Real Name: Peter Benjamin Parker

Identity/Class: Human/Mutate further mutated

Occupation: Journalistic Photographer/Crimefighter

Group Membership:

Affiliations: As Spider-Morphosis: Synch (Everett Thomas, Deceased)

Enemies: As Spider-Morphosis: Plantman (Samuel Smithers)

Known Relatives: Benjamin Parker (Uncle, Deceased), Mary Parker (Mother, Deceased), May Reilly Parker (Aunt), Richard Parker (Father, Deceased), Mary Jane Watson Parker (Wife/Ex-Wife)

Aliases: I, Monster; Spider-Beast

Base of Operations: The Sewers beneath Manhattan, New York

First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man I#437 (August, 1998)

Powers/Abilities: Spider-Morphosis possessed superhuman strength in the 25-75 ton range, enhanced durability, greatly enhanced agility, reflexes and equilibrium. He had eight eyes (presumably eight, only four were shown, the other side of his face was still covered by his mask) two-taloned, clawed hands, a spider-like face with large fangs, a thick coat of brown “fur”, and other, undefined “Gross and embarrassing” changes under his costume..

He also possessed Spider-Man’s normal abilities, Spider-Sense, the ability to cling to sheer surfaces, and wrist mounted web-shooters.

Weaknesses: Spider-Morphosis’ eyes were extremely light sensitive, and the physical mutation caused him great pain.

Height: 6’2” Weight: 290 lbs.

History: (The Amazing Spider-Man I#437 - BTS)-The Plant-Man, seeking revenge for an earlier defeat by Generation X, traveled to New York City and set up Shop (Or should I say Flower Shop) in the sewers beneath Manhattan.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#437)- On night-patrol, Spider-Man rescued the mutant Synch from muggers in Central Park, unaware that Plantman was stalking the teen hero via his flower spies. After Spidey left, Synch stooped over to smell a strange flower, and was sprayed in the face by Plantman's mutagenic pollen, transforming into a giant, misshapen monster. Naturally, his first act as a giant monster was to go on a rampage through the city ("The Monster Union requires the occasional rampage" as Spidey put it.) Spider-Man came to the "rescue" battling Synch until Plantman's giant plant tendrils dragged him down into the sewers. Unable to ignore the fear in Giant-Synch's eyes, Peter decided to follow. On his way down, Spidey was surrounded by thick tangles of blooms and vines, which attacked him, and eventually was sprayed in the face by one of the mutagenic flowers. Spider-Man’s body was transformed into a humanoid spider, his costume shredded, his hands changed into claws, his face into a spider-like visage, with eight tiny eyes and large fangs and other "Gross and humiliating changes.”

After the initial shock wore off, Spider-Morphosis emerged in Plantman's lair, demanding an antidote for himself and Synch. Unfortunately, Plantman wasn't in a sharing mood. Trying to keep calm, all the while worrying about how he could live and love as a giant spider-creature, Peter confronted Plantman, only to be blocked by his Banyan Simulacra bodyguards. After handily defeated the tree-creatures, Spidey and Synch (who'd "Synched" with his powers and broke free) gave chase to devilish botanist, facing venomous thorn launching flowers and an odd, light projecting plant, which temporarily blinded Peter's new, ultra-sensitive eyes. Recovering, Spidey caught Plantman, and, when the villain refused to give up the antidote, Spidey gave him extra incentive by throwing the idiot into his own mutagene. After transforming into a tree, Plantman was eager to reveal the formulae's location. Spider-Man and Synch were restored to normal, and Spidey, after webbing his costume back together, swung off, leaving Synch to guard the arborified Plantman.

Comments: Created by Created By: Tom DeFalco, Rafael Kayanan, Bud Larosa, Bob Sharen

Spider-Morphosis has an entry in The Spider-Man: Marvel Encyclopedia, Volume 4, from which I learned the height/weight/power statistics.

A footnote in Amazing Spider-Man I#437 stated that Generation X originally fought Plantman in Generation X#25. Not true. It was a plant-mutated Black Tom Cassidy and a version of Mondo that fought them. Perhaps this is a previously unseen battle b/t the Plantman and Generation X, or perhaps Plantman's memories were corrupted with memories transmitted across "the Green," a network linking all vegetation on Earth. I think that's why he--the Plantman, as Blackheath--called it in Thunderbolts.

Having a pet Tarantula and some small knowledge of arachnid anatomy, I know just enough to not want to know what "Gross and humiliating changes" were hidden by Spidey's costume. Needless to say, it would have put a quick end to his love life.

This comic came to me as part of a package with the Man-Spider action figure, so I'm unsure of the details of its original printing.

I wonder why the remaining Morlocks didn't complain that some fool was dumping hundreds of gallons of mutagenic waste into their home...or just go and kill him themselves. And why was Synch walking through Central Park alone, at night? And why wasn't Plantman happy to be a plant? And what happened to all of those dangerous mutagenic plants in the sewer? So many questions, so little time.

Profile by Darc_Light

Clarifications: Spider-Morphosis is connected to but should be distinguished from

  • Man-Spider of Earth-1298 (Mutant X), an alternate dimensional arachnoid mutation of that reality's Spider-Man, @ Mutant X#6 (similar to the earth-616 Six-Armed Spider-Man, @ Amazing Spider-Man I#101) or any other of his mutated forms
  • Man-Spider clone of Earht-1298 (Mutant X), the above's clone, member of the Six @ Mutant X#5
  • all other mutated forms Peter had through the years

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When Synch was sprayed by the mutagenic pollen, he transformed into a giant, misshapen monster. Plantman planned to mutate all of Generation X thusly, and then kill them…or something foolish like that, it would have been easier just to kill them outright, but the Dr. Evil thing holds sway over all super villains, with the possible exception of Sabretooth. After a short giant monster rampage and a battle with Spider-Man, Giant-Synch was captured by Plantman. He was able to escape by putting his powers “In Synch” with Spidey, teaming up with the hero to defeat Plantman. After being cured Synch was left to watch over Plantman until the rest of Generation X arrived.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#437)


Amazing Spider-Man#437, p 1, pan 4

Amazing Spider-Man#437, p 14, pan 4

Amazing Spider-Man#437, p 15, pan 1

Amazing Spider-Man#437, p 7, pan 6

Amazing Spider-Man I#437 (August, 1998) - Tom DeFalco (writer), Rafael Kayanan (penciler), Bud LaRosa (inker), Ralph Macchio (editor)

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