of Earth-9602 (Amalgam character) - by Skullogeist

    Prince Argon (Microverse, Argon)

    Prince Bayan (Reed Richards character)

    Prince Charming (Prince)

    Prince Dezan (Skrull, Avengers character) - by the Beetle

    Prince Dragon (Kaiwann, Thing/Iron Fist character)

    Prince Gareth of Sparta of Earth-791 (Star-Lord's great-uncle) - by Donald Campbell

    Prince Gorgolla (Gorgolla)

    Prince Hassim (Bagmom)

    Prince Jason of Spartax (Inhumans character) - by Donald Campbell

    Prince Jiefya (Power Man/Iron Fist character)

    Prince Koura (Sinbad foe)

    Prince Morningstar of Eurth (Human Torch (Johnny Storm) counterpart) - by Proto-Man

    Prince of Atlantis (Namor, Timeslip)

    Prince of Black Magic (Mor the Mighty)

    Prince of Blood (Rune)

    Prince of Darkness (Mephisto)

    Prince of Darkness (Lucifer)

    Prince of Darkness (Dracula)

    Prince of Darkness (Marduk Kurios)

    Prince of Death (Kx'ulthuum)

    Prince of Deceit (Pluto, Olympian)

    Prince of Deceivers (Mephisto)

    Prince of Devils (Mephisto)

    Prince of Good (ancient sorcerer, Davey Drew's Demon foe)

    "Prince of Hackers" (Hector Espejo)

    Prince of Hell (Marduk Kurios)

    Prince of Hell (Pluto, Olympian)

    Prince of Latveria (Dr. Doom, Timeslip)

    Prince of Liars (Mephisto)

    Prince of Lies (Mephisto)

    Prince of Lies (Hellstorm)

    Prince of Mesonia (Conan character)

    Prince of Pain (Taraskh)

    Prince of Power (Alexus, High Priest of Set

    Prince of Rogues (Abu Ho Dadi)

    Prince of Sakaar (Red King, Hulk foe)

    Prince of Trolls (Horskuld)

    Prince of Void (Rune)

    "Prince of Wails" (Super Baby)

    Prince Peacock (Micronauts ally) - by Grendel Prime

    "Prince" Samson (Doc Samson, only "Giger" involvement)

    Prince Shinto (Young Allies foe) - by AvatarWarlord72

    Prince Thann (Conan character)

    Prince Triton of Earth-700089 (Pacifican prince, Fantastic Four character) - by Proto-Man

    Prince Wayfinder of Earth-7614 (Sword in the Star)

    "Princess" (Casey Kinmont)

    "Princess" (Wolverine foe)

    Princess Adora (Comicsville character)

    Princess Akiuki Orugawa of Earth-1211 (Black Dragon Society)

    Princess Bogdana (King Radishev's daughter)

    Princess Crigatha the Fair (Conan character)

    Princess Eve (Tuk the Caveboy character) - by MarvellousLuke

    Princess Fen

    Princess Khadijah (First Line character) - by Norvo

    Princess Lissal (Arak foe)

    Princess Noyo (Noyo)

    Princess Nzinga (Hyborian era amazon)

    Princess Madonna of Earth-839 (Captain UK character)

    Princess of the Realm (Namora)

    Princess Parisa (Sinbad character)

    Princess Python (Zelda DuBois, Circus of Crime member) - by Chadman

    Princess Ravonna (Avengers character)

    Princess Satana (Satanians)

    Princess Sa'tneen of Earth-148 (Ee'rath, Kylun character) - by Donald Campbell

    Princess Tallibone (Starjammers foe) - by Sammy 7D

    Princess Zafina (First Line character) - by Norvo

    Princess Zanda (Black Panther character) - by the Beetle

    Principal (Mr. Davis, Spider-Man character)

    Principal Davis (Mr. Davis, Spider-Man character)

    Prindle, James (Generation M character) - by Chadman

    Prindle, Joseph (James' twin brother)

    Printout Man (Hostess ad, Spider-Man foe) - by AvatarWarlord72

    Printout Punk (Printout Man)

    Prism (Marauders, X-Men foe) - by MarvellousLuke

    Prisoner #278704 (Plantman)

    Prisoner #1307967 (Blizzard)

    Prisoner 4762-921 (Daredevil foe) - by Markus Raymond

    Prisoner Zeta 987-349 (Brood alien, Ravenstarr prisoner)

    Prisutviye (Presence)

    Pritchard, Donaldo (Golden Age, Old One)

    Pritchard, Sam (DUCK)

    Pritchett, Tom (victim of Elf with a Gun)

    Pritikin, Gillian (Miss Mass)

    Private Normal of Earth-333333333 (He, below average citizen) - by Loki

    Private Wilson of Earth-717

    Pro (Scarlet Spider foe) - by Minor Irritant

    Pro-Boscis (Pip the Troll foe)

    Proctor (Avengers foe) - by Stunner

    Proctor, John (Salem Witch Trials)

    Prodigy (promotional character, Spider-Man foe) - by John Kaminski

    Prodigy (Polish hero, Alpha Flight character) - by AvatarWarlord72

    Prodigy ("Slingers", Anti-Superhuman Registration Act) - by G Morrow

    Professor (scientist, worked for Mr. Kline) - by Chadman

    Professor (sought Golden City)

    Professor (Siegfried Mauller enemy)

    the professor (Sporr creator)

    Professor (Crusher, Iron Man foe)

    "Professor" (toymaker, Fantastic Four character) - by Prime Eternal

    Professor (Ignatz Goldman)

    Professor (tech-using Spider-Man foe, sticker book character) - by Proto-Man

    Professor (Professor Power)

    Professor (Circus of Crime make-up artist) - by Chadman

    Professor Ace (helped Brad the Micronaut)

    Professor Ayala (ESU, Misty Knight character)

    Professor Baldwin (Illuminator foe) - By Madison Carter

    Professor Barnes (1960s, Paul Harper's teacher)

    Professor B-Man (V-Man foe, Spider-Man Magazine)

    Professor Bradford (Iron Fist/Power Man character)

    Professor Briggs (old friend of Dr. Parker)

    Prof. Henry Buchanan (Singularity Investigations microbiologist) - by Proto-Man

    Professor Bridget Chan of Earth-14042 (Gaia Line theorist, Avengers character) - by Proto-Man

    Professor Kai Chen (Thermal Man creator)

    Professor O.U. Chiseler ("Bullet-Proof" McNasty partner, Golden Age scam artist)

    Professor Clemens (Iron Man foe)

    Professor Cobbwell (Spider-Man character)

    Professor Dark (pre-FF character) - by John Kaminski

    Professor Diminutio (1950s, Marvel Boy (Grayson) foe) - by Grendel Prime

    Professor Dolan (pre-FF character) - by John Kaminski

    Professor Donaldson of Earth-8107 (Vulture victim)

    Professor Drakla (Miss America foe) - by John Kaminski

    Professor Mark Foray (1950s professor, encountered "White Whale")

    Professor Frankheimer (Ted Silverberg ally)

    Professor Gizmo of Earth-8107 (scientist, Spider-Man foe) - by David Lawrence

    Professor Simon Goettler (Dynamic Man creator)

    Professor Golde (former law professor, Foggy Nelson foe) - by Chadman

    Professor Grant (encountered Johnny Downes)

    Professor Clinton Hall (Broadway Project)

    Professor Harker (scientist, creator of Universal Compressor) - by Prime Eternal

    Professor Hogarth (encountered Harry Sikes)

    Professor Horton of Earth-97517 (Timeslip)

    Professor Imam of Earth-712 (Squadron Supreme character) - by Norvo

    Professor Jack (Human Torch and Thing foe)

    Professor Kang of Earth-9602 (Amalgam character)

    Professor Kerrin (1950s, time travel to 16th century)

    Professor Brent Kerwin (Man-Bull foe) - by Chadman

    Professor Paul Klein (Bob Brant and the Trouble-Shooters character)

    Professor Casmir Kravadka ("Spider Man", mad scientist) - by Ron Fredricks

    Professor Laser (Jet Man foe, Spider-Man Magazine character)

    Professor Lindstrom (Yellow Claw character)

    Professor Llewelyn (Iron Fist/Power Man character)

    Professor Mackinaw (ESU speaker, genetic engineer) - by Proto-Man

    Professor Mako (Committee)

    Professor Malleck (1950s, made cure for vampirism)

    Professor Marko (original Human Torch foe) - by John Kaminski

    Professor Marsh (encountered time traveler Lee Tate)

    Professor Merridew (Iron Fist/Power Man character)

    Professor Midknight (Dragona foe, Spider-Man Magazine)

    Professor Marvin Minsky (robotics expert)

    Professor James Moriarty (Sherlock Holmes foe)

    Professor Morte (WW2, Miss America character)

    Professor Newton (Spider-Man character)

    Professor Nogood (Astro Flair foe, Spider-Man Magazine)

    Professor Hugo Oddt (Dorkham Asylum)

    Professor Phobos (Hulk/Soviet Super Soldiers foe)

    Professor Pink Eye (Dr. Eye foe, Spider-Man Magazine)

    Professor Plotz (Bale College lecturer, transformed into the evil Dr. Krotz, Stuporman ally)

    Professor Pollution (Plant Man foe)

    Professor Power (Captain America/Defenders/X-Men foe) - by Chadman

    Professor Prometheus (Micronauts/War Machine foe)

    Professor Psycho of Earth-9602 (Amalgam character)

    Professor Rangely (found & raised Tyranno)

    Professor Reinstein (Abraham Erskine)

    Professor Ruggles (1950s, tried to trick George Weston)

    Professor Slaughter (Man-Thing foe)

    Professor Sneer (Hostess Ads, Captain Mar-Vell foe) - by John Kaminski

    Professor Steven Stanley (Two-Gun Kid character)

    Professor Steinrine of Earth-1136 (Dead Clown character)

    Professor Sting (Slime Man foe)

    Professor Stuyvesant (shot "Gorilla-Man" (Radzik) into space)

    Professor Teller of Earth-7511 (Fragmented America)

    Professor Van Hosen (Wolverine/Doop character)

    Professor Viper (Midnight Sons character)

    Professor W (Logan) of Earth-2182 (formerly Wolverine, paralyzed X-Men leader)

    Professor Wemblem (Sun Girl character)

    Professor X (Charles Francis Xavier)

    Professor X of Earth-253 (X-Man character)

    Professor Yinsen of Earth-8861

    Professor Leopold York (former law professor of Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson) - by Chadman

    Professor Zaxton (Thor foe)

    Professor Zunbar (1950s, Sub-Mariner foe) - by John Kaminski

    Professor Zurko (Atlas horror) - by John Kaminski

    Proffet (Son of Satan character)

    Profit (Spider-Man foe) - by Minor Irritant

    Proja (Champion ally) - by Grendel Prime

    Project (Piecemeal)

    Project: Postmortem (Postmortem)

    Project Tomorrow (Arsenal)

    Projector (Acolytes, Heroes for Hire/X-Men foe) - by Norvo

    Prokvitch, Illyich (Peace Corpse)

    Proletariat (1940s "Soviet Super-Soldiers") - by Loki

    Prometheus (Titan of Myth) - by Per Degaton and Will U

    Prometheus of "Earth-7310" (Wets)

    Prometheus of Ultraverse (Fire People)

    Prometheus, Phillip (Professor Prometheus)

    Promoter (Silver Surfer foe)

    Prophet (Man-Beast)

    Prophet of Earth-8208

    Prophet King of Ancient Atlantis (Suma-Ket)

    Prophet of the Lord (Jeremiah)

    Pro-Rata (Howard the Duck/Spider-Man foe)

    Protector (Ant-Man (Pym) foe)

    Protector (Thor foe) - by Grendel Prime

    Protector (Nova character, empowered Megaman)

    Protector (Thoran Rul, Champions of Xandar, Fantastic Four character) - by Norvo

    Protector (Noh-Varr, Marvel Boy/Captain Marvel)

    "Protector of Detroit" (Nain Rouge)

    Protector of the Puny (Macho-Man, British/Klaktonian hero)

    "Protektin Surv" (Hulk/Thing character)

    Protester of Earth-46421 (Portland Avengers)

    Proteus (Namor foe) - by Chadman

    Proteus of Earth-987

    Protoff (Ravel race)

    Protoform (created by Joshua Borglum)

    Proto-Goblin (Nels van Adder, Spider-Man character)

    Proton (Geldoff, Initiative recruit) - by Proto-Man

    Protozoa (X-Student, Beast character) - by MarvellousLuke

    Proudstar, James (Warpath)

    Proudstar, John (Thunderbird, X-Men member)

    Provenza, Miguel (Conquistador)

    Provenzano, Paulie (Omerta)

    Providence tryouts host (Rhodes Island Initiative tryout)

    Provider (U'Sr'Pr)

    Prowler (Spider-Man foe)

    Prufrock, George (Lifeform)

    Prufrock, Jethro (George's father)

    Prufrock, Martha (George's sister)

    Prune (Warpies)

    Pryce, Joshua (Cognoscenti)

    Pryde, Katherine of Earth-1298 (Mutant X, Hellfire Club member) - by Peteparker

    Pryde, Kitty (Shadowcat)

    Pryor, Madelyne "Maddy" (Avengers character -- not related to the X-Men) - by Norvo

    Pryor, Madelyne

    Pryor, Madelyne (Red Queen of Earth-998)

    Pryor Cashman (Kingmaker)

    Psamitek (Conan foe)

    Pseudo-Man (She-Hulk foe)

    Psi-Assassin (Slaymaster)

    Psi-Ber Sentinel (X-Men foe) - by Madison Carter

    Psider-Man (Galactic Alliance of Spider-Men member)

    Psi-Hawk of New Universe (psychic manifestation of Psi-Force) - by Prime Eternal

    Psi-Key (living computer, Digitek, Marvel UK)

    Psiphon (Vengeance foe) - by Markus Raymond

    Psi-Stalker of New Universe (Thomas Boyd)

    Pstun-Rage of Earth-691 (21st Century, Killraven foe) - by Prime Eternal

    Psyche (Cupid's lover)

    Psyche (Psykos)

    Psyche of Eurth (Jean Grey counterpart) - by Proto-Man

    Psychobabble (Doc Samson/Vengeance foe)

    Psycho-Man (Fantastic Four/Microverse/Spider-Man/Silver Surfer foe) - by Norvo

    psychotic race-killer (Glowworm)

    Psyclops of Earth-1042 (X-Force, Millennial Visions)

    Psyklop (Avengers, Hulk foe) - by Stunner

    Psykos (Eternals) - by Prime Eternal

    Psylocke (X-Force)

    Psylocke (Elizabeth Braddock)

    Psylocke of Earth-3933 (Millennial Visions) - by Proto-Man

    Psynapse (Dark Riders, X-Factor/X-Men foe) - by Chadman

    Psyphon (Death's Head character)

    Ptah Mekri (Hyborian era, ancient Stygian)

    "Pter" (Saur-Lords)

    pteranodon ("Twilight World")

    Pterigil, Ilse (Star-Thief)

    Pterodactyl (pterrifying dinosaur) - by Prime Eternal

    Pthassiass (Conan foe)

    Ptor-Nubis (Conan foe) - by Spidermay

    "Pubie" (Tommy McNarahan)

    Public Enemy of Earth-928 (Punisher 2099 foe)

    Pucci (Sweat Shop)

    Puceanu, William (Meggan's father) - by Loki

    Puck (Eugene Judd)

    Puck of Earth-9602 (Amalgam character)

    Puck, Sid (Thwart)

    Puddlegulp (Frogs of Central Park)

    Puentes, Donna Maria (Captain America character, Swine's cousin)

    Puff Adder (Serpent Society member) - by SQUEAK

    Puffball Collective (Hulk character(s)) - by Mick Martin, the Anti-Grimm

    Puffin (Howard the Duck foe)

    Puggy (Mr. Hyle employee, Daredevil ally)

    Pugliese, Augustus of Earth-721 (boyfriend of Jennifer Walters)

    Puishannt (Six-Fingered Hand)

    Pulaski (Anton Hellgate client)

    Pulaski, Joey (Spider-Man foe) - by Changeling

    Pulaski, Ronald (Human Wreck, Fight-Brigade)

    Pulitzer Patty (Speedball character) - by Markus Raymond

    Pullman (Daredevil character)

    Pullman, Quinn (Caliber)

    Pulsar (Liberator)

    Pulse (Kree robot, X-Force character) - by Grendel Prime

    Pulse-2 (Death Squad)

    Pulse-3 (Death Squad)

    Pulse-4 (Death Squad)

    Pulssus (Inhuman, Crimson Cadre) - by Chadman

    Pulver, Jack (Human Cannonball, Circus of Crime member)

    Pumice (Seraphim/Warpies, Excalibur foe)

    Pump (Lord Pumpkin)

    Pump, Laird (Lord Pumpkin)

    Pumperneekel (Andrew Malvern)

    Pumpkin-legion (Lord Pumpkin)

    Pumpkin Lord (Lord Pumpkin)

    Pumpy (Lord Pumpkin)

    Punchy (Purple Man victim) - by Chadman

    Punisaur of Earth-99476 (Punisher, Dino-World) - by Loki

    Pun-isher of Earth-94319 (Spider-Man Magazine, Spidey's Spectacular Sillies, told bad jokes)

    Punisher (Galactus agent)

    Punisher (Lynn Michaels)

    Punisher (Hit Man Punisher)

    Punisher (Idiot Punisher)

    Punisher (Outlaw)

    Punisher (Yuppunisher)

    Punisher (Carlos Cruz)

    Punisher (Frank Castle)

    Punisher of Earth-Traffic Wars 2099 - by Zerostar

    Punisher General of Earth-691 (31st Century, Punishers)

    Punisher of the Opera of Earth-61158 (Castiglione, avenger of his family circa 1800s Paris) - by Proto-Man

    "Punk" (Archie the Gruesome)

    Puppetman of Earth-238 (Crooked World)

    Puppet Master of Earth-57780 (Spidey Super Stories, Spider-Man/Thing foe) - by Grendel Prime

    "Puppy" (Hunter in Darkness)

    Puppy (Fantastic Four character) - by Proto-Man

    Pupugli (Shi'ar, Starjammers foe)

    Purani (Conan character)

    Pura-Shamutra (Dr. Strange character)

    Purcell, David (S.H.I.E.L.D. agent) - by Prime Eternal

    Pureheart (Darkhawk foe)

    Purge (Green Goblin foe) - by Ron Byrd

    Purge (Genoshan, "Excalibur" member) - by Norvo

    "Purple Gangster" (Comet (Harris Moore) foe) - by Ron Fredricks

    Purple Haze of New Universe (Para-Troop)

    Purple Man (Zebediah Killgrave, Daredevil foe) - by Chadman

    Purple Mask (Laughing Mask)

    Purple Phantom (Two-Gun Kid foe) - by Prime Eternal

    "purple-robed man in pointy hat sorcerer" (recruited by Merlin to assist Yao) - by Proto-Man

    Purser, Sarah (Generation M character) - by Chadman

    Pursuer (Inhumans foe) - Cockroach Connection

    Purty Larry (Silver Squad)

    Purveyor (Dyskor)

    Purvis, Helen (vampire, X-Men foe)

    Pushkin, Gregori (Warhide)

    Pushkin, Ivan (1950s defector) - by Grendel Prime

    Pushkin, Ivan (Ivan the Terrible)

    Putnam (Lorna foe) - by Ron Fredricks

    Putor (Inhuman)

    Putt, Jody (Jester)

    Puzzle Man (Fun and Games contest character) - by Madison Carter

    Puzzlemaster (Stan Lee)

    Pym, Hank of Earth-2301 (Antman, Mangaverse)

    Pym, Henry

    Pym (Blake, reprint name change)

    Pym, Janet (Wasp) of Earth-8610 (Gates of What If?, Defenders)

    Pyne, Jessup (White Tiger (Del Toro) foe) - by Chadman

    Pyne, Liza (actress turned vampire) - by Prime Eternal

    Pyo (Nova Corps member) - by Donald Campbell

    Pyotr ?? (Red Guardian (Belinsky) foe)

    Pyra (Death’s Head (Freelance Peacekeeping Agent) )

    Pyre (D.O.A.)

    Pyre (Venom/Punisher foe) - by Markus Raymond

    Pyre (Sword, Damocles Foundation)

    Pyro (St. John Allerdyce)

    Pyromania (Spider-Man foe) - by Spidermay

    Pyron the Thermal Man (Avengers foe)

    Pyscatos (Ancients)

    Pythagoras of Samos (Triumvirate of Mages)

    Pythias of Earth-665 (police officer, noticed Forbush Man leaving crime scene) - by MarvellousLuke & Proto-Man

    Pythias (Gambit foe)

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